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Arts Courses In Nigeria Universities; A Brief Review.

Arts courses in Nigeria

Courses Arts In Nigeria

Arts courses in Nigeria

Courses are classes offered by schools, universities, or other learning institutions and are regularly taught by industry experts. Students may take courses for professional development, job preparation, or individual enhancement. To learn more, click here.


What are courses in arts?

Arts classes ordinarily focus on a particular artistic expression and include an in-depth study of art hypothesis, history, practice, or technique, among other arts-related themes. Specific strategies and mediums incorporate photography, dance, movement, design, and paint.

Students of the arts may likewise decide to zero in on arts from a specific time, like middle-age art or Roman art.

Students of arts acquire significant skills. With expanded basic reasoning capacity, they might have the option to more analyze and change their reality.

Arts appreciation frequently assists students with comprehension and safeguards a culture’s set of experiences and legacy. Figuring out how to take a gander at the world through an imaginative focal point can enable people to adjust to alters and embrace new perspectives.

Arts courses in Nigeria. A student.

The price of an art course differs depending on the certifications of the instructor, the type of institution offering the course, the length of guidance, and any materials that students may have to buy all alone or as a feature of their educational cost.

Regularly, students can discover classes inside their financial plans.

After examining art, individuals normally have a wide assortment of professions accessible to them. These can incorporate fine craftsman, picture taker, historical center custodian, and display proprietor. Many students also select to dispatch vocations as entrepreneurs and sell their craft either in high-esteem markets or to people.

Graduates with expertise in art history may discover work as teachers in auxiliary or advanced education.

Students might have the option to take courses in arts at junior colleges, universities, studios, or online. Accessibility can change contingent upon the area.

Quest for your program underneath and contact straightforwardly the affirmation office of your preferred school by filling in the number one spot structure.

Art Courses Offered in Nigerian Universities

Arts courses in Nigeria

There are more than 90 art courses in Nigerian universities. You should pick one of these Art courses to learn at the university.

While some students had envisioned what they wish to concentrate on because of some kind of interior or outside impact, some think that it’s hard to pick their preferred Art course.

Presently if it’s not too much trouble, know that these lists of top best Art courses don’t censure different courses or consider them unimportant.

You can decide to examine what you like. I just made these best Art courses accessible to the individuals who think that it’s hard to pick a specific Art course to study.

Mass Communication

This is unquestionably outstanding amongst other art courses to study (Check out the top 11 science course in Nigeria) in Nigerian Universities. Mass communication refers to giving and trading data for a huge scope, and to a wide scope of individuals productively and rapidly.

Students who graduate with a degree in Mass Communication can pursue a profession in news-casting, broadcasting, mass communication, or media management and deals.

Most importantly, students who graduate with a degree in mass communication will at last foster broad communications editorial and technology skills, examination, and relational abilities. Those skills can prove to be useful regardless of whether you end up independently employed.

English Language

The English Language is also one of the best Art courses to concentrate in Nigeria. A graduate of English Language can unhesitatingly go for any of the following position openings:

  • Editor/Editorial Assistant (print, online media organizations)
  • English Language teacher
  • Lecturer 
  • Writer, newscaster/reporter (print, online, radio, TV media)
  • Writer/Author/blogger, etc.

The career choices for English Language graduates are so many, which makes it an intriguing field of study.


Economics is generally considered as a Social Sciences course; nonetheless, because of how Nigerian secondary schools are set up, it’s anything but a course for auxiliary school students presently in art class.

With a BSc or BA in Economics, you can become a monetary analyst, activities analyst, research analyst, information analyst, econometrician/analyst, value analyst, data scientist, monetary analyst, policy analyst, etc.

Literature in English

Literature in English is certainly a standout amongst other art courses offered in Nigerian colleges. A reality to back this up is the adventure Nigerian simpletons like Wole Soyinka and Chinua Achebe have made inside Africa and past.

For the most part, occupations identified with Media and publishing are a solid match for English Literature graduates. Furthermore, individuals who graduate from this intriguing course can seek after a vocation in authorship. As such, they can make money from authoring intriguing books.


Many would argue that Law is by a long shot the best art course offered in Nigerian colleges. It is likewise perhaps the most requesting courses in Nigeria.

In any case, a great many Nigerians apply each year for a chance to examine the law.

Theater Arts

Arts courses in Nigeria. Theatre arts performance.

Theater arts are a department suitable for all carefree people. Besides the pleasant part of the course, the open positions for theater arts graduates are for sure various.

After graduating with a theater arts degree, you can apply a vocation in acting, scriptwriting/coordinating, Broadcasting, Media introducing, and so on With all the previously mentioned vocation choice accessible to theater arts graduates, it’s protected to say it’s extraordinary compared to other arts courses in Nigerian colleges.


Music is beyond question probably the best course arts students can learn at any Nigerian university or polytechnic where it is advertised.

Graduates of Music can seek after a vocation in Music Production, Songwriting, Music Therapy, Record Production, Radio/party DJ, Singing (Vocalist), and so forth

Fine & Applied Art

After graduating from the Department of Fine & Applied Art, you can become a costume designer, fashion designer, interior decorator, painter, etc., depending on what you majored in.

Aside from the job opportunities related to this course, if you have a strong passion for art, then becoming a pro at it will be a thing of profound beauty.

International Relations / Foreign Languages

International relations / foreign languages are hugely underrated courses. Both courses are separate; however, since I was torn in between which one to choose, I decided to include both of them.

Studying International relations or foreign languages like mandarin (Chinese), Spanish, German, Russian, and French can open doors of employment for you at the embassies/consulates.

To see more arts courses offered in Nigeria universities, click here. 

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