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Top YouTube Searches in Nigeria [VERIFIED]

by Abbey
Top YouTube Searches in Nigeria

I understand that if you want to start a YouTube channel, you want to be able to start a channel where you know that people are actually searching for. It’s the smartest thing to do. You don’t want to create a channel and then there’s really nobody who is interested in what you have to say.

Nobody wants to launch a channel only to find that no one is interested in its content and miss out on all the money you can make on YouTube.

In Nigeria, a country known for its love of entertainment, the top searches reflect a strong interest in comedy, music, and movies. Let’s explore the top ten searches in Nigeria:

1. Yoruba Movies

Yoruba movies have gained immense popularity, not just in Nigeria but also among Yoruba-speaking communities worldwide. Renowned figures like Femi Adebayo have produced outstanding Yoruba films, many of which have even gained recognition on global platforms like Netflix.

2. Comedy

Given the challenges and stresses of daily life in Nigeria, it’s no surprise that comedy is highly sought after. Laughter provides an escape from the difficulties Nigerians face, making comedy content in demand.

3. Latest Yoruba Movies

The desire to watch the latest and most glamorous Yoruba movies is strong among the Nigerian audience. Creating content in this niche can be quite rewarding.

4. Selena

The YouTube series “Selena” has captured the hearts of Nigerian viewers, despite not being the most glamorous series. Popular opinion doesn’t always align with personal preferences, and it’s essential to cater to what the audience enjoys.

5. Latest Yoruba Movies 2022/2023

Staying up to date with the latest Yoruba movie releases is a common search. Being in touch with current trends is crucial for content creators. I have a feeling that the large Yoruba in the diaspora are fueling the need for such content.

6. Selena Tested

This is another search term related to the “Selena” series, indicating a continued interest in this kind of content. There is a potential audience for similar series so yu might want to consider making videos that looks familiar to what they are doing at Selena Tested. Personally, I do not fancy the series but if enough people says it is good, then definitely, it is a good seried.

7. Music

Nigeria boasts one of the world’s largest music industries, particularly in the Afrobeat genre. Music-related content, whether it’s karaoke, celebrity news, or artist profiles, can be highly successful.

It will surprise you that there are great female muscians alike Ada Ehi and Gucci who are doing wonderfully well in the Nigerian music space that you probably don’t even know about.

8. Yoruba Movies 2022 New Releases

The demand for the latest Yoruba movie releases is persistent. This niche is worth considering if you’re planning to create content and you really need no other data to tell you that this is what you might really want to consider going forward.

Yoruba movies are watched all around the world with JagunJagun hitting the top 5 leaderboard on Netflix when it was produced.

9. Izzar So

This term represents content or a channel that people actively search for. Exploring this niche might lead to success on YouTube.

10. Sanda

“Sanda” is a series created by an African or Hausa YouTuber named Daddy Hikima, who has over 400,000 subscribers. This series has garnered a substantial following, proving that Nigeria’s YouTube space extends beyond Yoruba and Igbo content.

The Hausa-speaking population, both in Nigeria and neighboring countries like Niger Republic and Cameroon, is also interested in watching Hausa series on YouTube.

In conclusion

Nigeria’s YouTube scene offers opportunities for content creators in various niches, from Yoruba movies and comedy to music and regional series like “Sanda.” The key is to understand your audience and provide high-quality content that resonates with their interests.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this article has provided you with valuable insights. Feel free to leave your comments.


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