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Student wardrobe price in nigeria

by Dan Hunter
student wardrobe price in nigeria

Many people today still regret having to throw away things just because they don’t have enough space. Also, it could look like we won’t have enough space for wardrobe.

These often happen as a result of lack of proper wardrobe planning. Whether you own your own house or you are a student, plannin your wardrobe thoroughly is essential. What size would you need, the space needed as well as the cost of getting the wardrobe are stuff you need to study.

This article examines the various types of wardrobes available for students. The costs of each are also presented. Keep reading!

Student wardrobe

When going for a student wardrobe, you need to put into consideration the factors that are likely to affect the price.

Some of the include:

Wardrobe accessories.

Type of wardrobe – either sliding or swing.

The size.

Labor cost.

Material of wardrobe.

Prices of student wardrobe according to their type

Mobile student portable wardrobe. This wardrobe is very portable. You can carry it with you anywhere you go. It is available at various online marketplaces in Nigeria. You can find good deal on Jumia for as low as N14,000.

Simple student wardrobe. This type of wardrobe is perfect for students. It is a single dorm reinforcement steel frame with cloth to be assembled within.

Wooden clothing wardrobe. This type of wardrobe design goes without bedroom furniture and dressing for students at dorms.

price of foldable wardrobe nigeria

Price of foldable wardrobe in nigeria

A foldable wardrobe in Nigeria is quite affordable. It is a great investment as it doesn’t require further maintenance. Starting from N8,000, you can get a quality one.

Getting a foldable wardrobe is important. With it, you can systematically stores your belongings, accessories, and clothes. When you are not using it, you can wash and keep it.

Foldable wardrobe in Nigeria is great for smaller rooms. If you live in a metro city, be prepared for its pro as well as its cons. Yes, if you live in a compact house where your rooms are smaller, going for a wooden wardrobe can cramp things up. A foldable wardrobe is a perfect fit for small rooms. It is easier to assemble and needs lesser space.

Wooden wardrobe price in nigeria

A typical wooden wardrobe price in Nigeria starts from N20,000.

If it is a wooden mobile wardrobe, it is compatible with almost any room. A portable wooden wardrobe help you increase enhance your storing space – either for your guest room or any other room. Most wooden wardrobes are durable. They are very portable and easy to mount.

Foldable wardrobe price

You can get a high-quality foldable wardrobe in Nigeria for as low as N13,000. It’s that affordable.

Many foldable wardrobs have separate space for storage, plus a curtain to make it convenient.

Those that come with PL plastic kits are useful. They can be reused. They don’t age on time, and they have strong links.

A foldable wardrobe is tough, durable, and easy to clean.

A garment-storage foldable closet is perfect for short-term and long-term storage.

Portable wardrobe price

Portable wardrobes are unique. The have similar features withfoldable wardrobes.

How much does a portable wardrobe costs in Nigeria? With N11,000, a student can purchase a good portable wardrobe in Nigeria.

You don’t need any installation tool when assembling this type of wardrobe. Only few steps of simple instructions are needed to be followed.

A portable wardrobe fits people who desire an extra closet space.

It is very useful for both short-term and long-term storage.

Most of these wardrobes are made with breathable fabrics that are not woven. The are easy to clean and durable.

portable wardrobe price

Student wardrobe designs

There are different designs of student wardrobes that are available in the market today. They are simple beautiful. These student wardrobes are trendy, spacious, and got great doors.

You will always find a wonderful design to choose from.

Plastic wardrobe price in nigeria

Plactic wardrobes are affordable in Nigeria. This kind of wardrobe is very colorful. It is very good for baby clothing, making the journey into motherhood smoother. Take care of your baby’s clothing with this type of wardrobe.

Price of wardrobe

Wardrobes are sol at different prices bases on different factors. The design, size, and material used are key factors that determine the price of a wardrobe.

In Nigeria, a modern folding wardrobe can be purchased for as low as N5,000.

A steel mobile wardrobe can go for N25,000.

Also, student mobile wooden wardrobe can cost N17,000.

A 2-column steel mobile wardrobe goes for at least N15,000.

The price of a wardrobe mobile wardrobe starts from N10,000.

Zip wardrobe prices

Would you like to zip up your wardrobe? Investigating I’m a foldable wardrobe is really a good decision. Apart from the fact that this type of wardrobe is affordable, it also serves different purposes.

Using a zip wardrobe doesn’t require any maintenance. When you are not using it, your can fold and wash it – and it’s easy to wash.

How to set student wardrobe

Setting up or assembling a student wardrobe is simple. It is the same way you set a regular wardrobe.

Follow these steps and you will be fine:

  • Declutter your clothings. This should be done categorically.
  • Empty your closet, then clean it.
  • Create your desired closet space.
  • In segments, store up your clothes.
  • The use of coordinating hangers is helpful.
  • Pack in those thick items – sweaters and the like.
  • Inside the storage box, fold workout clothes, pajamas, and t-shirts.
  • Finally, stack those clothes you use most at eye level.

That’s it!


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