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A rather detailed guide on NABTEB


1. Meaning of NABTEB

The full meaning of NABTEB is National Business and Technical Examinations Board.

Established by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 1992, this body is well known in Nigeria for her O-Level examination. Also, this body does conduct A-Level, known as ANBC and ANTC.

 This exam consists of the practical aspects of trades and technical subjects.


The NABTEB board conducts different exams for youths. Among them are the National Business Certificate (NBC), the National Technical Examination (NTC), and other advance level examinations.

2. NABTEB eworld

The NABTEB eworld is the portal where candidates can check their exam results. This webpage is simple to use and guides students on all they need to know in order to access their results.

Either you want to get your result delivered to your email address or via an SMS message, the NABTEB eworld portal will help you accomplish this. 

Using this portal page, you can access NABTEB exam results for May/June, Nov./Dec., and Modular exams. 

3. NABTEB Exam

With over 26 years of existence, NABTEB has had a great impact on youths by conducting exams that have led to awards of professional certificates.

Certificates from NABTEB have been listed by JAMB as one of the options that can be used for O-Level result requirement, used in seeking admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

This body currently conducts examinations such as National Business Certificate (NBC) and the National Technical Certificate (NTC). Advanced level versions are also available. Be

Below are some of 

the trades/discipline available:

  • Business Trades
  • General Education
  •  Miscellaneous Trades
  • Engineering/Construction Trades

Also, there is an examination conducted by NABTEB called MTCE (Modular Trades Certificate Examination. This examination began in 2004. This exam was designed for people who want to go into motor vehicle mechanical works. Not only that, other practical trades like catering craft is included, as well as secretarial studies and bookkeeping trade.

5. NABTEB Nov/Dec 2016 Timetable

Timetable for NABTEB 2019/2020 Nov/Dec exam is out.

This timetable is to serve all candidates as a guide. You can now access the days and dates you will be writing your subjects.

To get the full timetable, Click Here.

6. NABTEB Official Website

As a vision-led and mission-driven public institution, NABTEB always provides information needed by stakeholders on her official website. You will always find the latest news regarding any coming examinations or the previous ones on the NABTEB’s website.

Go through this link to access the official website:

7. NABTEB Online Registration. How it is done.

Recently, the registration for NABTEB exams has solely been done online, especially the Nov/Dec exams.

To register for an exam online, follow the simple steps below:

  • Register at NABTEB’s official website.
  • You will have to make payment online. 
  • You will choose your Examination Center. Note that this new method of registration has prevented you from extortion by an examination center.
  • You can always find approved and registered Examination Centres (ECs) at Make sure the center you will be choosing has facilities for bio-metric capture (the examination center will generate an access code for you).
  • Finally, you are NOT required to pay any Examination Center for any sort of logistics. If you are forced to make any payment, contact NABTEB directly.

8. NABTEB Photocard

 Do you need a reprint of your NABTEB photocard for O-Level or A-Level? Follow the steps below:

Visit this webpage:

Next, type your “candidate number” or your NABTEB result checking scratch card’s serial number.


click “Submit” and then click on the “Print” button.

9. NABTEB Portal

You can easily access NABTEB portal with this link:

10. NABTEB Recruitment

NABTEB do recruit new workers for available jobs. You can always get a job if you meet their requirements. 

Every year, NABTEB often post job vacancies available in its organization for the general public to benefit from. You can access the NABTEB recruitment portal by visiting this webpage: You will find any available jobs.

When you find a job you are looking for, just get the NABTEB recruitment form and apply.

11. NABTEB Syllabus

Prior proper preparation prevents poor performance. You must be well prepared to do well in your coming NABTEB exams.

One way to do this is to know what NABTEB requires of you during the examination. You need the NABTEB Syllabus to easily know this.

Now you can get the collection of the syllabus that covers the 3 aspects of NABTEB’s syllabi – business education, technical trades and general education.

To download the NABTEB syllabus in PDF format, Click Here.

12. NABTEB Timetable

The timetables often released by NABTEB are very comprehensive. They guide you on days and dates you will be writing a registered subject. You need to always check the official website of this examination body (NABTEB) to get the latest release.

To get the latest full NABTEB timetable, Click Here.

Do you still have NABTEB related questions? Check our other NABTEB article here.

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