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Investment platforms in Nigeria and how to use them

by Abbey

Most entrepreneurs in Nigeria are torn between many alternatives when they wish to save their income. Also, most of them have no idea how to make the right decision. Most times, the investors’ problem is not how to invest but what platform to invest in in the first place.

The main issue here is that several applications exist for you to invest in Nigeria. But, if you don’t have sufficient background knowledge of how these applications work, you may make a big mistake. In this post, we shall look at several investment platforms in Nigeria and how you can use them to invest wisely.

What is an investment?

Investment entails putting your money out there to earn some interest for you. But, investment means more than a few words. It requires you to put your money in a financial scheme such as real estate, shares, and so on while expecting to profit from it. With the right investment, your money will grow and, in time, raise your standard of living.

You can choose from a host of investment alternatives. However, it would help if you remembered that your money couldn’t multiply overnight, and you need patience for it to grow to the amount you want. The most important thing is you are on a path of creating wealth.

Now that you know what investment is, it would be wise to learn the process involved. The advancement of innovation gives birth to multiple investment applications. These applications will help you solve investment issues within a short time.

Therefore, you don’t have to run around, sign plenty of documents, and pay a huge fee for helping you to invest your money. Presently, you can do all that from the confront of home or office.

Main investment platforms in Nigeria

Investment platforms are mostly mobile applications that give a platform for users to invest their money and enjoy huge rewards and monitor the growth of their money. To assist you chose the best platform here, we shall provide you with a list of the best three platforms in Nigeria.


This platform has existed for the past 20 years. It enables investors to do what they want from their homes. You can watch your money work for you. They have an investment plan that can help you’re more than 15% return on investment annually.

This investment platform comprises an easy-to-use financial tool that makes it possible for people to schedule their economic life. You can withdraw your money at the end of the maturity date. You can either withdraw part of the capital or it on the said date alongside the interest.

The advantage of this platform is that it makes regular savings possible. Also, it allows you to meet life goals, which enables you to save for the long term.


This is a fast loan application for those who want to take a loan. Salary-earners are the most favored on this application. However, there is an investment option on the platform.

Through this feature, you can earn profit from your investment. The feature is called Payvest. With the feature, you can invest an amount ranging from ten thousand naira to ten million naira with an interest rate close to 16% annually.

You can keep a close eye on your investment and spending through this application. You can download the app from the official website or play store.


Here is one of the most reliable investment platforms in Nigeria. It was first established as a savings-only platform which was named Piggybank.ng. In 2019, the company’s investment feature was added to the portfolio, and the name of the company was subsequently changed to PiggyVest.

Through the use of the platform, any money you don’t need to spend immediately can be saved for a certain period. On this platform,  money can be saved daily, weekly, or monthly. The most important thing is to follow your choice consistently.

The advantages of using this platform include

  • Daily savings, which is also called Core Savings. You can increase your investment to the Core savings. You have to use Quicksave option.
  • You can schedule your investment. All you have to do is turn on your Autosave feature.


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