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A Great Guide to all Football Academies in Nigeria

by Abbey

A football academy is a school-like organization that trains and develops current or aspiring football players about how to play football.

These players (mostly young players) are trained heavily to a particular level that gets them into professional football teams.

The Nigeria football academy is an organization that dates back to 1992, with one of the first notable ones being the Pepsi Football Academy (check our comprehensive guide on the Pepsi Football Academy) which was located at Agege stadium Lagos state.

Since then many other academies have popped up in almost every state in Nigeria training young individuals how to play football.

Football Academy in Nigeria with Accomodation

With most of the football academies in Nigeria been day schools, you might want to find the ones that have boarding facilities. They are a few that offer accommodation, they are;

  • Midas football academy
  • Kwara football academy.

Fees and Cost of Attending a Football Academy in Nigeria

Attending a standard football academy in Nigeria may cost about N100,000 upward a year. This fee varies from academy to academy and is due to their standards and quality.

We are going to name a few well-Know academies and their tuition fees for each individual.

1. Midas Football Academy

The Midas football academy was founded in 2006 with the aim of discovering young and football talent in Nigeria. This is academy is registered with and verified by the Nigerian Football Association as well as the Lagos state football association. They have a standard fee of N77,000 for each individual. This fee can be broken down as follows.

  • Application Form: ₦5,000.00
  • Compulsory Academy Uniform/Ceremonial Dress: ₦5,000.00 (per pair)
  • Compulsory Academy Training Jersey: ₦5,000.00
  • Compulsory Coaching Fee: ₦35,000.00 (per annum)
  • Compulsory ID Card: ₦2,000.00
  • Compulsory Medical Fee: ₦15,000.00 (per annum)
  • Project Fee: ₦10,000.00
  • Camp Fee: ₦0.00

2. Kwara football Academy

The Kwara state football academy, founded in 2005, was an initiative of then-Governor Dr. Bukola Saraki. The academy operates as a school, having three terms a session with individuals from the age of 13 to 21.

Their fee varies from day student to boarding student.


₦167,000.00 -₦137,000.00




Full ₦0.00











Students Acceptance fees ₦5,000.00

3. The Pepsi Footbal Academy

The Pepsi football club academy is one of the most notable football academies in Nigeria.  Founded in 1992, this Academy has trained over 3000 individuals, with one of the most notable been Mikel obi.

The fees for attending this Academy are:

RequirementAge (5-14)Age (15 and above)
RegistrationN 1000N 3,000
Quarterly feesN 2,000N 3,000
Training uniformN 2,000N 3,000
Identity cardN 500N 500
Training bagN 500N 500
Maintenance fee      _N 2000
TOTALN 6000N 12000

How to Join a Football Academy in Nigeria?

Before you join a Football academy in Nigeria, it is wise to consider some factors before joining. Some of these factors might include location, accommodation, tuition fee, and much more.

The fastest way to apply to these schools is through their website, as most have one.

When you log on to their website, go to their registration tab and click on it. It will show you a form you will fill and also show their fees. Then you will be given further information on how to proceed after registration.

Please note that the registration process varies with each school, and some schools may require some information that another does not need.

Popular Football Academy in Nigeria by States

With so many football academies in Nigeria, one has to pick wisely which one to enroll on. The football academy in Nigeria has seen a rise in competition, with academies creating better facilities to help their students train better.

They are a few of these academies that are considered to be some of the best in Nigeria. These academies are Pepsi, Kwara, Barcelona, Abuja, and Midas football academies.

Football Academy in Nigeria in Lagos

The following list is some of the football academies in Lagos state Nigeria.

  • Ambassadors Football Academy
  •  Ayicrip Football Academy
  • Buruj Sports Academy
  • FCBescola International Soccer School Lagos
  • Greensprings Kanu Football Camp (No 32 Olatunde Ayoola Avenue, Anthony)
  • MILO Football Academy (No 22/24, Industrial Avenue, Ilupeju, Ikeja)
  • The Future Academy (Onikan Stadium, Lagos Island)
  • Pepsi Football Academy
  • Midas Footbal Academy

Football Academy in Nigeria in Abuja

The following list is some of the football academies in Abuja  state Nigeria.

  • Ascend Football Academy
  • FOSLA Academy
  • Winner Football Academy
  • Youth Arise Football Academy
  • Abuja Football College
  • Amakson Soccer Academy
  • Midwest Soccer Academy
  • SFA Football Academy

Football Academy in Nigeria in Portharcout

The following list is some of the football academies in Port harcout state Nigeria

  • Real Madrid football academy
  •  Nielladan Football Academy Port Harcourt
  •  Osklean Football Academy
  •  Spinflex International Football Academy
  •  Gateway International Church Football Academy

Foreign Football Academies in Nigeria and how to contact them

As the love of Football continues to grow in Nigeria, there is more need for better football academies. The rise of affection for this sport has brought international academies to Nigeria. In the next section, I will be listing the foreign-owned academies we have in Nigeria and how to contact them.


1. Barcelona Football Academy in Nigeria

The Barcelona football academy is one of the best in Lagos with a very competitive trial-out process for the new student. The registration form for this academy is about N13500.

The location of this academy is: Cherilyn’s Place, no.3 Swisstrade drive, ikota Lekki, 101222, Lagos

Phone NO: 0809 030 9663

2. Real Madrid Football Academy in Nigeria

The Real Marid Football academy is an academy owned by River state in association with the Real Marid football club in Spain. After purchasing the form, you will be required to take an aptitude-test, before going to physical football screening.

Address: Stadium Rd, Rumuola 500272, Port Harcourt

Phone: 0802 058 8173

3. Pepsi Football Academy in Nigeria

Founded in 1992, Pepsi football trains over 3000 students, with some very popular players like Mikel John Obi, Joseph Akpala, and Sunday Mba. Since its huge success, the academy has grown to 14 branches across Nigeria with the main branch in Lagos.

HQ location: Agege Stadium, Agege, Lagos, Nigeria

Phone: 0802 310 8335

4. Psg Football Academy in Nigeria

The Football club PSG (Paris Saint Germain) announced plans to open an academy in Nigeria. The goal is to train young kids aged 5 – 17, creating a system that gives them quality education and also trains them to be elite players.

With over 10 recent launches all over the world, Nigeria is close to housing one of these elite academies.


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