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LASU school fees. What you need to know.

by Abbey
Lagos state university LASU

Lagos state university LASU

Lagos state university ( Check out the best State Universities in Nigeria ) is a state-owned university. It is was established in 1983 by the government of Lagos state to foster academic excellence amongst it indigenes. Its school fees are determined and reviewed by the state ministry of education.

Lasu school fees portal

The Lasu school fees portal is the interface for the payment of fees. To pay the school fee, students should simply navigate go the Lasu Fees portal

Lagos state university LASU

  • Visit the official lasu website
  • When it loads up, Go to “Student service” on the main page.
  • Click on “payment service.”
  • Select “school fees payment.”
  • Type in your matriculation number, select your degree program type e.g.-
  • Then, click on continue, and you will see payment ID, copy the number and proceed to any bank.

Lasu school fees for freshers 2020 and Lasu school fees for returning students

  • Lasu school fees and courses for the Faculty of Social science N113,250

Lasu school fees for Industrial relations and personnel management, Insurance, Accounting, Management, Finance, Business Administration, Economics, Mass Communication and Journalism, Political Science, Social Works, Psychology, Sociology, Public and international affairs, Transport Planning and Management is N113,250

  • Lasu school fees and courses for the Faculty of Law N115,750

Lasu School fees (Check out YabaTech School fees) for Commercial and Industrial Law, Public Law, Islamic Law, Private and Property Law, Legal Studies, Jurisprudence and International Law is N115,750

Lasu school fees for English Language, English Literature, Linguistics, African and Asian, Philosophy, History, Creative Art, Visual Arts, Creative Art: Theatre Arts, Creative Art: Music, European Languages (French and Russian) is N113,250

  • Lasu school fees and courses for the Faculty of Engineering N115,750

Lasu school fees for Chemical and Polymer Engineering, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering is N115,750

  • Lasu school fees and courses for the Faculty of Education N113,250

Lasu school fees for Guidance and Counselling, Adult Education Management, Adult Education, Adult Literacy and Non Formal Education, Biology Education, Chemistry Education, Integrated Science Education, Social Studies Education, Geography Education, History Education, Human Kinetics and Health Education, Exercise Physiology, Sports Administration/Management, Home Economics Education, Technology Education, Business Education, English Education, English Literature Education, French Education, Yoruba Education, Christian Religious Studies, Islamic Studies Education, Religious Education, Curriculum Theory, Educational Administration and Planning, Education Psychology, Physiology of Education, Sociology of Education is N113,250

  • Lasu school fees and courses for the Faculty of Sciences N113,250

Lasu school fees for Fishery Sciences, Biology, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Microbiology, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Zoology is N113,250

  • Lasu school fees and courses (See all LASU Courses) for the School Of Basic Medical Sciences (BMS) N115,750

Lasu school fees for Physiology, Biochemistry is N115,750

  • Lasu school fees and courses for the School of Clinical Sciences N115,750

Lasu school fees for Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry is N115,750

Lasu school fees for part-time

Lagos state university LASU

The Lasu part-time programme was cancelled some years back for the undergraduate programme. Lasu part-time services only cover the two-year diploma. Therefore, to know the school fees, refer to lasu school fees for diploma.

Lasu school fees and acceptance fee

Visitthe LASU New e-payment portal. Navigate to pay via the Lasu acceptance fee portal

Lasu school fees for diploma

Lasu Diploma Programme is eighteen months. Lasu Diploma School Fees is 150,000 for the faculty of sciences. Faculty of Social Science =80,000. Faculty of Management Science = 80, 000. Faculty of Engineering 100,000. Law Student 100,000 for Law Student. Faculty of Education: N100,000

NB: the jupeb examination is paid-for, by the students. Therefore, students are expected to pay N250,000 for the exam.


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