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How to Contact UBA’s Customer Fulfillment Centers (CFC Group)

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About the UBA customer fulfillment centers (CFC)

The UBA customer fulfillment centers are customer care outlets of the United Bank of Africa that are responsible for handling the bank’s customer’s complaints.

The customer fulfillment centers are located in major Nigerian cities.

How do I chat with UBA customer service?

You can chat with UBA customer service in two ways;

Facebook: m.me/ubachatbanking

Whatsapp: 09030010007

How do I contact UBA Leo?

To contact LEO, you can chat him up on WhatsApp at 09030010007. This is the only official UBA customer care service for chats.

A verified of UBA will be sure ready to reply any queries you might have. You should also know that the customer care service of the UBA is available for 24hours a day so you should be rest assured that even in the middles of the night, someone is going to reply and resolve your issues.

To chat with Leo, you can as well visit this website.

Who is the owner of UBA bank?

Tony O. Elumelu who is born on the 22nd day of March 1963 is an entrepreneur, economist, and philanthropist. He is the founder and chairman of the United Bank of Africa alongside other companies like the Heirs Holdings and the founder of Tony Elumelu Foundation.

How to contact or reach the UBA CFC on all social media and email

The UBA customer fulfillment centers have a very wide online presence, you can contact them on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp to get the social handles of the UBA CFC group click here.

UBA customer care number WhatsApp

The official WhatsApp number for the UBA Customer Fulfillment Centre is (+234) 07002255-822. You can also contact them via UBA Leo as already described above.

uba cfc group

How to reach cfc@ubagroup.com for assistance. Writing an email query that gets a response

If you have a complaint or problem with any service of the Bank, you can write an email to cfc@ubagroup.com. When writing an email, make sure you include all the necessary information that will be important in solving the problem, and make sure you add references in the email that will help solve the problem.

UBA Customer care number for some Nigerian States.

UBA customer care number Port Harcourt

The customer care number for Portharcourt is +234700225822.

UBA customer care number Ibadan

The customer care number for Port Harcourt is +234070182747

UBA customer care number Benin

The customer care number for Port Harcourt is +234700123585

UBA customer care number Warri

The customer care number for Port Harcourt is +2347002245786

UBA customer care number Owerri

The customer care number for Owerri is +234700225822


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