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TIN online registration. The complete guide you need

by Dan Hunter
tin online registration

A TIN (Tax Identification Number), is a personal 9-digit number. It is used for identifying you to the IRS. For the calculation of your tax return, this nine-digit number is needed. It is also needed in other IRS transactions. In some countries, the most common tax ID numbers are the Social Security numbers. These are also popular numbers – EIN, ITIN, PTIN, and ATIN.

This article focuses more on the Tax Identification Number (TIN). Keep reading.

How to get tin number

As we have established above, TIN is a very important document for individuals as well as for businesses.

In order to get your TIN number in Nigeria, you need to get and fill the application form. And then, submit it to the Nigerian Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

How to get TIN for a business in Nigeria?

All businesses need to have TIN or the EIN (Employer Identification Number).To begin the process, follow these steps:

Pick a TIN form from the Nigerian Federal Inland Revenue Service office. Fill it.

You will need to render the registration number of your business – this is on your Certificate of Incorporation or other Business Registration Certificate given you.

Include the address of your business, and other important details about your business.

How can I get my TIN number in Nigeria?

For individuals who want to get their Tax Identification Number (TIN), follow these steps.

Visit the nearest Nigerian Federal Inland Revenue Service office close to you. Pick a TIN application for, and fill it.

Input your physical address. Also include your phone number plus other important personal information.

Make sure you go there with your ID card or document. These are allowed: staff ID card, Driver’s license, International passport, Voter’s card, or National ID card.

Upon the completion of these documents, submit them at the Tax Office close to you.

How long will it take to get my TIN in Nigeria?

It will take about 10 working days to get your TIN number in Nigeria after completing and submitting the TIN application form.

tin number login

How to get tin number for unemployed

Technology today as made things easier and faster. Do you still need to get your TIN number even when you are unemployed? Yes, you can still apply for it. But this is not compulsory.

Having this number can help you access loans from the government. With it you can do various transactions with the government and government agencies. You don’t know when an opportunity would be knocking on your door.

To get your TIN as an unemployed, you need the following:

Pick up the form at any tax office close to you.

A means of identification. Go with either your Voter’s card, National ID card, International passport, or others.

A marriage certificate. This is needed only if you are married.

Your physical address and phone number

Tin number login

Do you want to login to verify your TIN number? Check TIN Number Login. Choose “Tax Identification Number” and follow the simple instructions.

Where can I find my tax identification number

To find you Tax Identification Number in Nigeria, visit https://apps.firs.gov.ng/tinverification. The platform is a TIN verification system.

Pay attention to these in order to navigate better on the platform:

Using your TIN to search

On the drop-down list indicating ‘Select Search Criteria’, choose Tax Identification Number. Enter your Tax Identification Number. A captcha text image would appear, input it as seen. Next, click the Search button.

Using your C.A.C registration number

You can also find your TIN number with your Corporate Affair Commission’s business number. Select CAC Registration Number (for example, RC32453).

Entered the captcha text image that appears on the page and click the Search button.

Using your phone number to search

While still on the platform, you can use your phone number to search your TIN number.

Simply select Registered Phone Number. Enter your phone number. Type in the correct captcha that appears and hit on the Search button.

Ein number

What is EI (Employer Identification Number) number?

As one of the major responsibilities of busineses, payment of taxes is essential.

The EIN is also uses to identify businesses as regards to tax purposes. It is usually a unique 9-digit number for employers.

ein number

Tin number search

To search for your TIN number, use this TIN Search Engine.

Follow the simple instructions that pop up.

Tin number lookup

The TIN number lookup is now made easy in Nigeria.

Simply go to https://apps.firs.gov.ng/tinverification.

It’s that simple.

Ein number lookup

As a business owne with multiple employees, you EIN (Employer Identification Number) is essential. With it, you can do business with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You can also easily report financial information with them.

Your EIN is on public record and helps your business vulnerable to certain people who care less about what you do.

Your EIN number can be located on the confirmation letter from the Internal Revenue Service. They are also on old business loan applications, old tax returns, and other documents.

If you still can’t find your EIN, get in touch with the Internal Revenue Service, either via phone or visiting their office. Let them help your business look up its Tax ID number.


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