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Tenancy agreement in Nigeria. Complete guide and samples

by Dan Hunter

An agreement that sets up a contract between a tenant and the landlord is called a tenancy agreement. Within this agreement, the obligations and rights of the tenant and the landlord are set before a property can be rented or leased. That’s how it’s done in Nigeria and other countries around the world.

Whether a Tenancy Agreement is in place or not, implied rights are present in all forms of tenancy relationships – between the landlord and the tenant.

According to a study in 2010, over 85% of Nigerians living in urban areas occupy rented buildings. This means most of their income goes into rent.

It also shows how common the Tenancy Agreement is being used in Nigeria.

Tenancy agreement samples

In some countries, it is not mandatory to draw up a Tenancy Agreement. Although its absence doesn’t mean that there won’t be certain rights in a tenancy relationship between a landlord and a tenant. Implied rights still exist in all kinds of tenancy relationships.

Irrespective of this fact, the importance of having a Tenancy Agreement can’t be underestimated. It is an expansion of the basic implied rights, which also offers more protection to bother the tenant and the landlord.

How can I write a valid Tenancy Agreement?

Before you begin writing a Tenancy Agreement, there certain things you should put into consideration. Attach your personal clauses – for example, you won’t allow tenants to have pets. But make sure your own clauses are related to the rights of both landlord and tenants. Don’t it infringes the rights, they will be void and the case can’t be presented in the court of law.

Include the following in your written Tenancy Agreement:

  • The date to begin the tenancy.
  • The name of the landlord and the tenant. Also include the address of this property.
  • Include whether to allow another person or other people use the property or not. If yes, the rooms must be specified.

Tenancy agreement samples in nigeria pdf

Basically, a Tenancy Agreement can be classified into two type – a short-term tenancy agreement and a long-term tenancy agreement.

Many rental tenancy agreements are short-term, that is, month-to-month.

Long-term leasing agreements could be for 6 months, one year, or many years – even decades.

Before filling out and signing a Tenancy Agreement form, tenants should go through the agreements set within. Two copies of the documents will also be signed.

If you need a valid sample of a Tenancy Agreement, download this PDF file Tenancy Agreement Samples in Nigeria PDF.

tenancy agreement in lagos

Tenancy agreement and the lagos State Tenancy law

The Lagos State Tenancy Law (of 2011), Section 47, defines Tenancy Agreements as those agreements (expressed or implied, oral or written) between the Landlord and the Tenant concerning the possession of a premise.

This agreement bonds relationship between a person and his/her Landlord. Both parties in this contract will be given different rights.

Also according to the Tenancy Law of Lagos State, Section 13 clearly stipulates expected length of notice  in case there was no agreement made between the two parties. The length of notice is six months for a yearly tenancy; for a half-yearly tenancy, notice must be three months; and for a monthly tenancy, a one-month notice is required.

How does the Lagos State Tenancy Law (2011) defines a tenant?

According to the Lagos State Tenancy Law, Section 47 defines a tenant as a sub-tenant or a person who possess lawfully or occupies premises, whether via payment of rent or not.

Tenancy agreement sample pdf

Do you need a Tenancy Agreement Sample in PDF format? Check this samples out Tenancy Agreement Sample PDF.

Sample tenancy agreement landlord and tenant

Writing a valid Tenancy Agreement for Landlord and Tenant is simple.

To write one for a rental or lease agreement, use this format. Make sure you include the following:

  • The description of the premises.
  • The names and addresses of both parties.
  • Are certain rents owed? State how much
  • The definition of the term of the rental or lease.
  • An amount for security deposit should be assigned.
  • Finalizing the rent/lease.
  • For professional Tenancy Agreement samples, check out these templates Sample Tenancy Agreement Landlord and Tenant.

Tenancy agreement pdf

Would you like to download for free some printable rental agreement forms? Check Tenancy Agreement PDF for rentals.

tenancy agreement template

Tenancy agreement template

Your tenancy agreement should have this elements:

  • The names and addresses of both parties.
  • The description of the premises.
  • The definition of the term of the rental or lease.
  • State the amount of rent is owed.
  • An amount for security deposit should be assigned.
  • Finalize the rent or lease.

If you need more templates, check this Tenancy Agreement Template.

Sample tenancy agreement doc

Whether you want to craft a Tenancy Agreement doc for a lease or rent, you need to see how it’s professionally done. For a quick sample, see Sample Tenancy Agreement Doc.


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