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Top 43 Cultists Slangs and their meaning

by Abbey
cultism in nigeria

cultism in nigeria

According to Wikipedia, a cult is a social group that is defined by its unusual religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs, or by its common interest in a particular personality, object, or goal. And according to the Oxford dictionary, a cult is a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object.

Drawing from these definitions, it can be said that a cult is the gathering of people with the same beliefs, although some of these beliefs can be unusual to most of us.

But history has shown us that 9 out of 10 cults are bad and the members are highly protective of people who come in. We have seen bad things happen over and over because of cultism.

In this article, we are going to list out 43 common slangs among cultists so you can always be aware of the people around you.

1. 411


This means, What’s up? What’s going on

2. Anchor


Give me

3. B40



4. Bella


A female Member of Vikings Confraternity

5. Cramp


catch someone

6. Drive


To tactically collect someone else’s phone and possession

7. Dodorima/ Dodos to you


Praises were given to a particular person based on something he did.

8. Egede


Originally used for the greetings with the clash of forearms

9. H.I.T


When the whole crew is going for an ambush

10. In-Jew


A member of a different Confraternity

11. Iceland


A place a person not who is a member of the confraternity cant enter. Violating this can lead to serious consequences

12. Jew/48


Someone that is not a member of any Confraternity.

13. Jetesin:


To forget about something

14. Jonze


When Someone bleeps up

15. Janet



16. Jollification/ Jolly


Gathering of members for parties and initiation.

17. Kokoma


Concoction drink for initiation of new members

18. L.T


Random chick

19. LP or Elpee


Jolly Song

20. Moronto Mornica


Tomorrow Morning

 21. Manover


To steal

22. Manover RBS


Stolen Money

23. Noron


A person who is not a member of any cult, but cults want to initiate him. this can be done by request or by force.

24. O.V.B


To kill

25. Orientation (OT)


Knowledge about the movement

26. Obembe business


A cultist gathering where they share their monthly dues and allowance

27. Omila Squad


Armed Robbers

28. Odin Ship


when a cult member tells another this, it means to get me a condom. A lady should be very careful when they hear this phrase.

29. Parambu



30. Panama jack


Big Shoe

31. Panama


Where everybody lives freely

32. Ruff sea



33. Strongman


Name given at initiation

34. Safari



35. SK



36. Sink


It means not giving someone what belongs to them.

37. Sticker


This is a code for Cutlass

38. S.M


Personal Girlfriend, the one they can ride for

39. Talasa


To Hit someone till he bleeds

40. Throw Long rope


To seek more Knowledge.

41. Treasure hunting Zone


A location where a cultist can get money, either by begging or by force.

42. Wida You


Use your head

43. Uhuru



Popular cults in Nigeria and the slangs they use

Nigeria has seen numerous mentions and cases of cultism. Below is the list of some of the popular Cults in Nigeria and the slang they use.

Alora slangs and their meaning:

  • Singing songs of Hojas
  • Even in the face of death
  • Never to hang a leg
  • Blood on the high sea

Decoding Alora (Buccaneers Confraternity) Cultist Slangs: Including Other Major Cult Groups and Meaning

Eiye slangs and their meaning:

  • Autocracy
  • Discipline Brotherhood
  • No Friend No Foe
  • Secrecy

Black axe confraternity slangs:

  • Forgiveness is a sin
  • Don’t betray your brother in the hood
  • No fuck ups
  • Obey before complain or Abeyance
  • He who price must pay
  •  The Blackman will be freed with an axe

Buccaneer confraternity slangs and meaning

  • Killing is not ruggedity (231)

Killing is not ruggedity or 231 means that to kill is not good. Graduating is ruggedity means graduating is good.

Cultists Capping

In cultism, no capping means no deceit of any kind to your fellow member. No betrayal, lying, stealing, and no disrespect.

Cultist Orientation

A cultist orientation is an action in which existing members of a confraternity teach potential members their existing ideology and beliefs concerning everything about them.

Cult slang

Questions related to cultist slangs in Nigeria

What is the meaning of Wida you?

The meaning of Wida You is to use your head.

Which Confraternity is the strongest in Nigeria?

The National Associations of SeaLords /Buccaneers Confraternity and the Supreme Eiye Confraternity/Association of Air Lords

What is the meaning of hit in cultism?

It means the crew has been ambushed, or the crew is going for an ambush.

How do I know if my boyfriend is a cultist?

  1. His dress code: Cultists have a particular color they wear, especially when hanging out with friends.
  2. Body Marks: Cult often give marks to all their members, either mostly my razor, fire, knife, or a tattoo.
  3. Bullying: This is one thing that is common across many cults over the ones, the need to show that they have power over someone.
  4. Languages and communication: Cults members have special signs and slang they use to communicate with themselves to shield their intentions from people.
  5. Weapons: Most cult Members are known for carrying some kind of weapon to fight or defend themselves

What are the signs of cultism?

  1. They isolate themselves from people.
  2. members are penalized for leaving
  3. They oppose thoughts that are not in line with what they want.
  4. They have their special doctrines
  5. Seeking absolute loyalty to their leaders
  6. Most may undergo sexual impurity.
  7. Most practice horrific sacrifice


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