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A Fantastic guide to all Elepaq Generators

by Abbey
Elepaq Generator


Elepaq Generator

Elepaq Generator

After a slow start, Elepaq generators have become one of the top petrol generator brands in Nigeria over the last decade-and-half. Manufactured out of China, Elepaq generators are widely known for their affordable pricing, durability and ease-of-use.

Elepaq generators- A Review of the Elepaq Company

Zhejiang Yaofeng Power Technology Co., Ltd. is the company that manufactures Elepaq generators and other products in China. Established in July, 2000, they make and export over 1 million units of petrol generators every year under various brand names.

Located in the  JiuLi Industrial Commercial zone of Shaoxing City, it has more than 700 staffs, 150 engineers and technicians.

The company is  involved in the  design, manufacture and sell of general engine, generator set and other types of machinery. These include various  digital inverter generators, LPG engines , kerosene generators, welding machines, motorcycle and so on.

Elepaq parent company factory floor

Elepaq parent company factory floor

Prices of Elepaq Generators in Nigeria

Elepaq petrol generators comes in different sizes, materials and capacities, which affect their prices. The capacities (in KVAs), range from 1.3 KVA to as high as 10KVA.

Due to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, prices of goods and services have been fluctuating widely, as also the prices of Elepaq generators.

Elepaq generator prices in Nigeria (2021) for various capacities are the following:

CapacityProductPrice Range (in Naira)
1.4 KVAElepaq Generator ECO 199036,000 – 45,000
1.8 KVAElepaq Generator ECO 199050,000 –   90,000
2.5 KVAElepaq Generator SV 3500 E298,000 – 120,000
2.8 KVAElepaq Generator EC 3800 CX75,000 – 130,000
3.5 KVAElepaq Generator EC 3800 CX90,000 – 150,000
3.5 KVAElepaq Key Start Generator SV 5200 E2130,000 – 150,000
3.5 KVAElepaq Generator EC 3500115,000 – 150,000
4.5 KVAElepaq Key Start Generator SV 6500 E2240,000 – 400,000
2.5 KVAElepaq Generator SV4800105,000 – 110,000
3.0 KVAElepaq Generator SV480066,700 – 75, 990
1.3 KVAElepaq Generator SV 220030,000 – 60,000
7.5 KVAElepaq Generator SV 2200190,000 – 210,000
3.5 KVAElepaq Generator SV3800 E278,000 – 90,000
1.8 KVAElepaq Generator SPG 220054,000 – 62,000
3.2 KVAElepaq Generator ECO 4990 ES76,000 – 85,000
3.0 KVAElepaq Generator EC 5200 CX80,000 – 95,000
2.2 KVAElepaq Generator EC 5200 CX59,000 – 70,000
7.5 KVAElepaq Generator SV20000 E2165,000 – 172,000
10.0 KVAElepaq Generator SV20000 E2170,000 – 197,000
6.5 KVAElepaq Generator SV15000 E2178,000 – 185,000
7.5 KVAElepaq Generator SV15000 E2180,000 – 215,000
10.0 KVAElepaq Generator SV18000 E2215,000 – 250,000
4.5 KVAElepaq Generator SV 7200 E293,000 – 100,000
5.0 KVAElepaq Generator SV 7200 E299,000 – 110,000
5.0 KVAElepaq Generator DG 6LE107,000 – 111,000
5.0 KVAElepaq Generator DG 4LE97,000 – 104,000

Note that prices may vary from what is stated here due to inflation and foreign exchange fluctuations.

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Where are the Elepaq offices in Nigeria

 Elepaq generators are imported from China by numerous authorized companies/dealers who have offices across the nation. Advantage of buying from accredited importers is that the important parts of the generator like the coil and AVR are genuine.

            Elepaq generator office in Lagos

Some of the companies who import and service Elepaq generators in Lagos are:

  • Denyo Generator – 13, Ogunnusi Road, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Estendo Power Products Co. Ltd – 300 Wharf Road, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Olatech Electronics – 386 Coates Street, Ebute Metta, Lagos, Nigeria

           Elepaq generator office in Abuja

Some of the companies who import and service Elepaq generators in Lagos are:

  • Polacy Integrated Services Ltd – Suite 202, Willan Plaza, Wuse Zone 4, Abuja
  • Cami Camp Investment Nigeria Ltd –  Koro Plaza Beside Young Shall Grow Motors Opposite Fortis Microfinance Bank, Maraba, Abuja FCT, Nigeria
  • Baba T Adegboye Generators – C31 International Building Materials Market, Dei-Dei, Abuja FCT, Nigeria

Where to find a Manual for Elepaq Generator?

Each Elepaq generator comes with a manual in its box. You can also download manuals for some Elepaq generator products at Infoteach. 

A review of popular Elepaq Generators models

Elepaq Generator SV6800

The Elepaq SV6800 manual generator has a 100% full copper wire coil and a 15 litres tank capacity.  With its starting capacity, it is capable of powering ovens, ACs, refrigerators, pumping machines, and freezers. The Elepaq SV6800 manual generator runs on petrol in a fuel-efficient manner, with separate oil compartment for smooth running and a mechanism for preventing engine knock making it an efficient and durable generator. The generator goes for between N110,000  to N140,000.

Elepaq Generator EC5800CX

The Elepaq 3.5 KVA generator comes with 100% full copper coil and is designed to suitably power homes and offices with appliances like TVs, fridges, washing machines, pumping machine, freezers, and other home appliances. Elepaq EC5800CX is quite economical with good fuel consumption and durability, with an oil alert system that turns the generator off automatically when low and in need of a refill. The generator goes for between N100,000 to N140,000.

Elepaq Generator SV2200

The Elepaq SV2200 is an efficient generator, durable generator with a manual start and a six litres tank capacity. A portable generator, it can run for as long as about 8 hours nonstop with a full tank. It is a 100% copper wire coil generator capable of powering TV, fans, small refrigerators, and small office appliances. With a separate oil compartment an oil alert system that automatically turns the generator off when low, the generator is very suitable for low power applications.

Related Questions to Elepaq Generators

How good are Elepaq generators?

Elepaq generators are very popular in Nigeria for low to medium power applications. Many people say that they are affordable, durable, easy to maintain and fix. Their in-built AVR protects the generator from overload.

What can 2.5 kVA generator carry?

A typical generator has a power factor. A 2.5 KVA generator is equivalent to 2,125 watts if we assume the power factor to be 0.85. Therefore, a 2.5 KVA generator should be able to support a flat screen TV of 100-150 Watts, a refrigerator of 300 Watts, two 160 Watts electric fans, other electronics, with a total of about 2000 watts. 

How many kVA is Elepaq generator?

Elepaq generators have capacities (in KVAs), range from 1.3 KVA to as high as 10KVA.

How do I know if my Elepaq constant generator is original?

  1. The Coil of original Elepaq generators is made of copper wire coil, not aluminiu or brass coil. Copper wire coils are reddish-brown, though some fake generator manufacturers spray-paint other types of wires. One can detect these though, because the colour will be uneven and peels.
  2. Any generator that the name is not properly spelt as “Elepaq” or “Elepaq Constant” is fake.
  3. If the Elepaq anti-counterfeiting label is tampered with, it is possibly fake and you should be wary

Please note that it is best to engage the help of an experienced technician in identifying an original generator.

What is the difference between Elepaq generator and Elepaq Constant generator?

Elepaq Constant generators are like a “younger brother” to Elepaq generators. They are cheaper and are slightly less reliable that Elepaq generators.

 What can a 3.5 KVA generator power?

A typical generator has a power factor. A 3.5 KVA generator is equivalent to 2,975 watts if we assume the power factor to be 0.85. Therefore, a 3.5 KVA can power heavy appliances in the home, office and religious centre such as a large-sized freezer, fridge television, fan, pressing iron, sound system, and many more, so far the total load doesn’t exceed 2900 watts

 What can 4.5 KVA Elepaq generator carry?

‎ A 4.5 KVA generator can power a deep freezer, air conditioner, TV set, home theatre and water pump along with other home or small office appliances. Since a typical generator has a power factor, a 2.5 KVA generator is equivalent to 3,825 watts if we assume the power factor to be 0.85. Therefore, all the appliances must have a maximum load of 3,825watts.

 Who makes Elepaq generator?

Zhejiang Yaofeng Power Technology Co., Ltd. In China. They make and export over 1 million units of electric generator every year.

What can a 1.5 KVA generator power?

A 1.5 KVA rated generator can handle approximately 1200 watt load if a power factor of 0.8 is assumed. So one can run 1200 watt load safely on it. This include LED bulbs (9 watts), LED TV (100 watts), 2 electric fans (160 watts each),  and refrigerator (300 watts).


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