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Pharmacist council of nigeria. Learn more about this council

by Dan Hunter

As a statutory organ of the Federal Government, the PharmacistCouncil of Nigeria was set up to fulfill several functions. The organization was set up according to the Decree 91 of 1992 supervised bythe Federal Ministry of Health in order to control and regulate the practices of pharmacy. It is also responsible for establishing professional standards regarding the practice of pharmacy. The Pharmacist Council of Nigeria (PCN) also establishes and maintains the registers of pharmacist in the country.

The current CEO of the council is Professor AhmedTijjani Mora.

Keep reading to learn more about this regulatory body.

Pharmacist council of nigeria lagos

The importance of Pharmacistsin a nation cannot be underestimated. They help achieve the goal of health coverage as well as allow clients have easy access to key health services.

The Pharmacist Council of has several offices across the nation.

Its Lagos Zonal office is located at Medical compound, by Edmond Crescent, Yaba, Lagos State.

Pharmacist council of nigeria remita

pharmacist council of nigeria

You can use the Remita payment method to make payments into the PCN, be it for the annual license or other purposes.

Follow the steps below to do this:

  • Go to the official website of Remita at www.remita.net. While there, click on the ‘Pay FGNs nd State TSA’. Then choose ‘Pay FGN’ and follow the simple instructions.
  • Input the name of the beneficiary. Then name of MDA (the institution to pay the money into); in this case, type Pharmacist Council of Nigeria.
  • Next is the tab for the purpose or name of service’Name of Service/Purpose. Pick this option in the drop-down list. If it’s for annual license, select Annual License.
  • Under ‘Description’, use anything you like. The purpose of your payment can be restated.
  • Next tab is the amount to pay. Input this also.
  • Input payer’s full name, payer’s valid email address, and payer’s phone number. These are your personal details if the payment is for you.
  • Conclude the PCN with the Security Captcha. This confirms your transaction.Input the charactersthat will be display on the imageshown.
  • Finally, click on the Proceed to Payment tab. When the payment is successful, a RRR code would be generated for you. This will be used to authorize you payment.

Pcn list of registered pharmacist

The approved list of registered Pharmacists is often published by the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria.

To see the PCN list of registered pharmacist, patent medicines, and other publications, checkThe PCN Publication.

List of registered pharmacists in nigeria

pharmacist council of nigeria pcn

A recent study from year 2011 to 2016 gave some insight about the pharmacy sector of Nigeria – it also reavealed needed development in planning and policy.

It was also gathered that Nigeria has over 22,000 registered Pharmacists. And about 60% of them are active professionally.

You can get more details at the Council’s official website: www.pcn.gov.ng.

Remita payment for pharmacist council of nigeria

The Remita is a new payment innovation. It is an internet payment service that helps people send and accept payments, either to businesses or individuals.

You can pay for the PCN annual license and others with it; simply visit www.remita.net.

What are the functions of pharmacist council of nigeria

As a Council established by the Federal Government of Nigeria, PCN has several functions and responsibilities.

Here are some of them:

It is responsible for establishing and maintaining the register if Pharmacists as well as enforcing the regular publication of the list.

The PCN is also responsible for deciding the standard of knowledge and skills required for people who seek to become a Pharmacist in the country.

The regulatory body issues code of ethics as pharmacists oath.

It is in charge of the appointment of pharmaceutical inspectors. This role helps promote the enforcement of certain provisions under law.

It also keeps a register of registered Pharmacy Technicians.

Pharmacist council of nigeria address

The Pharmacist Council of Nigeria can be reached at Plot 7/9 Industrial Layout, Idu,Garki, Abuja, Nigeria.


Email address: connect@pcn.gov.ng.

Pharmacist license registration

The procedures for registration of Pharmacists in Nigeria is straight-forward.

To register for the license, please visit www.pcn.gov.ng to begin the process.

You can ask call the Registrar’s office at +2347044533099.


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