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Concise guide to Stanbic Ibtc online banking

by Abbey

Hello there. Are you a member of the working class who doesn’t have time to visit your bank for an account update, Or do you want to be able to access your bank data without any stress or inconvenience? Then here is some good news for you! Without having to go into any Stanbic Ibtc bank branch, you can get the following benefits.

  1.  Get real-time balances and statements
  2. Make purchase online
  3. Buy airtime top-up
  4. Redeem Western Union
  5. View accounts  balance easily
  6. Also manage your assets. That’s what you get only on Stanbic online Banking system.

Mobile banking. App for mobile devices

From the convenience of your phone, you can access your accounts, save, control your pensions, and manage your mobile wallet.

How to get the App

You can get the Stanbic IBTC mobile app from any of the app stores mentioned below.

  • You start by installing the app on your phone. You can download via Google Play store. For Apple computers, there is an app store called ios. For Windows mobile internet you can use Windows shop.
  • you will need to register your details before you can make use of the app.
  • The app will ask your location.
  • The next step is to create your profile. Make sure to choose a password that is both memorable and strong. https://ienroll.stanbicibtc.com:8444/OnlineAccountOnboarding

 Banking via USSD

Stanbic IBTC Nigeria’s USSD code is *909#. The USSD banking solution makes use of simple cell phone technology to allow you to access financial services without having to go online.

Stanbic Ibtc pension

Retirement Savings Accounts are structured to put money away and save on your behalf before you retire. Start putting money aside now to ensure a brighter future.

Your retirement from work does not imply that you have given up on your dreams. Stanbic ibtc bank will accompany you on your RetireWell journey and give you creative wealth advisory advice along the way.

Investing in a Retirement Savings Account (RSA)  Tips to know.

  1. The Pension Reforms Act (PRA) requires your employer to make the following contributions from your salary to your Retirement Savings Account (RSA)
  2. Employee 8% and Employer 10%. These  contributions are made to bank account on your behalf and a schedule of contribution detailing beneficiaries of the contributions as well as their RSA details

How to Contribute to your RSA

  • As an employee, simply forward your RSA pin to your Human Resources Department and inform them of the PFA you have chosen. Your RSA PIN is a Prefix PEN with 12 digits.Example (PENXXXXXXXXXXXX)
  •   As an employer, simply credit your staff members retirement accounts by making payment into this account and advise their PINs using this contributions format. As an employer, you will be required to have an employer code before remittances can be made.
  • Know that 8% of this amount is from your monthly wages and the difference of 10% is contributed by your employer
  • Only your employer can remit contributions on your behalf, individuals cannot remit by themselves.
  • All contributions are invested on your behalf so your funds would continue to yield returns

How to Register

To open a Retirement Savings Account, you would need the following documents.

  1.  National Identification Management Commission (NIMC) Slip
  2. A Passport Photograph against a white background
  3. Your Means of Identification
  4. A Proof of Address
  5. A Completed RSA Registration Form

How to know if you are eligible

Those who are Egilible are.

  1.  Employees of the Federal Government Ministries, departments and Agencies
  2. Employees of organisations with 3 or more employees
  3. Employees of State Governments that have enacted Contributory Pension laws

Micro pension account

Micro Pensions are specifically tailored for people who work in the informal sector, allowing them to engage in and benefit from the scheme on their way to a happy retirement. Criteria for eligibility are.

  1. You must be Self Employed
  2. Persons working for organizations that are unstructured (registered or unregistered)
  3. Persons with irregular income and
  4. Persons with limited or no access to financial services

How to Register

To open a Micro Pension Account, you would need the under listed.

  • A Completed RSA Registration Form
  • A Passport Photograph against a white background
  • Your Means of Identification (National Identification Management Commission (NIMC) Slip, Permanent voters’ card or international passport)
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Or Evidence of membership of a registered association, union or cooperative society
  • Letter of Econtributed
  • Upon registration, a Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be produced, and you will be notified via SMS or email.
  • You should make regular contributions to your retire well account (weekly, monthly or quarterly)
  • You have access to the contingent portion of the donations, which amounts to 30% of the total amount donated.
  • Make sure you have a BVN number. if not, you can do the following.

For BVN Registrations

Know that this is a quick and dependable bank that ensures the satisfaction of customers.


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