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Top 10 Accredited Private Universities In Nigeria And Their Fees

Private Universities in Nigeria came as a very necessary alternative to the ailing public tertiary educational system that took on an unprecedented nosedive in the 1990s. Although more expensive that government owned Universities, many of these private universities have brought succor to a lot of parents who can afford them. It opened these parents to more options for their wards, and to conveniently avoid the incessant problems that came with public universities such as strikes and poor educational standards.

It is on the premise of this that we have compiled a list of top ten accredited private universities in Nigeria and their fees.

10. Madonna University

Madonna University is a new generation private university, with its main campus in Elele, Rivers State and its first campus sited in Okija in Anambra state. It is Catholic owned and has been in operation since 1999. Madonna University joined the list of accredited private universities in Nigeria in 2004. Below is Madonna University school fees by department.

  • Medicine – N800,000 for 400level to 600level
  • Law – N550,000
  • Accountancy – N398,000
  • Public Administration – N300,000
  • Psychology – N250,000
  • Philosophy – N250,000
  • Theology – 250,000.
  • Mass Communications – 398,000

9. Ajayi Crowther University

Ajayi Crowther University is an Anglican denomination University located in Oyo, Oyo State.  It was founded in the year 2005 and has continued to deliver quality education to students that come from far and wide around the country.

Ajayi Crowther University’s School Fees For Freshers And Returning Students.

  • Humanities – 428,000 to 448,000
  • Engineering – 665,000
  • Natural Sciences – 507,000
  • Banking and Finance – 250,000 to 460,000
  • Social Science – 565,000 to 665,000
  • Law – 852,000 to 965,000
  • Education – 315,000
  • Environmental – 415,000 to 610,000

8. Achievers University

Achievers University is one of the growing new generation private universities in the country located in Owo, Ondo State. It has a strong reputation over the years and continued to operate on a mantra of excellence. The school was founded in the year 2007 and continued to draw in students from far and near. Below is a list of Achievers University school fees by department. Check out our complete guide related to Achievers University here.

  • Medical Laboratory Science
  • 100- 200 – 500,000
  • 300 – 400 550,000
  • 500 – 650,000
  • Natural and Applied Science
  • 100-200Level: N400,000
  • 300-400Level: N500,000
  • Social and Management Science
  • 100-200Level: N400,000
  • 300-400Level: N500,000
  • College Of Law
  • 100level: N700,000

7. Oduduwa University

Oduduwa University is a private university located in Ipetumodu, Osun state, It was founded in 2009 and for ten years has produced some of Nigeria’s top quality graduates in many disciplines. Oduduwa University School Fees range from between N170,000 to N195,000 for all departments making it one of the cheapest private universities in the country. Indeed, their lower fee structure definitely catapulted them into our top 10.

6. Lead City University

Lead City University is a private institution of higher learning located in the city of Ibadan, Oyo State. It was founded in the year 2005. The university has faculties in Social Sciences, Law, Applied Sciences, Information and Communication Technology. Lead City has graduated more than 5,000 graduates since its 15 years of operation.

Each department charges differently, ranging from the cheapest at N250,000 for courses such as Nutrition and Dietrics, Office and Information Management to N650,000 for all Engineering courses.

5. Redeemers University

Redeemer’s University is a private higher institution owned and managed by the Redeemed Christian Church of God church. It is located in the town of Ede, Osun State. The school began operations in the year 2005 and the Vice-Chancellor‎ is Anthony Enisan Akinlo. Redeemers University provides accommodation for its students, although students are made to take care of their feeding. Below is a list of school fees by department/faculty.

  • Natural Science – N593,000
  • Man Science – N595,000
  • Humanities: N553,000
  • Law: N813,000

4. Igbinedion University

Igbinedion University is one of the foremost private institutions of higher learning in Nigeria. Founded by the Esama of Benin on the 10th May 1999, the University has continued to churn out some of the best graduates in the country. All courses and programs offered in Igbinedion University are accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC). Below is a list of school fees by faculty.

  • Medical Students School Fees – N3,000,000 (200L and above)
  • Engineering – N820,000 (100L – 300L) 643,350 (400L and Above)
  • Pharmacy – N820,000 (100L – 300L) 643,350 (400L and Above)
  • Law – N820,000 (100L – 300L) 643,350 (400L and Above)
  • Accounting – 760,000 (100L – 300L) 643,350 (400L)
  • Computer Science and Nursing – 760,000 (100L – 300L) 605,400 (400L and above)

3. Covenant University, Ota

Covenant University is one of the most popular and prestigious private Universities in the country, founded on a Christian religious philosophy and committed to achieving excellence in every discipline. The school is owned and managed by the Living Faith Christian God of God and is located in Ota, Ogun State. Covenant University school fees ranges per department and it charges in dollars. This tuition fee range is set between $5,000 to $7,000 (N1,945,000 to N2,723,000) which makes it one of the most expensive Universities in Nigeria. You can check our complete covenant university school fees here.

2. Babcock University

Babcok University is a Seventh-day Adventist denomination university that was founded under the name Adventist College of West Africa (ACWA) in 1959. The school is located at Ilishan-Remo, which is a town between the city of Ibadan and Lagos State. Babcock University fees differ among each department. These fees range from between N500,000 to N3million. Below is a breakdown of the most expensive departments.

  • Medicine N3million
  • Law: N2million
  • Accounting: 5miilion

Click here to check out our ultimate guide regarding the Babcock University.

1. American University of Nigeria (AUN)

American University of Nigeria is one of the most prestigious private institutions of higher learning in the country. It is located in the city of Yola, Adamawa state. The University was established in 2004 by then Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar and enrolled its first set of students the following year 2005. AUN Yola charges one of the most expensive school fees in the country which stands from between N1.5million to N3million.

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