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GOtv Africa [customer care, error codes, payments, and activation]

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Eazy GOtv Africa

You can now easily manage your subscription online. Eazy Gotv Africa is the way to go. Save time, manage all your GOtv subscriptions online.

You don’t need to visit any office to do this, no long queues anymore – use the Eazy self service in your comfort zone.

GOtv Africa customer care

If you wish to contact the GOtv Africa customers care for any complaint or inquiry, kindly call them via: +254711066000 (Kenya). +2349062974474 (Nigeria).

Physical Address: Multichoice Keny Ltd., First Floor, Sarit Centre, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

You can also send email to:

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GOtv Africa Login

For you to login to GOtv Africa, you first need to sign up at the GOtv official website here. Now to login, use the details you used to subscribe to GOtv in the first place. Login and enjoy the fun!

Gotv Africa clear error code

To clear error code on Gotvt Africa is simple. Just open any of your internet browser and head to GOtv’s official website: When you are on the page, click on “Easy self service”. Click on “Clear Error Code”. Now type in your IUC number, then select GOTVE16.

Now, you may need to type in a Captcha code – for verification purpose. Again, make sure that tourt decided is turned on when you are clearing error codes.

Next, input your information to clear the error.

Most often, the errors usually occur when a user forget to renew his/her subscription plan before an expiring day. Yes, some people like to wait till expiration before they renew their subscription – this is what cause error codes on the TV screen. But there are other errors that is different from this. Errors like the E48-32 appears when the position of the antenna for the decoder is changed.

To Clear Error Code on GOtv E016 Error Message

Follow the steps below:

  • First, open the message box of the decoder.
  • Now, you will do a SMS texting. Just send “Reset IUC Number” to 4688. For example, RESET 5578123547 to 4688.
  • Your problem would be solved with this action.

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To Clear Error Code on GOTV E48-32 Error Message

Do these if you want to clear E48-32 error message on your GOtv:

  •  First of all, make sure your antenna is well connected to the decoder. This is important.
  • Next, press the “Ok” button. This will give you the signal information.
  • Now, dive to “Menu” then select Advanced. Tap on “Installation”. Choose Auto Scan.
  • By now, channel 48 and 52 should come up if this error is not a general issue from GOtv.
  • Upon the end of the auto scan, channel 99 should show up. If it does not appear, a recan is needed – so that you can access all those channels you subscribed to.

Gotv Africa Payment

There are different methods of making payments for your GOtv subscriptions, either online or offline.

With the help of technical advancement, you can be manage all your GOtv subscriptions online – no more you having to spend some minutes or hour on long queues. Thanks to Eazy self-service. You can now make your GOtv payment, from the comfort of your room.

It’s easy to use this self service innovation. In fact, it’s not only make it possible and easy to pay for your own subscription, you can also help another person pay theirs – your friends or family. Anywhere you are (in Africa), you can use GOtv Eazy self-service, location is not a barrier

Now to the offline GOtv payment. Whenever you want to subscribe to your GOtv package, you can visit any Multichoice Africa branch close to you.

Which ever way you want, there are different methods of payment that you can be comfortable with. Different options are available in your country.

Gotv Africa sign in

  • You can sign in to GOtv Africa at:
  • Ensure that you use those details you used when you initially subscribed to GOtv.
  • Sign in with the link above to view your account and account status, anytime.

gotv africa channels

Gotv Africa official website

Would you like to get the latest information regarding offers and promos from GOtv Africa? Maybe you want to manage your GOtv account online also, and do other activities like paying for subscription, upgrading packages and many more.

Well, GOtv Africa’s official website is the perfect place to do just that. It’s like a all-in-one pack.

Visit today.

Easy Gotv Africa/activation

Do you know you can easily activate your GOtv subscriptions online? Yes, it is possible.

With the Eazy self service, you can do just this, and many more.

Are you new to GOtv? Then you need to first activate your account before you can start watching.

Visit this link to activate to: When you get there, simply follow the simple instructions.

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