Home Business How much YouTube pays for 1,000 views in Nigeria? [REALISTIC]

How much YouTube pays for 1,000 views in Nigeria? [REALISTIC]

by Abbey
How much YouTube pays for 1,000 views in Nigeria?

How much YouTube pay for 1,000 views in Nigeria?

People who are getting into YouTube want to know how much they can make over some time, and Nigerians, especially, are anxious to get a lot of dollars in their hands.

I own a YouTube channel; some are monetized and others are not, and I think I’m in a position to tell you how much you are likely to get from 1,000 views in Nigeria.

The way YouTube works is that it is dependent on what they call playback CPM. What this means is that YouTube does not pay for 1,000 views. That is not what YouTube pays for. What YouTube pays for is the ad shown. So, for example, the CPM of Nigeria is around $2 for 1,000 ad impressions or 1,000 ad views. Not for 1,000 video views. Please note that huge difference.

So if you have a video that has 1,000 views, it doesn’t mean that every single one of them shows ads. So as a rule of thumb, what I would advise you to do is just assume that if you have 1,000 views, 50% of those views will be shown ads. So what that means is that about 500 ads would have been shown on your YouTube channel. It can be less. But at least around 500 ads.

So if YouTube pays $2 for 1,000 ad impressions, that means that YouTube is going to pay you just a dollar for your 1,000 views because just around 500 of those 1,000 views will be shown ads.

How much does YouTube pay for 1,000 likes?

YouTube does not pay for likes. They do not pay for comments. The only thing that YouTube is concerned about is views. But then we can begin to extrapolate what you can earn based on 1,000 likes.

From my experience, a video that has 1,000 likes means that it is either a controversial topic, and has a lot of people who have sentimental value to that video. These videos usually get an abnormal number of likes compared to views.

For example, in recent times, we have had issues between Israel and Palestine. If you make a video about Israel or Palestine, likely, that video could easily have 1000 likes by the time it reaches 20,000–30,000 views.

But what is the more realistic number of views that will produce 1000 likes? A video that is likely to get up to 1,000 likes, from my experience, is a video with up to 100,000 views. So from 100,000 views, we can assume that perhaps not all of those views will get ads served on them. This is important because YouTube only pays for the ads that are served, not for the views.

So if a video has 100,000 views, what we can establish is that perhaps around 50,000 (50%) of those views are shown ads. So if you multiply that by the fact that for every 1,000 ad views, YouTube pays you $2 if you are in Nigeria or most parts of Africa, which means that your 100,000 views, will have given you around $100 if you are in Africa.

But since your video is not likely to get all its 100,000 views from African countries, you might in reality get up to $150.

I hope I’ve been able to explain this thing to you. The number of likes that your video has doesn’t matter, but we can extrapolate and say that a video that has 1,000 likes probably has 100,000 views. And out of that 100,000 views, and since the RPM or Revenue per Million views in Nigeria is around $1, you can expect to make $100 from 100,000 views.

Does YouTube pay monthly?

Under this topic, I would like to talk about a few things, and it has to do with how much or how frequently YouTube is going to pay you. I can tell you for a fact that Google usually pays around the 23rd of every month. They usually don’t miss that particular date, at least in my case. And I’m in Africa, in Nigeria.

YouTube pays monthly. But the condition under which they will pay you monthly is that you meet the $100 threshold. So as long as you earn up to $100 in any given month, you are going to be paid that $100 by the next month, by the 23rd or thereabouts of the next month. But mind you, YouTube will remove a 30% tax from all the money you make from US audiences.

Does YouTube pay into bank accounts

For most countries in the world, YouTube has a way of transferring your money into your bank accounts. The bank account is usually a dollar account or a DOM account where they can pay your money at the end of every month, provided you meet the minimum $100 threshold.

But then there are other means of payment in the YouTube ecosystem, and you can actually get your money from a physical paper check. But it’s just that people do not prefer checks; who knows if you get lost amongst all the parcels in the post office?

So that is why people usually just prefer to get bank accounts where the money can be wired into. Then, when the money is wired into your bank account, you can go to the bank, and then you can withdraw your money in cash, transfer the money to other people, or use such money to buy other services. Maybe you want to subscribe to your Spotify or your Apple Music or you want to buy crypto or you want to shop on Amazon or AliExpress. It’s up to you what you want to do with your money, but definitely, YouTube pays your money right into your bank accounts.

How much does YouTube pay for 100 subscribers?

I would like to stress here that YouTube does not pay based on subscriber counts. YouTube  strictly pays based on the amount of views you are able to generate. But let’s say you have 100 subscribers, and you are going to make a video that has 100,000 views.

Unfortunately for you, YouTube will put ads on those videos and whatever money they make from your video is going to go to YouTube. Yes, it’s part of their policy where they essentially take the money of creators for themselves until the creator is able to get monetized. So if you have 100 subscribers, unfortunately, you cannot make any AdSense money from YouTube. But what you can do is add affiliate links or you can sell digital projects even at that 100 subscriber count, and people can actually buy.

How much YouTube pays for 50,000 views?

People always want to know how much they are going to earn. The truth is that no two people are the same. You and your friend might be in the same country. You might make YouTube videos, and you both might have 50,000 views.

But at the end of the day, you realize that you probably make three or four times more than what your friend is making. YouTube doesn’t really care about the country where you are from. What YouTube cares about is the country of where the person watching your video comes from, and there are some top-tier countries that can make you a lot of money.

If your views come from African and Asian countries, you are not going to make a lot of money from your YouTube.

On the issue of 50,000 views, what I can tell you for a fact is that the fact that you have 50,000 views doesn’t mean that YouTube is going to show ads on each and every 50,000 people that watch your video. What YouTube is concerned about is the amount of ads that they serve, and they are not going to serve every single person, ads.

Some people are never going to get ads, some people are going to get multiple ads. So as a rule of thumb, what I would advise you is that if you have 50,000 views, I think you should have it at the back of your mind that perhaps just around half of that figure of 25,000 people are going to see ads, and you can now multiply that amount of people by the CPM of your particular country.

So let’s say you are from Africa, the CPM sometimes is worth around $2 for 1,000 views. So your 25,000 views are going to get you around $50 if you are from Africa.

The key thing about CPM is that YouTube is going to remove 45% for themselves, which would see your earnings drop to around $30. But since some of your views are going to come from top tier countries, where they CPM can get to $5-6 or more, you might find yourself earning $50 for 50,000 views.

Another thing that affects the number of views that you can get on YouTube or rather that affects the money you can get from YouTube is the number of ads that is being shown in a particular video. This is why some YouTube gurus will advise you to make videos that are longer than 8 minutes because they know that videos that are longer than 8 minutes, YouTube gives you the ability to add multiple ads into one video. You can add as much ads as you want into that single video. That improves the probability of people watching an ad on your.


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