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Investment Platforms In Nigeria. An In-Depth Review

Investment platforms in Nigeria

Investment Platforms In Nigeria

As an entrepreneur, have you at any point been torn between a few alternatives when you wish to save your money but do not have enough knowledge to make the right choice? It could happen to anybody. Sometimes, the issue may not be how to invest, yet the right App to assist you with investing. There are so numerous investment apps out there, notwithstanding, if you don’t have enough information on how they work, you may be making a huge mistake.

It is barely enough to plan to invest your money, you need to help yourself with the right investment app. it is conceivable that most people who wish to invest their money don’t have the foggiest idea of what investment entails.

Investment platforms in Nigeria


Investment Platforms in Nigeria to Make Money From

The following are investment platforms in Nigeria;

  • PiggyVest

This is one of the most reliable investment apps in Nigeria. PiggyVest was first launched as a savings-only platform with the name Piggybank. ng.  it proceeded that way between  2016 and 2019 when the investment was added to the portfolio and something like that rebranded PiggyVest. With this application, any money you don’t wish to spend could be saved for a specific time. You can decide to save your money day by day, week after week or month to month.

  • Cowrywise

Cowrywise has been in its presence for more than 20 years. Indeed, even at the solace of your home, while making the most of your rest, your money can work for you. With their investment plan, you can make up to 15% per annum.

  • I-invest

I-invest is one of the investment applications Nigeria can gloat. It is uniquely made for investors to purchase protections and treasury-related instruments all alone, without going through an investor. As I type this, it is just treasury charges that could be bought and sold on the platform.

  • Carbon

Carbon is a quick loan app for people who want to take credit, pay workers are the most preferred. Although it is a credit application, it has an investment feature that permits you to invest your money and procure a gathered benefit from it. The investment application is called PayVest. You can invest somewhere in the range of ₦10,000 and ₦10,000,000 with up to 16% financing cost. You can likewise follow your investment and spending using the application.

  • AfrInvestor

AfrInvestor has some expertise in the management of assets, trading of security, investment banking, and investment research. It doesn’t need any initial and offers live equity trading which assists you with seeing live prices of stocks and bid offers, if conceivable. It has some expertise in Nigerian stock.

Investment platforms in Nigeria.

Best Agriculture Investment Platforms In Nigeria

Agricultural investment in Nigeria
Agricultural investment in Nigeria by Suntwist Nigeria Limited – Best Agro-Investment platform in Nigeria

Although farming can be a risky business to go into particularly in this part of the world, it is as yet an exceptionally worthwhile one. You don’t need to be a rancher before you can invest and get gets back from farming. Presently, thanks to some inventive personalities, while sitting behind a work area, from the solace of your home, you can be involved with farming similarly to such an extent, and get profit from the investment.

The following are some best Agric investment platforms

  • Farmcrowdy
  • Thriveagric
  • Grows
  • Farms
  • Agrecourse

To get more information about these platforms, Click this.

Forex Investment Platforms In Nigeria-Top Brokers for 2021

  • FxPro

The FxPro broker was registered in February 2006 in Cyprus. The company’s activities are authorized by financial regulators: CySEC (Cyprus), Bahamian SCB, FCA (UK), and South African FSB. FxPro is effectively operating in more than 170 nations for retail and institutional customers. The broker has gotten more than 70 honors, including “Best Forex Trading Platform” and “Best Trading Platform”. FxPro has gotten known for giving the best trading platform. With FxPro broker, traders can trade more than 70 money sets, prospects, and stocks. The company has stock records, metals, and energy assets at its disposal.

  • Admiral Markets UK

The Admiral Markets broker company started operation in 2001. The broker’s activities are registered and authorized by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Admiral markets presently work in more than 40 nations with a money pattern of up to USD 40 billion. The broker holds a lifetime permit given by the Federal Financial Markets Service. It is likewise directed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

  • XM Broker

XM Broker was established in 2009. At first, the company covered a narrow niche of the trader market, specializing solely in intermediary services at the foreign trade market. It has since experienced impressive achievement and development. It has differentiated and is currently a worldwide broker working in just about 200 nations throughout the planet. For longer than 10 years XM Broker has pulled in 3,5 million dealers, offering exceptional innovative arrangements. The company is presently being perceived as the Fastest Growing Broker, the Best Forex Service Provider, and different other contributing accomplishments. To read more about forex investment, Click this.

Forex investment platforms in Nigeria.Forex investment platforms in Nigeria

Best Nigerian Investment Company that Pays

The best Nigerian Investment companies that pay. These companies give a lawful method to financial achievement and security. Some have existed for over many years now, some for not exactly 10 years.

  • Re-energize and Get Paid (RAGP)
  • Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC
  • Questra Holdings
  • Oil and Gas Company
  • Meristem Securities Limited
  • Uber
  • Ziing
  • Investment One Financial Services Limited
  • Adro Trading Limited
  • Affiliate Marketing

To see more information about these platforms, Click this.

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