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Yoruba Names For Boys (Background Explanation And Cultural Heritage).

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A Yoruba Boy

Yoruba Names For Boys

Yoruba names are regularly deliberately considered during the week before the naming ceremony, as great consideration is set after choosing a name that would not reflect any sort of dispute; however, selecting a name that previously belongs to a thief for a Yoruba child isn’t considered as an astute thought. According to the Yoruba people, it could result in growing up to turn into a thief or criminal.

Yoruba Man wearing AgbadaNigeria Yoruba Boys

Traditional Classification Of Yoruba Names

  • Oruko Amutorunwa ‘Destiny Names’, they are names assumed to be brought from heaven” or from a religious background). Examples are Aina, Ige, Òjó, Yetunde, Taiwo, Kehinde, Ìdòwú, Àlàbá, Bàbátunde, Àjàyí, Abiona, Dada, Ìdogbe, Remilekun, Yewande, Olugbodi, etc.
  • Oruko Abiso ‘Acquired Names’, literally “given on earth” or given by next of kin). These include Omotayo, Ibilola, Adeyinka, Olawumi, Oladotun, Ibidapo, Olarinde, Aderonke, Ajibola, etc.
  • Oruko Oriki ‘Panegyrics’. These names include Ajoke, Alao, Akano, Asabi, Ajani, Akanmu, Amope, Anike, Abike, Abake, Alao, Adio, Akanni, Amoke, Akano, Agbeke, Alake, Ìshọ̀lá, etc.
  • Oruko Abiku. Examples include Malomo, Kosoko, Durosinmi, Ikukoyi, Biobaku, Kokumo, Ikudaisi, Oluwadayisi, Igbekoyi, Omotunde, Durojaye, Kumapayi, Kalejaye, etc.
  • Oruko Inagije ‘Alias’. Examples include Eyinfunjowo, Eyinafe, Ajilaran, Ajisafe, Opelenge, Arikuyeri, Agbotikuyo, Awelewa, etc.

A Yoruba Child. A yoruba Boy In Aso Oke

  Trending Yoruba Names

Two of the well-known fate names among the Yoruba are Taiwo (or Taiye/Taye) and Kehinde, which are given basically to twins. It is accepted that the first of the twins is Taiwo (or Taye), “tọ́-ayé-wò” which means, (One who tastes the world) whose aim in coming out first is to see whether the world that they are going to is a decent one to be in. At the point when the person is contented, the individual in question gives the other twin, Kehinde (also abbreviated to Kenny), “kẹ́hìn-dé” which means, (the person who behind) the approval to come out.         

Some Christian parents use the type of traditional names but substitute the Òrìṣà name with Olú or Olúwa, which means Lord or My Lord, which shows the Christian idea of God and Jesus Christ. For instance: Olúwátiṣe – (The) Lord has done it – the parents appealed to God for a child and were allowed one by God, regularly replaces the more traditional Ifátiṣe, which perceives the Divination system/Òrìṣà Ifá. Some of the trending Yoruba names are as follows;

  1. Akintoye
  2. Anjolaoluwa
  3. Adeewa
  4. Adeseeke
  5. Digiola
  6. Dukiaoluwa
  7. Diekololaoluwa
  8. Eriifeoluwa
  9. Eyitayo
  10. Ewatomi
  11. Eniiyi
  12. Erimipe
  13. Ereadura
  14. Eriayomi
  15. Fadesewa
  16. Fadesike
  17. Farayola
  18. Fiyinfoluwa
  19. Inioluwa
  20. Iteoluwakishi

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 Lists of Yoruba Names That Sounds English

The following names are Yoruba names that look like English Hence, Yoruba names don’t sound English when they are pronounced. 

  1. Arise
  2. Are
  3. Ore
  4. Shade
  5. Desire
  6. Jade
  7. Akin
  8. Dupe
  9. Made
  10. Joke
  11. More
  12. Awe
  13. Mope
  14. Ale

 Yoruba Names With The Prefix Or Suffix Of “OLA”

The name Ola originated as a Nigerian name. The name is mostly used as a male’s name. In Nigeria, the name means WEALTH or RICHES.

  1. Ipadeola- assembly of wealth
  2. Iretiola-hope/anticipation of wealth
  3. Iyiola-the prestige of wealth
  4. Jejeolaoluwa- the wealth of God is gentle/restful
  5. Obasola- the king makes wealth
  6. Okikiola- the fame of wealth
  7. Olabamidele-  wealth accompanies me home
  8. Oladeji/Oladimeji-  wealth has become two/double.

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Yoruba Names With The Prefix Or Suffix Of “ADE”

“Ade” is a Yoruba name or nickname, which means king, royalty or crown in the Yoruba language. The following are the names that starts or ends with Ade;  

  1. Adetayo
  2.  Adeshewa
  3.  Adedayo
  4. Ifeyomade 
  5. Adebowale
  6. Adeyemi
  7. Akinade
  8. Oludemilade
  9. Oluwakayode
  10. Oluwakorede

Yoruba Traditional attire on a Yoruba Man..

 Yoruba Names That Start With “T”

The following are yoruba names that start with “t”  and  their meaning;

  1. Tantoluwa -Who Is Like God
  2. Tawakalitu -Standing With God
  3. Tejumola -Look Towards Making Wealth
  4. Temidayo -Mine Has Turned To Joy
  5. Temidire -Mine Has Turned To Blessings/Goodness/Favor
  6. Temilade -Mine Is The Crown
  7. Temitayo -Mine Has Been Turned To Joy
  8. Temitope -Enough To Give Thanks
  9. Toluwanimi- I Belong To God
  10. Tomori -We Have Seen A Baby Again

   Yoruba Names That Start With “O”

The following are yoruba names that start with “o”  and  their meaning;

  1. Obafemi – The King Loves Me
  2. Obaloluwa- God Is The King
  3. Obasolape -God/King Has Made His Wealth Complete
  4. Obatotosinloluwa -God Is Indeed The King Worth Of Praise
  5. Odunayo -Year Of Happiness
  6. Oduntan -A Famed Year In Stories
  7. Ojuolape -My Sight Is Now Complete
  8. Olabamiji -Wealth Wakes With Me
  9. Olabanji -Wealth Wakes With Me
  10. Olasubomi- Wealth Surround Me
  11. Olasupo -Wealth Has Come Together
  12. Olatimbo- My Wealth Is On Its Way
  13. Olatunde -Wealth Has Come Again

    Old Yoruba Names People Name Their Children

Yoruba children are named in a ceremony that takes 7 days after their birth to the world. The names of the children are traditionally found by divination performed by a group of Babalawo – traditional Ifá priest; however, names can likewise come from those ranking individuals in the family, including the father, mother, grandparents, or closest relative. Both the mother and father and other closest relative can give their names to the child. Infant names usually come from the grandparents and distant grandparents of the child to be named. The name traditionally divined by the Babalawo indicates the Òrìṣà that guides the child and whether the child is a reincarnated ancestor and the fate of the child and the otherworldly elements that will help the child in accomplishing it. There is a private ceremony for only the parents where the names are given alongside taboos for the child and parents and ideas on what the child should be fruitful.  For old Yoruba names, click this

A Yoruba BoyA Yoruba Boy dressed in Agbada.


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