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Satin paint Nigeria: All you need to know

by Abbey

Satin pant – wall satin paint

Few paint companies can rival Statin paint currently in the Nigerian market. This because satin paint produces top-notch paints that are highly durable and has received general acceptability. The paint company provides a full range of both interior and exterior painting services needed for commercial, private, and institutional projects.

Their products can be used in churches, offices, private homes. Their craftsmen provide high-quality products and meet your schedule and needs. Hence, the company aims to provide customers with long-lasting paints.

In this post, we shall look at the prices of Satin paint in Nigeria and why the company is one of the fastest rising paint companies in the country.

Production of Satin Paint in Nigeria

Satin paint offers a full range of products in the country. These include Trump sheen, Trump acrylic emulsion, Trump textcoat, Trump marbletrowell, Trump gloss, Trump matt, and industrial coat. Also, the company produces an anti-corrosion system for metal and plastic, fungi and algae resistant paint as well as fire and heat retardant paint.

Satin paint is different from emulsion paints because of the method of production and their texture when you apply them. Satin is simply known as nylon paint. The production process starts with about 200 liters of water. The addition of a small amount of Calgon is essential.

Finally, add liters of titanium dioxide (10 -20). The thickness of its texture is determined by the amount of Nitrosol. Saint paint, ensure that the entire process is done in the best possible way. Hence, they ensure that international standard is maintained.

Prices of Satin paint in Nigeria at the moment

Satin paint has made it clear that it aims to bring color to the life of people by decorating their homes with amazing colors provided by their paints. The company also understands the emotional uplifting effect that color can have on its buyers and communities around the world. We know the essence of painting an object in our lives.

For example, can you imagine driving a colorless car? Ridiculous right! Houses can only look more appealing if they are painted. Similarly, an artist can only create a beautiful portrait if he paints it.

Saint paint has a vast span of quality paint products and they have made some upgrades from what they used to have in the past. The use of modern expertise has brought more innovation to paint making process. Below is the list of Saint paint products and their prices.

Sandtex satin paint

Sandtex Latin paint is a premium product from Satin paint. This product is best suitable for interior use. Therefore, you can use it for your wall or ceiling surfaces. The paint produces a wipe-able finish with its sheen effect.

Also, it has a quick fry feature which means it takes about 2 hours to dry. Also, it takes four hours to dry after re-coating. This paint cost N32,203.

Satin paint

Meyer Wall Satin

This paint provides excellent protection against algae and fungi. It shouldn’t be used on hot surfaces with temperatures above 70°C. It is ecologically friendly and doesn’t produce heat. Also, it dries fast and comes with high scrub resistance.

You can purchase this paint for N31,900.

Satin Trump Silk

This is another high-quality product from Satin Paint. It is perfect for the interior exterior was made from concrete. It comes with shiny and bright colors that improve the appearance of your building.

The paint needs only about 30 minutes to dry. It cost about N33,000.

Fire and Heat Retardant Paint

This type of paint is made for high temperatures. It can withstand extreme temperatures. Hence, it can be used for industrial plants.

It has a touch dry time of four hours maximum and a recoating time of 16 hours maximum. It cost about N44,600 in Nigeria.


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