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G wagon price in nigeria. Things to know about this luxury automobile

by Dan Hunter

If you need a good combination of class, luxury, and excellent capability regarding automobile, the G-wagon would be a unique choice.

This vehicle fantastic, durable, and it is one of the number-one for celebrities and rich men and women in Nigeria. There are different models of G-wagon, each with its own great features.

This article compares and discusses G Wagon price in Nigeria. Keep reading to find out what different models of G-wagons cost in Nigeria.

G-wagon 2021 price in nigeria

The G-wagon 2021 is classy. A G63 AMG costs up to 75 million naira, while a G550 goes for 61 million naira.

In 2020, prices for this luxurious commodity in Nigeria is determined by several several factors. The type of model and the specifications of Mercedes Benz G Wagons also determine the prices.

Some G-wagons have bulletproof, hence those are highly priced that the regular ones. Feature like this makes them very expensive.

We expect more from how Mercedes customizes new ranges of G Wagons. As we have seen, G-class is a cultural icon. It is a luxury and one of the most versatile SUVs we have ever seen.

G wagon bullet proof price in nigeria

The G wagon bullet proof model is very expensive. It costs hundreds of million naira in Nigeria.

The Shah of Iran developed the G-class. It was mainly built as a military vehicle. The G-class proved to be very effective for military operations. It is very strong. In 1979, the civilian version was presented.

History also reminds us that the modern G-class was first made by hand. And this was created by Magna-Steyr, in Austria. Even the G63 AMG was solely assembled by hand.

Overtime, the G wagon has been built with different features, till what we have today.

G-wagon 2019 bulletproof price in nigeria

The G-wagon 2019 bulletproof model is very strong and durable. Those wish to drive wrong in war style will love this luxurious automobile.

This model sells for more than a hundred million naira in Nigeria. Think 200 million naira and above for a brand new one.

Please note that the cost covers all duties and charges after shipping at the Nigerian port.

G wagon price in nigeria jiji

You will always find good deals of used G wagons at Jiji Nigeria. The price for a used Mercedes-Benz G-class here starts from 9.5 million naira and above.

Note, there are different offers to negotiate at Jiji. So the prices aren’t fixed.

In Nigeria, a new G-class 2019 model today goes for N74 million to N200 million.

Mercedes benz g-wagon bulletproof price in nigeria

The G-wagon Armored Brabus (G63) is an expensive SUV. It was built like a tank, and is bulletproofed.

Initially, this model of the G-class was developed to offer a 360° protection – against powerful rifle ammunition. G63 meets the CEN 1063 BR6 ballistic standards.

G-wagon 2020 bulletproof price in nigeria

If you love luxurious automobile that is durable and built with the capacity to give you maximum protect, the G-wagon 2020 bulletproof is the best fit.

The price for this model clearly differs from the older models. It comes with newer features and specifications.

Here is a price list of the G wagon series for Foreign used:

The price for a foreign used Mercedes-Benz 2020 G-Wagon is between N145 million and N155 million.

The price for a foreign used Mercedes-Benz 2019 G-Wagon is between N125 million and N150 million.

The price for a foreign used Mercedes-Benz 2018 G-Wagon is between N70 million and N95 million.

Price of g wagon 2015

We always know it that G Wagons sit at the top rank for some of the best luxury SUVs on the world. Yes, they are insanely expensive.

The G wagon 2015 modem is classy and strong. Its infotainment system is easy to use.

If you need a great off-road prowess, this model is also a perfect fit.

In Nigeria, a G wagon 2015 costs more than N40 million.

Brand new g-wagon 2020 price in nigeria

The price of G Wagons in Nigeria is very competitive. There are used ones as well as brand new models in the automobile market.

As one of the most exclusive, luxurious, classy, fashionable Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV), the G-wagon 2020 by Mercedes Benz will definitely add more weight to your existing collection.

Below are the prices of the G-wagon models in Nigeria, including the 2020 model:

G wagon 2020: A brand new G wagon 2020 costs at least N200 million in Nigeria.

G wagon 2019: A brand new G wagon 2019 costs at least N160 million.

G wagon 2018: A brand new G wagon 2018 costs at least N150 million in Nigeria.

G wagon 2017: A brand new G wagon 2017 costs at least N120 million.


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