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Highest paying jobs in nigeria. Some interesting facts

by Dan Hunter

Even though Nigeria tops the list of countries with high rate of poverty in the world, there are still lucrative jobs for Nigerians. Different fields of work have decent paying jobs which Nigerians can choose from.

There are professions that pay as high as a million Naira or more. They don’t come easy either, they are very competitive positions. To play at the top league, one to be qualified in skills, experience, and education.

This article focuses on these top paying jobs. They are found across private, public, and multinational businesses and companies. Keep reading to find out the highest paying jobs in Nigeria.

Highest paying jobs in lagos

Lagos State remains the busiest city in Nigeria and Africa.

Here are some of the highest paying jobs in Lagos:

Doctors/Surgeons: This is the highest paying job in Lagos. Yes, the nature of this job is quite critical. The salary of a surgeon in Lagos is between N705,000 and N1,970,000.

Judges: Judges have a lot of responsibilities. Their salaries in Lagos is between N593,000 and N1,660,000.

Lawyers: Clients get lots of values from their competent lawyers. Lawyers have help businesses and individuals handle complicated cases. So, they deserve high reward. Lawyers here earn between N480,000 and N1,340,000.

Bank Managers: Yes, they are in charge of millions or billions of funds and investments. These are tedious and risky tasks. Bank Managers earn between N451,000 and N1,260,000.

Chief Financial Officers (CFO): They are in charge of managing costs, revenue, spending, and budgets of an organization. CFOs gey high salaries. They earn between N395,000 and N1,100,000.

Orthodontists: These professionals can work in industries where people can afford luxury. Orthodontists earn between N381,000 and N1,070,000.

Highest paying jobs in nigeria and their salary

As we have established above, there are numerous jobs in Nigeria that attract high pay.

Here are other high paying jobs in Nigeria, and their salaries:

A Project Manager bags N325,000 a month.

A Sailor earns at least N265,000.

A Petroleum Engineer earns a minimum of N295,000.

A Pilot in Nigeria makes at least N215,000.

A Dentist makes N195,000 per month.

An Investment Banker earns at least N195,000.

An Accountant earns N130,000.

A Software Developer makes at least N153,000.

Highest paying jobs in nigeria 2019

Below are some highest paying jobs in Nigeria 2019:

– Surgeon.
– Petroleum Engineer.
– Medical Doctor.
– Lawyer.
– Pharmacist.
– Pilot.
Chartered Accountant.
– Banker.

Highest paying jobs in nigeria nairaland

We all know that the oil and gas industry in Nigeria is very lucrative. The top paying jobs in Nigeria won’t be complete without including who pays most when rewarding its employees.

Here are few of them:

Chevron: This is a leading American oil company in Nigeria. At entry level, a fresh recruit gets over 22 million Naira per annum.

Exxonmobil: This international oil company also rewards its workers handsomely. The annual payment is also 22 million Naira for fresh graduates.

Total: Unarguably, Total is the highest paying in the oil and gas industry I’m Nigeria. At entry level, a graduate can earn over 25 million Naira per annum.

Addax: This is a multinational oil company from China. In Nigeria, it is the highest paying non-IOC. New graduates here earn over 16 million Naira per annum.

Highest paying jobs in the world

There are some jobs in the world that are extremely delicate. This also means they attract the highest pay.

The highest paying jobs in the world include:

Cardiologist – with average salary of $351,827 a year.

Anesthesiologist – the average annual salary is $326,296.

Orthodontist – an Orthodontist earns $264,850 per annum.

Psychiatrist – attracts an annum pay of $224,577.

Surgeon – a Surgeon makes at least $216,248 per annum.

Highest parastatals in nigeria

Below are some of the highest paying government parastatals in Nigeria:

NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation).

CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria).

NIMASA (Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency).

BOI (Bank of Industry).

FIRS (Federal Inland Revenue Service).

Most in demand jobs in nigeria

In Nigeria today, here are some of the most in demand jobs:

Computer Engineer.

Petroleum Engineer.






Telecommunications Engineer.

Highest paying jobs in canada

Canada is known for a country that pays good wages and salaries. Below are some of the highest paying jobs in Canada.

Doctors/Physicians. They earn at least 150,000 CAD per annum.

Lawyers. Lawyers in Canada makes a minimum of 135,000 CAD per annum.

Oil and Gas Drillers/Miners. They earn at least 77,300 CAD per annum.

Dentists. These professionals make over 75,000 CAD a year.

Registered Nurses. They make 74,000 CAD per annum.

Highest paying jobs in UK

In the United Kingdom, these are some of the highest paying jobs:

Medical Practitioners.

Solicitors, Lawyers, Judges, and Coroners.

Financial Managers, including Chartered Secretaries.

Air traffic Controllers.

Police Officers. These include from Inspectors rank and above.

Marketing and Sales Managers.

Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers.


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