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YouTube CPM for Nigeria. The FACTS

by Abbey
YouTube CPM for Nigeria

The concept of CPM (Cost Per 1000 ad impressions) is crucial for content creators and website owners in Nigeria. It determines how much advertisers are willing to pay to display ads on your content. In this article, we’ll delve into CPM for both blogs and YouTube channels, specifically in the Nigerian context. I am able to talk about these two concepts because I make money from both my blog and a faceless youtube channel that I own, and over time, I have been able to accurately predict with data, what you can make based on ad views.

CPM for Blogs

What is CPM for Blogs?

CPM, or Cost Per 1000 Impressions, is the metric that advertisers use to gauge the value of ad space on your blog. It could be with regards to how many clicks are made on ads on your blog or how many times people see ads on your blog. In general, advertisers often pay $0.2 for ad clicks on your blog, and this is for advertisers who do pay per click. Other times, advertisers pay for the number of viewed ads, and this is where CPM is applicable to blogs.

Calculating CPM for Blogs

As I have stated, the CPM calculation for blogs in Nigeria depends on how many ad impressions are VIEWED on your blog. If 1,000 people see ads on your blog, you’ve achieved a CPM. This concept is consistent, whether your audience is from Nigeria or other countries. In general, advertisers often pay $2 per 1000 ads that were viewed, and this is how the CPM works for blogs.

CPM for YouTube

Understanding CPM for YouTube

YouTube employs a slightly different approach to CPM. As a video platform, it focuses on playback-based CPM. This means they assess how many ads are shown during video playback rather than just counting the number of video views. This is usually the huge misconception that new YouTubers often have and they see a channel with a huge view and they multiply that view with what they believe is the CPM.

Factors Affecting YouTube CPM

It’s essential to consider that not all video views result in ad impressions. Factors like viewer location and engagement play a significant role in the CPM calculation.

The issue is that YouTubers who are not monetized are never shown the CPM or RPM data, but since I am monetized, I can give you an idea of what you should expect to make, even though most of my YouTube audiences are not even Nigerians.

YouTube CPM in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the CPM for YouTube content varies. It typically falls within the range of $2 to $2.5 for every 1000 ad impressions. However, this figure is influenced by viewers from other countries, which may have higher or lower CPM rates.

Increasing Ad Revenue on YouTube

To boost your ad revenue on YouTube, aim to create longer videos, preferably around eight minutes or more. You can insert multiple ad breaks within these longer videos, increasing the likelihood of viewers encountering ads. While YouTube may not always display all inserted ad breaks, this approach enhances your chances of generating more revenue from your subscribers.

Also, if you can get people in foreign lands to watch your channel, this will generally lead to a higher CPM for your blog.


Understanding CPM is pivotal for bloggers and YouTubers in Nigeria. It’s not solely about views but about ad impressions and how they impact your earnings. By comprehending these concepts and factors, you can make informed decisions to maximize your revenue on both blogs and YouTube channels.


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