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COREN Registration. Exactly how to become a member.


What is Coren?

Coren, also known as the council For the regulation of engineering in Nigeria, is a body that regulates the practice of engineering in Nigeria. 

Founded in 1970 has and still existing to date has over 40,000 members across Nigeria.

The primary mandate of Coren is controlling and regulating the practices of engineering. Coren also stands to enforce the engineering regulations outlined by the body to all of its personnel.

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What is their registration process?

The Registration process to become a Coren member is a bit straightforward. If you have all the requirements needed and the amount required, then the registration process is simple. 

Some of the requirement needed is,

  • You must have four years of post-graduate experience.
  • Your education must be under the supervision of a senior registered engineer.
  • You have to be a member of at least one society. Some of them are NSE (Nigerian Society of Engineers), NAEC (Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission), NATE (Nigerian Association of Technologists in Engineering), NISET (The Nigerian Society Of Engineering Technicians).

When registering, you will be asked to open an account, and you have to provide all the information below. 

  •  Names, Email, Phone, Practice State, Where you work and live.
  • You also will need to select a category of the kind of member you want to be and as well as the fee for it. 

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What are the registration fees?

The Amount needed for registering for Coren varies, depending on which category you want to belong under the Coren Body.

As of now, there are about eight categories under the Coren body. Coren Governs all these categories, and you will be required to choose one. Below is the list and fees of each.

  • Engineer (Nigeria) ₦85,000.00
  • Engineering Technologist (Nigeria) ₦70,000.00
  • Engineering Technician (Nigeria) ₦37,000.00
  • Engineering Craftsman (Nigeria) ₦25,000.00
  • Engineer (Expatriate) ₦147,000.00
  • Engineering Technologist (Expatriate) ₦128,600.00
  • Engineering Technician (Expatriate) ₦107,000.00
  • Engineering Craftsman (Expatriate) ₦102,000.00

Can HND holders register for Coren?

A HND (Higher National Diploma ) holder having a PGD (Post Graduate Diploma) normally can register for COREN, but there are indications that this requirement might be changed.

The Coren Body released a statement saying in addition to a Higher National Diploma(HND) and a Post Graduate Diploma (PGD), a person who wants to become a member of COREN having just this certificate must also acquire a M.Eng degree.

It means if you are a HND holder, you will also need a PGD and a Masters to become a member of COREN.

What are the registration requirements?

Registration Requirement for COREN is:

  • You need to have 4 Years of post-graduate studies or have an HND with PGD and a Master’s in Engineering.
  • You have to be under the supervision of a Senior member
  • You belong to one of the Engineering societies like NAEC (Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission), NATE (Nigerian Association of Technologists in Engineering), NISET (The Nigerian Society Of Engineering Technicians).

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What is the Coren registration portal?

If you want to register for Coren, then the portal is on their website.

Registration portal:

The website is:

If you want to contact Coren, you can through the info below.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 08182255009, 08183355009, 08186655009, 08187755009

Address: 22 Addis Ababa Crescent Wuse Zone 4, P.O.Box 8461,Wuse, Abuja.

How can companies register for Coren?

As a company, you will need the following requirement. 

  • Directors of the board who are registered must be a 55% percent shareholder.
  • Registered members of the board must be up to date on their fees.
  • The company must be registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

The Documents needed:

  • A Signed statement that shows you complied with COREN’s code of conduct.
  • All directors COREN’S Certificate.
  • A description of Office.
  • Certificate of incorporation by CAC (copy)
  • Memorandum and Articles of associate companies (certified copy)
  • CAC form of C07 (certified copy)
  • CAC form of C02 (certified copy)
  • Current tax clearance certificate (copy)
  • VAT registration certificate (copy)
  • PENCOM registration certificate (copy)
  • Companies Profile.
  •  Cvs of partners/Directors endorsed by proposers who must be members of ACEN.
  • Complete list of staff.
  • A description of the Office.
  • A list of equipment owned by the Company.
  • facilities and computer equipment owned by the company.
  • Specialty software used and owned by the company.
  • ACEN/COREN training courses or any related ones attended in the last two years. You will attach their certificates (Copy).
  • A list of contact formats that your Company has and uses such as ICE, FIDIC, JCT, NEC.
  • professional indemnity insurance (Copy).
  •  Quality assurance (QA), Quality Control(QC), and policy manual (Copy).
  •  HSES policy manual (Copy)
  • A business plan of the Company.
  • Payment of an appropriate application and processing fee.
  • All the current codes of practice, design standards, and specifications owned by the Company.

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Can you register for Coren without NSE membership?

To register for COREN, you must belong to one of the following societies, NAEC (Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission), NATE (Nigerian Association of Technologists in Engineering), NISET (The Nigerian Society Of Engineering Technicians). So, the short answer is if you belong to other societies as outlined above, you sure don’t need to register with the NSE.

How do I become a certified engineer in Nigeria?

Registering and becoming a Member of the council For the regulation of engineering (COREN) makes you a certified  Engineer.

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  • Can someone with Physics with Electronics option, PGD in Mobile Wireless Communication and Technology, PGD Environmental and Petroleum Technology Management and MSc Environmental and Petroleum Technology Management register for NSE, NATE, NISET and COREN

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