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CBN exchange rate: Understanding the platform

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CBN exchange rate

For business minds and the entire citizenry, it is vital to understand the concept of currency exchange and the stock market. The information about the performance of the Nigeria naira is produced by the Central bank of Nigeria on the CBN exchange rate platform. On this platform, information about CBN exchange rate cedis to naira, CBN exchange rate euro to naira, CBN exchange rate euro to dollar, CBN exchange rate dollar to naira today and other currencies can be seen.

CBN exchange rate today

The stock market of naira is quite volatile. Thus, the exchange rate could stand at varying values at different days. For interested individuals, it is easy to keep track of daily exchange rate of naira against other currencies in the stock market. On the CBN exchange rate platform, the buying and selling price of each currency is displayed against the naira.

CBN exchange rate policy

The main objectives of exchange rate policy in Nigeria are to preserve the value of the domestic currency, maintain a favorable external reserves position and ensure external balance without compromising the need for internal balance and the overall goal of macroeconomic stability.

CBN exchange rate archives

The CBN exchange rate archives page allows to do a quick navigation to any date of choice. It is a gateway to past exchange rates of the Nigerian naira.

CBN exchange rate for euro

As at 8th of July, 2020, the exchange rate of euro against the naira stood at

Buying price: N447.599, Central price: N448.1895, Selling price: N448.78

CBN exchange rate as at today

Information about daily exchange rate can be seen on the CBN exchange rate as at today page.

This table shows the exchange rate of naira against some currency as at 8th day of July, 2020. It consists of the buying, central and selling price of notable currencies including the CBN exchange rate for Canadian dollar.

DateCurrencyBuying (NGN)Central (NGN)Selling (NGN)
8/14/2020US DOLLAR379379.5380
8/14/2020POUNDS STERLING496.6037497.2589497.914
8/14/2020SWISS FRANC416.2091416.7582417.3073
8/14/2020SOUTH AFRICAN RAND21.708521.737121.7658
8/14/2020DANISH KRONA60.095860.175160.2543

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    CBN exchange rate: Understanding the platform

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