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Tiger generators [Prices, Identify Fakes, advantages, etc]

by Abbey

Tiger generators are portable, medium -sizes generators. They are extremely popular in Nigeria because of there are cheap, and durable. The popularity of generators has risen because of the poor state of power supply in Nigeria.

Also, tiger generators remain the most patronized brand in the country, especially for small business owners and households in the country. In this post, we shall look at the prices, how to tell a fake brand from the original one, and the advantages of using it.

Few brands in Nigeria have more popularity than the tiger brand. Other brands in the country include Firman, Elepaq, and Elemax.

Tiger T2700 generator

Advantages of using tiger generators

In Nigeria, tiger generators have the nickname ” I pass my neighbor’ generator. The tiger brand often manufactures generators that have power ratings below 2 Kilovolts(KVA). Hence, they are perfect for small businesses and low-income earners.

The main reason places like this use this generator has to do with its portability and low cost. Accordingly, the advantages of using a tiger generator include,

  • Low- cost of maintenance

These sets of generators have a lower cost of maintenance as a result of their small size.

  • Affordability

Tiger generators are cheap. Hence, the reason low–income earners are fond of them.

  • Low petrol usage

The cost of fueling a mechanical device is always at the forefront of the mind of a Nigerian. The high cost of premium motor spirit(PMS), popularly known as fuel is a source of worry to many people within the country. However, tiger generators have a low fuel consumption rate. Hence, you can use them for hours with only a liter or two of fuel.

Price of Tiger Generators in Nigeria in 2021

You can find several kinds of tiger generators in Nigeria. Each kind is classified according to the amount of voltage it provides. Hence, they are separated by their size and the amount of power they provide to users.

The prices listed below represent the average cost of each class of generator in the Nigerian market. Prices are likely to change depending on a host of factors such as location, availability, and other market forces.

Below are the classes of tiger generators available in the Nigerian market, their prices, and their maximum output.

  1. Tiger TG1200

This generator cost a minimum of N20,000 and a maximum of N25,000. The maximum output is 700VA.

  1. Tiger TG950

This class of tiger generators costs N10,000 minimum and a maximum of N14,000. Its maximum output is 650VA.

  1. Tiger TG1400

The cost of this generator is N25,000 minimum and N32,000 maximum. The maximum output of this generator is 950VA.

  1. Tiger TG2700

This generator is called a petroleum generator and costs at least N65,000 minimum. The maximum output for this device is 2100KVA.

  1. Tiger TG1800

If you want this generator, you have to spend at least N23,000. It can provide 900VA of power.

It would be best to remember that prices may differ narrowly from what is obtainable in the market. Common reasons why this transpires are exchange rate, classification, and demand.

How to know the original tiger generator from a fake one

There are lots of fake tiger generators in the market right now. The reason is based on the increasing popularity of the brand. Hence, tiger has shown possible means that you can use to identify an original from a fake one.

To ensure the authenticity of the tiger brand you want to purchase, consider the following vital points.

  • Cartons

You can identify a fake tiger generator from the original one easily by looking at the carton. Original tiger generators’ cartons are always brown and with little designs. On the other hand, the fake ones come in different color cartons with several designs.

  • Bolt

The bolt in the original tiger generators is always white. Also, it has two alphabets written in it –KS. However, the fake one has a black bolt with no alphabets on it.

  • Engraved tiger name

Original tiger generators have the brand name engraved in at least three parts of the generator. These parts include the tank, air filter, and carburetor. Often, fake ones don’t have engraved brand names on their generators.



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