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National environmental standards and regulations enforcement agency (Nesrea). A must-read guide.

by Dan Hunter

The National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) is an environmental agency established by the Federal Government of Nigeria. In 2007,  it was established by law. The sole purpose of its establishment was to ensure a cleaner and healthier environment for Nigerians. That’s its motto.

This agency serves as a parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Environment. It is headed by a Director General. The Director General is also the chief executive officer of the NESREA.

So far, the agency has recorded many achievements in the field of environmental compliance. It has been enforcing and monitoring  since its establishment. It is also the enactment of some regulations relating to the protection, monitoring, and enforcement environmental issues.


Functions of the national environmental standards and regulations enforcement agency

The National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency is responsible for the protection and development of the environment. It also foster biodiversity conservation as well as sustain the development of natural resources in Nigeria. This is essential when using environmental technology to coordinate and liaison with stakeholders in the country. The same applies to foreign stakeholders.

The primary functions of the NESREA are grouped into five. It serves as an environmental regulator, job creator, environmental advisor, environmental operator, and environmental capacity builder.

The agency is also empowered by law to enforce all kinds of environmental laws, regulations, guidelines, standards, and policies within the country.

NESREA is also has powers to enforce compliance with provisions of conventions, international agreements, protocols as well as treaties which Nigeria is a signatory.


Nesrea staff portal

Here is the link to the staff portal of NESREA: NESREA Staff Portal.


National environmental health practice regulation 2016 PDF

You can download the PDF file of the National Environmental Health Practice Regulation for 2016 here: NEHPR 2016 PDF.


Nesrea act

Some of the main challenges the socio-economic development of Nigeria faces is inadequate and inappropriate regulations to protect her environment.

Through the NESREA, the Federal Government of Nigeria developed thirty-three environmental regulations. You can go through the full regulations here: NESREA Act.


Nesrea act, 2018

In November 2018, to the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (Act, 2007) was amended by the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency Act. It also empowered the NESREA develop and protect the environment.

The Amendment Act was primarily set to amend the NESREA Act in order to review the conditions of appointment of council members. Also, it was developed to increase penalties and permit the search of premises without the requirement of warrant and other issues.


National environmental (electrical/electronic sector) regulations 2011

The National Environmental (Electrical/Electronic Sector) Regulations 2011 is the Act which prohibits the people from carrying, depositing and dumping of harmful waste on territorial waters, any land, or matters relating thereto.

You can read more about the regulations HERE.


Nesrea permit

Environmental permits are useful for businesses and industrial facilities, especially those whose operations may have direct impact on the environment. Workplace must be environment-friendly. They must also comply with the environmental standards and regulations relating to their industry.


Some types of Permits

There are five main categories of Environmental Permits by NESREA. They are:

  • Eco-Guard Certification.
  • Air Quality Permit. This deals with issues concerning Open Burning, Atmospheric Emissions, Vehicular Emissions, Noise, and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning equipment (RAC).
  • Waste and Toxic Substances Permit. This permit relates to Restricted Chemicals, Waste Generation, Sludge Disposal and Effluent Discharge.
  • Used Electrical and Electronic Equipment Permit. It deals with the handling, import and export of Used Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
  • Biodiversity Conservation Permit. This relates to issues concerning the asssess to Genetic Resources.

How to Apply

You are to complete and submit the application form to the nearest NESREA office close to you. Also, you need to attach two hard copies with a soft copy of relevant documents.

Please attach these documents with your application form:

Receipts of the Processing Fees.

Certificate of Incorporation.

Payment receipt ( the official receipt of revenue). Get this from any NESREA office close you.

Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

Tax Clearance. Make sure it is for the past three years.

Monthly Monitoring Report. At least for past three months.

Evidence of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Use it if applicable.

Environmental Audit Report.


For more detail NESREA Permit, please visit NESREA Permit.



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