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Longrich Nigeria [products, commission, registration]

by Abbey
longrich portal

longrich portal

Longrich Nigeria. What Are They All About?

Long rich is a Chinese Company that specializes in the manufacture of cosmetic and organic health products. The company was founded in China in the year 1986 and came to Nigeria in 2013.

Longrich does not only manufacture its products but owns about 9 research institute across the globe that help the company to produce healthy products. It has total employees of over 10,000 globally and has many distributors in almost all the countries.

Longrich recently acquired about 53 hectares of land in the Lekki Freezone to construct a Giga factory that will serve the whole of Africa. Since its launch in Nigeria, Longrich has attracted reputable partners such as;

  • Former Governor of Lagos- Ambode
  • Tope Payne
  • Okey Bakkassi
  • Amasi David etc

Longrich Nigeria Entry Levels

Longrich has six entry levels for those who wish to join them. The levels are;

  1. VIP
  3. GOLD

Longrich Nigeria Price List

  1. VIP @520k
  2. PLATINUM @320k
  3. GOLD @250k
  4. SILVER @120k
  5. QSILVER @50k

Longrich Nigeria Head Office

The long rich head office in Nigeria is located at; 89 Opebi Rd, Opebi, Ikeja, Nigeria.

Longrich Nigeria Compensation Plan

longrich compensation plans

As a member of longrich, you are entitled to the following compensations although it depends on your entry plan.

  1. Starter combo – 9k with a product value of 5pv
  2. Q silver – 26-41k with a product value of 60pv, you’ll earn 8% of your downlines weekly activities
  3. Sliver – 51-76k with a product value of 120pv, you’ll earn 8% of your downlines weekly activities
  4. Gold  – 91-121k with a product value of 240pv, you’ll earn 10% of your downlines weekly activities
  5. Platinum  – 320k with a product value of 720pv, you’ll earn 12% of your downlines weekly activities
  6. Platinum VIP  – 750k with a product value of 1680pv,  you are also eligible for 12% of your downlines weekly activities and you’ll earn 1% monthly global sales
  7. Silver you are paid 8%
  8. Gold you are paid 10%
  9. Platinum you are paid 12%

However, as a  VIP you are entitled to 12% weekly and  1% on the global profit of the company.

Also, payments for each of the plans are done weekly.

Longrich Nigeria Account Number

The official account details of long rich are;


Bank: Zenith International Bank plc

Account No.: 1012908177

Longrich Nigeria Stock List

Long rich offers a wide range of products that are available globally. They include;

  • Berry Oil
  • Body Wash
  • Green Tea
  • Mosquito Repellant
  • Calcium
  • Mouth freshener
  • Organic personal care products
  • Slimming Tea
  • Natural Essence Whitening Bamboo Soap
  • Toothpaste
  • Vintage Wine

Longrich Nigeria Registration Form

To register as a member of Longrich you need to visit the portal and fill in the required information here, then choose a suitable membership plan.

Important questions you need to know about longrich Nigeria

How much does it cost to join longrich in Nigeria?

  • Starter – 40k
  • Silver – 78k
  • Gold – 120k
  • Platinum – 320k
  • VIP – 750k

How do you make money with longrich?

You earn money by selling your products to others. You also receive a commission for the company’s total global sales weekly

How can I join longrich in Nigeria?

You can join by visiting the portal of the company to choose a suitable membership plan.

What are the benefits of longrich?

You will have access to top organic products and also earn money selling to others.

How much does longrich pay weekly?

Depending on your membership plan, you can earn as much as N50,000 per week from longrich.

Is longrich legit?

Longrich is registered as a business in both China and Nigeria, and over the years they have proved to be trustworthy. So they are legit.

How much is longrich cream?

The average cost of a longrich cream in Nigeria is between N1200 – N25,000.

Who is the owner of longrich?

Longrich was Founded in 1986 by a Chinese entrepreneur  Mr. Xu. Zhiwei a Carpenter.

How is longrich bonus calculated?

Your earnings on longrich are calculated based on the entry-level you take while joining longrich platform.

How old is longrich in Nigeria?

Longrich was launched in Nigeria in 2013. It is 10 years old since its launch.

What is longrich and how does it work?

Longrich is a Chinese company that deals mainly in organic skincare products. The companies allow you to enjoy their products and at the same vein earn by selling their products through certain paid membership plans.

What is the work of longrich?

Longrich deals with the research and manufacturing of organic skincare products.


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