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Roofing sheets in Nigeriarices [Prices and Types]

by Abbey

Roofing sheets remain one of the most essential parts of your building project. Besides the protection they offer to your building, they also improve the appearance of your house. Hence, you need to pick the right roofing sheet for your building.

Although it is important to get the right roofing sheet, it is equally important to get the type of roofing sheet that fits the kind of house you intend to build. In this article, we will be looking at the type of roofing sheets and the prices of each one of them.

Current prices of roofing sheets in Nigeria

The prices of roofing sheets are determined by their sizes, designs, and quality. Although there are several options to select from when it comes to roofing sheets, you must pick a sheet based on the structure and your desire. They have a unique way of adding beauty to your building.

Below are the type of roofing sheets in the country and their prices.

1. Stone-coated roofing sheets

Stone–coated roofing sheets are well used in urban centers in Nigeria. It combines durability with elegance. It is known as one of the long-lasting roofing sheets in Nigeria.

Stone-coated roofing sheets are a product of steel and other related metal sheets. It is coated with chips from stones attached firmly to ensure the roof is strong, reliable, and beautiful. Different from other roofing sheets in the country because it doesn’t rust.

Hence, the reason it is more expensive than other types of roofing sheets. Below is the list of stone-coated roofing sheets based on the designs.

  • Milano design – 0.55 mm thick cost N3,400 per square meter.
  • Bond design – 0.55 mm thick cost N3,300 per square meter.
  • Roman design – 0.55 mm thick cost N3,400 per square meter.

Advantages of using stone-coated roofing sheets

The major advantage of using stone-coated roofing sheets is their durability. They last twice as long when compared to other roofing sheets. Also, they are soundproof, which means that you want to hear raindrops on your roof when it is raining. Finally, stone-coated roofing sheets are resistant to heat and fire. Hence, you dint have to be afraid that your roof will catch fire easily.

2. Fibre britment roofing sheets

The Fibre britment roofing sheet once ruled the market and was everyone’s favorite at the moment. However, the emergence of stone-coated roofing sheets and aluminum roofing sheets reduced its popularity. The sheet is reliable, rugged, and beautiful as well.

Below is the list of prices for this type of roofing sheet.

  • Fibre britment roofing sheet cost N3,400 for each square meter.
  • Fibre britment step-tile roofing sheet cost N4,900 for each square meter.

Advantages of fibre britment roofing sheet

This roofing sheet is reliable, which means it can last for a long time. However, it has a shorter life span than the stone-coated one’s. Also, they are designed creatively, hence they can add beauty to your structures.

3. Aluminum roofing sheets

Here is another popular roofing sheet in the Nigerian market. Although they are very popular, they are not as durable as the stone-coated roofing sheets as they are capable of rusting after a while. This doesn’t lessen its quality in any way.

It remains one of the best roofing sheets around. Most dealers of these sheets promise 50 years of usage. The only major disadvantage of using aluminum roofing sheets is the noise it makes.

Below are the prices of aluminum sheets in Nigeria.

  • Long span aluminum cost N2, 100 for each meter.
  • Step-tile aluminum sheet cost N2,400 for each meter.

Important things you need to know before buying a roofing sheet in Nigeria

The first thing you need to know about roofing sheets is that the woodwork for each type of sheet differs. The stone-coated roofing sheet needs close-fixing of the wooden framework. Hence, you will spend more on woodwork if you want to use stone-coated sheets.

There are various forms of step-tile aluminum and stone-coated roofing sheets and quality levels available in Nigeria.


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