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Stone coated roofing sheet in nigeria

by Dan Hunter

Gradually, your dream is coming into reality. You are finally at the stage to roof your new house. Congratulations!

Before you head on to the market to buy your roofing sheet, there are certain things you need to know.

In the building market today, there are different kinds of roofing sheets to choose from. Sure, they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Today, we shall be focusing on the stone-coated roofing sheet in Nigeria. The types and prices are analysed.

Stone coated roofing sheet in nigeria

A stone-coated roof is a steel of superior durability. It does not split, break, curl or absorb moisture when compared to other roofing material.

The performance of this roofing sheet does not diminish with age; rather it lasts for decades, providing good performance for year. One good thing about the stone coated roofing sheet is that it requires minimal maintenance.

Also known as Metal Roof, the sheet is made from steel, coated with chips of stone. These stone chips are mixed to the steel by using an acrylic film. If you seek for the aesthetic benefits of using a traditional roofing material, this is a real deal for you.

stone coated aluminum roofing sheet in nigeria

Best stone coated roofing sheet in nigeria

With stone coated roofing sheets, natural disasters like fire, hails, or
strong wind are more under control. That’s what they were designed for,
strength and durability.

Many people get it wrong by thinking that this roofing sheet (having metal in it) will get hot and cause too much heat on sunny days. This is not so. Stone-coated roofing sheets reflect the heat from the sun BUT doesn’t absorb the heat. That’s another reason why this type of roofing sheet is different from the rest.

Stone coated aluminum roofing sheet in nigeria

Stone-coated aluminum roofing sheet has many benefits. It is durable and very strong. It is very easy to install, and prevents users from natural disasters. What’s more? Stone coated roofing sheets conserves energy and they look very appealing.

These roofing sheets are produced from steel or other metal sheets. Coated with chips from stones fixed on the acrylic, they remain stronger even when fire disaster occurs.

Stone coated step tiles roofing sheet in nigeria

How much does stone coated roofing sheets in Nigeria?

The price varies. It depends on the thickness, size, and design.

Approximately, a sheet of 0.45mm thickness it is sold for N1,700 per square meter.

For a 0.55mm thickness, it is N2,000 per square meter.

These light-wighted sheets are easy to bend and installing them doesn’t require too much effort.

You will always get good quality stone coated roofing sheets and step-tile aluminum sheets from different brands.

Cost of stone coated roofing sheet in nigeria

The cost of the Stone coated roof depends on the design and it’s thickness.

The average price in Nigeria is around N2,300.

how much is stone coated roofing sheet in nigeria

How much is stone coated roofing sheet in nigeria

As a high quality roofing sheet, the stone coated sheet is affordable.

It doesn’t rust as it is protected from corrosion. There are layers if polymer and metallic costs on these sheets, so corrosion won’t come easy.

The prices of stone coated sheet vary.

Types of stone coated roofing sheet

Stone coated roofing sheets have different designs and patterns you can choose from.

They come in different styles, colors, and designs. You pick one you feel would fit the taste of your building.

Classic stone coated roofing tiles

The classic stone coated roofing tiles may look like the traditional shingles. That’s classic, and it delivers the strength and durability of metal.

These tiles and sheets are finished using a very thick layer of stone. That’s gives it a permanent adhere to the main surface, and gives it a cool, classical look.

Stone coated roofing tiles prices in nigeria 2020

It was during the second world war that the stone coated roofing sheet format was first discovered. This waswhen tar and sand were commonly use for covering galvanized steel bunkers.

When the world war ended,the idea of using what we now know as the stone-coated sheet was commercialized. That was whe the first roofing sheets were launched.

For over fifty years, this type of roof has been used for protecting buildings. But what we have today, via technology, wasn’t able to capture its full originality. There have been advancements with the coating procedures.

How can I know a good stone coated roofing sheet?

This is is very important. There are different counterfeit when it comes to the types of stone coated sheets.

In order to buy a quality one, first confirm the name of the distributor and manufacturer. Also check the ISO number inscribed on it. You can also examine the back of the sheet. Of you can’t find these information, or could be a fake product.


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