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Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria plus Salaries

by Abbey

Research carried out by the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics ( NBS) s that Nigerians’ average income is #205,000, whole the lowest wages were #28,000. In comparison, the highest paying jobs can surpass one million naira in wages. There are two reasons for this wide gap in wages.

First, you can’t find lucrative jobs in all industries due to the current state of the economy. Second, the salary level heavily relies on education, experience, and skill. Also, plenty of workers can’t choose the right development path, so they can’t realize their professional opportunities.

We are going to at the top-paying jobs in the country that will motivate you to either apply for the role instantly or set a goal to work towards through self-improvement and training in this post.

Five Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria

There is a wide range of careers found in the Nigerian labour market for professionals with an impressive track record and entry-level specialists. A significant discrepancy appears in the level of wages. Hence, in this list, we have selected the highest paying jobs and the positions where salaries and prospects increase as your skills are enhanced.

 And that is why we encourage you to select a position that will become your vocation and bring you to join in the future. This step will lead you to financial well-being intend of a mindless pursuit of abrupt profits.

1.    Computer Engineer

A computer engineer is a person who fixes, builds, and designs computers. They are usually knowledgeable in the many different aspects of camputer engineering including hardware and software design. It may sound like an easy job but it is actually very complicated and requires a lot of knowledge to do well.

Some common tasks that might be performed by a Computer Engineer would be working on programming or designing circuit boards for electronics as well as building them from scratch. There are also other tasks such as repairing broken parts or troubleshooting problems with the systems they have built which can sometimes take up more time than expected.

The digitalization of business has received a significant increase in demand for IT-related jobs. These specialists are needs for the following reasons. First, they provide technical support for all departments of the company. Second, they help install software and maintain it too.

Besides the strict requirement for education and qualifications, the post of a computer engineer still appeals to many job applicants. The main reason for this appeal is the opportunity to earn as much as 10 million naira annually. However, you can’t get such an amount for your first few years on the job. However, it is something to look forward to receiving.

computer engineer circuit

2.    Pilot

Pilots are the ones who fly planes. They make sure that the plane is in good shape, and they execute all of the tasks necessary for take-off to happen. There are many different types of pilot certifications, so pilots can specialize in a certain type of job or even with airplanes or helicopters. 

 Pilots need preliminary training, and the selection process entails compliance with strict criteria and high-performance standards.

Nonetheless, all the costs and efforts will surely pay off in the future since airlines pay at least 500,000 naira monthly. Your salary will increase with your rank and number of flight hours.

Therefore, you can receive as much as 1.5 million naira monthly with more promotions. Besides transporting passengers and cargo, the responsibilities of a pilot include,

  • Post-flight inspection of equipment and navigation systems.
  • Crew team management.

pilot nigeria

3.    Sailor

A sailor is a person who works on water. They are often people who work on boats and ships, but they have many other jobs too. 

Within Nigeria, the demand for a sailor far exceeds the supply because only a few universities offer sailing training. Hence, every professional is worth his weight in gold, both literally and figuratively. Salaries depend entirely on your rank and experience.

It ranges from 200,000 nairas for a commander to 1.6 million monthly for an admiral.

The function of a sailor includes ship training, ship maintenance, lifeboat crew management.

sailor Nigeria

4.    Investment banker

The investment banker is a vital asset to any company that needs capital. They are the ones who put together deals and partnerships, find investors for companies in need of funding or loans, and work on mergers and acquisitions.

The job requires strong business acumen as well as an understanding of what it takes to get through the tedious legal process of making these types of deals happen. 

Any investment decision must be balanced to avert losses. The job of an investment banker is to provide all necessary information for firms or individuals to make investment decisions, hence reducing risks. They also take responsibility for the result of the transactions.

 This position needs exceptional analytical skills. Approximate salaries range from above 200,000 naira to 550,000 naira monthly, depending on your employer. For such wage, you are expected to provide the following,

  • Analysis of financial information and market trends.
  • Create financial models for determining profitability.
  • Preparation of legal and financial documents for closing a transaction.

investment banker nigeria

5.    Telecommunication engineer

Telecommunications engineers are responsible for the design and installation of telecommunications networks.

They specialize in designing, installing, testing and maintaining telephone systems, data communications equipment and other related technologies.

Telecommunications engineering is an exciting field that offers a wide variety of career opportunities all over the world.

The telecommunication sector in Nigeria remains one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy. Wireless telephony, satellite communications, and broadband technologies need daily innovative technical solutions for uninterrupted information transfer.

 This has led to the need for qualified welcome engineers and has positively affected their salaries, reaching a million naira monthly. However, fast learning and successful implementation of the following duties will cause you to receive higher pay.

  • Design and creation of device for a telecommunication system.
  • Inspecting and servicing of the telecommunication devices.
  • Preparation of specifications for system and equipment datasheets.

telecoms engineer



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