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Ibadan electricity distribution company. A guide

by Dan Hunter
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Ibadan electricity distribution company prepaid meter

When compared, the merits of getting an electric prepaid meter is more than its demerits (if any). An electric prepaid meter (See how you can reset your prepaid meter), gives you absolute control over the consumption of your electric power. Estimated billings are ruled out. All you do is to pay for the electric units you plan to use. At any point in time, if it pleases you, you can switch off some appliances that consume high power when you don’t use them. You have control over these and many more when you use a prepaid meter.

You can buy units that can last you for 6 months or more. No one brings you any bills or disconnect you from the power source – you won’t be disconnected from your electric cables.

You can now get your prepaid meter with ease from the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC).

Since its establishment in 2013, the IBEDC is the key company that has been supplying electricity to the Western region of Nigeria – Oyo State, Osun State, Kwara State, and Ogun State.

Would you like to apply for your prepaid meter from the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company? You can apply via two methods, and they are listed below:

The Meter Asset Provider (MAP) program.

The Credited Advance Payment for Metering Implementation (CAPMI) program.

Theses are the two basic methods.

Please visit their website at www.ibedc.com to proceed.

Ibadan electricity distribution company customer care

Whenever you have any complaint or inquiry, you can always get in touch of the customer care of the Ibadan Electric Distribution Company.

Use any of the communication channels below:
Physical address: Capital Building, No. 115 MKO Abiola Way, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Customer Care Hotline: +234 7001239999.

Email address: customercare@ibedc.com.

Historical background of ibadan electricity distribution company

Ibadan electricity distribution company

The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company was established on the 1st of November, 2013. It was a part of the an unbundling electricity sector. So far, the distribution company covers the widest franchise mass area in the country. These areas include the entire Oyo State, Kwara State, Osun State, Ogun State, and parts of Ekiti State, Kogi State, and Niger State.

In order to become more effective and achieve competent management, the large network was organised into 5 regions – Oyo, Osun, Ibadan, Kwara, and Ogun regions. These regions all have Business Hubs. And each of them is manned by a Regional Technical Manager and Regional Commercial Manager.

The IBEDC institution is focused and consumer friendly. It prioritizes satisfying its customers – this reflects in their marketing, billing operations, and distribution. The electricity company is committed to being the best among others in Nigeria. It was clearly stated in the vision and values of IBEDC.

Together with a driven and professional individuals, peak performance has been achieved, and there have also been rooms for improvement. Through its ethos – a culture of oneness and open communication, IBEDC is gradually hitting its goals within the regions it’s serving.

IBEDC’s current corporate head office is located in Ibadan, Oyo State.

So who are in the top management team responsible for this large electricity distribution company?

Below is a list for the IBEDC Board of Directors’ Directory:
Chairman: Dr. Olatunde John Ayeni.
Director: Mr. Kingsley Ehi Okunbor.
Director: Mr. Olatunde Ikuerowo.
Director: Dr. Sola Ayandele.
Director: Mr. Daniel Kunle.
Director: Mr. Garth Dooley.
Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer: Mr. John Donnachie.
Company Secretary: Mrs. Seye Alayande.

Ibadan electricity distribution company Nigeria

The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company is the key company that has been supplying electricity to the Western region of Nigeria – Oyo State, Osun State, Kwara State, and Ogun State.

Ibadan electricity distribution company recruitment 2020

Do you have innovative mind, got leadership qualities, and excellent in skills and knowledge? You can work for the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company.

The recruitment for 2020 is still on.

At IBEDC, you have a promising future as there are opportunities to advance in your career. The salary is competitive, and your are assured to work in an ideal environment.

Are you ready to take your career to a greater level? You can begin by visiting the career portal of this electricity distribution company.

Submit your application at IBEDC Career Portal today.

Good luck!

www.ibedc.com login

You can create an account with the IBEDC to your electricity details. To login or sign up, use this link IBEDC Login.

Ibedc map

The Meter Asset Provider (MAP) scheme is a regulation which was issued by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC). 

This regulation was created to make a closure of the metering gap faster. The goal is to eliminate practices such as the “estimated billing” where exceptional issues envisaged under the regulation.

Get your prepaid meter issues solved by IBEDC today.

Ibedc customer portal

This customer portal of the IBEDC is https://ibedc.com/customer-portal.


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