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Netflix Nigeria [Your one-stop Guide]

by Abbey
netflix nigeria

Netflix Nigeria is an online streaming service company that offers a wide range of TV shows, documentaries, anime, cartoons on any device with an internet connection.

Subscribes on Netflix Nigeria are allowed to watch as many videos as they want without having to view any advert or commercials. In this article, I will be sharing on how to get Netflix Nigeria, their subscriptions plans and lots more.

Netflix Nigeria

How to get Netflix in Nigeria

Since the commencement of operations in Nigeria, Netflix Nigeria has grown to be the perfect destination for movies lovers. However, you can only watch movies on Netflix Nigeria using their official app from either the Google play store or the Apple iOS store.

Here is a step by step guide on how to get Netflix in Nigeria

  1. Sign up on Netflix Nigeria using their official website here.
  2. Download the Netflix Nigeria app from the Google Play store or the Apple app store.
  3. Select the Free month option on the app
  4. Choose any of the three unique Netflix Nigeria plans of your choice.
  5. Input your payment details afterwards.
  6. Complete the registration by clicking on the ‘‘Start Membership’’ icon.

With the steps listed above, you will be able to connect with Netflix Nigeria on your phone, laptops, tablets, and others.

Netflix subscription in Nigeria

Netflix Nigeria has three different subscription plans that their customers can choose from. The three subscription plans include the Basic plan, the Standard plan and the Premium plan.

However, the different plans come with its unique features such as the number of screens you can watch on at the same time, HD features and also the availability of the Ultra HD option.

How much is Netflix subscription in Nigeria

Each of the Netflix Nigeria subscription plans has their different prices. The Basic plan costs $7.99 (₦2900), the Standard plan costs $9.99 (₦3600.00), while the Premium plan costs $11.99 (₦4400.00).

netflix nigeria

PS: the prices of the subscription in naira was calculated at the current naira to the dollar exchange rate of $1 to ₦390.00 (21/05/2020)

Netflix subscription Nigeria

Netflix subscription Nigeria has three different plans. The various plans have their distinctive features. The Netflix Nigeria subscription plans and their features are as follows:

1. Basic Plan

Price: $7.99(₦2900.00) per month


  • The Basic plan can only allow streaming on one device at a particular time.
  • Also, streaming in HD or Ultra HD is not allowed.
  • Unlimited movies and TV shows
  • You can watch movies using an internet-enabled device

2. Standard Plan

Price: $9.99 (₦3600) per month


  • Subscribers on this plan can stream on two devices at the same time.
  • With this plan, streaming of movies in HD is allowed.
  • Unlimited movies and TV shows
  • You can watch movies using an internet-enabled device

3. Premium Plan

Price: $11.99 (₦4400.00) per month


  • You can stream on four different devices (screens) at the same time
  • Streaming of movies and TV shows in HD and Ultra HD is allowed
  • Unlimited movies and TV shows
  • You can watch movies using an internet-enabled device

Netflix Nigeria office

Netflix Nigeria has no physical office in Nigeria yet, but you contact them using their official website or through their app.

Also, the Netflix Nigeria has an official account on twitter @NetflixNaija

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