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Top 10 Female YouTubers in Nigeria [VERIFIED]

by Abbey
Top 10 Female YouTubers in Nigeria

YouTube is not only for males, and I will like to talk about females as well. Many female Nigerians are making videos and earning significant income from their channels. YouTubers serve as a source of empowerment for both females and males, enabling them to earn substantial money, and this earnings have increased as the Naira continues to fall to the dollar.

Females excel in various domains, including cooking, music, and beauty and skincare routines. People from around the world are eager to watch these unique Nigerian female creators.

You should note that I have decided to remove female musicians like Tiwa Savage or Yemi Alade, we all know they have money; I don’t think we need them on this list.

1. Ada Ehi: The Gospel Sensation

She is a gospel artist who has achieved remarkable success. With millions of subscribers, she has earned a substantial income through her gospel music. She may not be the first artist you think of when considering gospel music in Nigeria, but she has effectively harnessed the power of the internet to establish herself.

Many female gospel musicians perform in physical churches, spreading the gospel, but Ada Ehi has chosen to share her music on YouTube and I think this is a wise decision as it quickly allows her to build a fanbase instead of looking for record labels. Ada has 1.7million subscribers who have watched her content an impressive 450million times.

2. Ruth Kadiri 247: The Nollywood Transition

Ruth Kadiri, a Nigerian Nollywood actress, has shifted her focus from Nollywood movies to managing her own YouTube channel. She utilizes her own resources, cameraman, and family members to create content, a wise move to have something that belongs to her and to generate income rather than producing videos for others.

Ruth Kadiri is one of the few Nigerian Nollywood actresses who have leveraged the internet to create high-quality videos for themselves and earn money from this venture, and I personally endorse this wise transition she has made.

With just 60 videos, her channel has 177million views and 1.35 million subscribers.

3. Gucci: The Fashionable YouTuber

Number three, Gucci. Gucci may not be a familiar name, but she has over a million subscribers. Upon reviewing her videos, it’s evident that she creates content that resonates with people, featuring danceable themes and fashionable visuals, often accompanied by attractive male actors. Gucci is someone worth following, even if she wasn’t widely known before. Now you know about her, and you can search for her music. She’s undeniably talented.

She has 1million subscribers on her channel and her videos have been watched 134million times.

4. Simi: The Music Sensation

Simi has been a prominent musician for quite some time. However, after getting married and having kids, she has chosen not to release new songs. This decision disappoints many of her fans, including myself.

I admire Simi for her music, family life, and humility. Her music is relatable, and it’s a shame that she has decided not to release new songs but I hope we will see more of her in the future, but it looks likely that Simi just wants to relax and enjoys her music royalties.

She has 957,000 subscribers but she stays ahead of SisiYemmie due to her impressive 160million views.

5. SisiYemmieTV: The Food Blogger

Yemi operates in the food vlogging business, offering the latest Nigerian recipes and discussing our most cherished dishes and how to prepare them.

I became acquainted with many of these Nigerian YouTube food vloggers when I lived abroad and had to choose between cooking for myself and going hungry. She is undoubtedly someone from whom I’ve learned a thing or two and has garnered over 100,000,000 views form her 958,000 subscribers.

6. Zeelicious Foods: The Culinary Expert

Zeelicious Food is a fashionable and attractive lady who excels in food presentation. I will like to believe her dishes taste as good as they look.

Zealicious is someone I watch closely. She has a significant following, and people appreciate her content. I’m delighted to see her succeed as one of the best female YouTubers in our country. She has 949,000 subscribers and has over 60 million views.

7. Pamax TV: The Spiritual Guru

Pamax may not be a household name, but she has amassed hundreds of thousands of subscribers. She specializes in topics related to African juju, providing guidance on increasing sales, winning someone’s affection, and using spiritual methods to draw customers to businesses.

Not everyone may be a fan of her content, but the substantial subscriber count attests to her influence over the years. She has massed over 800,000 subscribers with 58 mullion views.

8. Eti Frank: The Skincare Expert

Eti Frank is a prominent figure in the skincare niche. Skincare has gained significant prominence in Nigeria, with many seeking ways to achieve radiant skin.

Skincare products can be quite expensive when purchased in supermarkets, prompting people to turn to YouTubers for the latest recommendations to enhance their skin’s radiance. Eti Frank is one of the best YouTubers in this niche with 787,000 subscribers and 12million views.

9. Tomi’s Color Pavilion: The Beauty and Skincare Maven

Tomi specializes in the beauty and skincare niche. Skincare is a significant industry in Nigeria, with individuals making substantial income from marketing skincare products.

Tomi has helped many Nigerian females achieve financial success by selling and marketing skincare products. She also offers valuable advice on beauty and makeup. She has 723k subscribers and has 129million views.

10. Mary J. Black: The Kaduna Fashionista

Mary J. Black is a YouTuber based in Kaduna State, a location that might not be the first to come to mind when thinking of YouTube in Nigeria. Yet, Mary J. Black creates excellent content on fashion, beauty, and various tips related to these subjects.

She has over 700,000 subscribers and have received and incredible 250million views on her channel.


I hope you’ve gained insights from this list, as I’ve gone through it to ensure these are the very best female YouTubers in Nigeria. Thank you for reading, and feel free to leave your comments on the blog. Thank you.


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