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GoTV Lite Channel List, Price, and Packages

by Abbey

Satelite television has seen a significant rise in recent times in Nigeria. The decline in the quality of programs shown by local television stations has made many Nigerians ditch them. GOtv is among the leading forces in satellite television in Nigeria. It is the cheapest and most affordable bouquet in the country.

DSTV Multichoice owns it. The price of these GOtv new packages will surely amaze you. If you are looking for the cheapest GOtv bouquet in terms of cost, you should go for GOtv Lite packages.

You will receive 23 excellent channels, all in high-definition pictures. These channels are separated into entertainment, sports, and four indigenous channels. Also, the cost of a subscription of four hundred naira per month is highly affordable.

Since the cost is cheap, you can decide on a year’s or quarterly subscription. The yearly price of GOtv lite is #3,180, and it cost #1,080 for quarterly payment.  If you want to pay monthly, it will cost you #410.

You can pay for your subscriptions online. For more information, you can quickly contact GoTV Nigeria online on their customer service platforms which include – GoTV Nigeria Email: dstv@nigeria.multichoice.co.za.

GoTV exists in Nigeria and other African nations such as Ghana, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, and Kenya. It is the only alternative to DSTV, which uses the DVB-T2 technology. It is a novel digital terrestrial broadcast technology that enhances the clarity of channels.

Currently, GoTV Nigeria is the fastest-growing pay-TV in the country, with packages that have made other pay-TV in Nigeria sit up and provide cheap plans and affordable recorder prices. In this post, we shall consider the cost of purchasing the g GoTV lite package, the price of the subscription, the d channel list.

New customers are advised to buy the GoTV starter pack from them the authorized dealer closest to them. The advantage of this step, it will make it easier for you to ask for help in installing it. You can use the shortcode 4688 on your phone to know the closest authorized GoTV dealer near you.

Alternatively, you can use *2881# in Nigeria to do the same thing.

Cost of GoTV starter pack

The GoTV starter pack comprises of GOtenna and a month subscription plus decoder cost #7,700 only. It is important to note that you can set up your GoTV by requesting such service when you purchased the decoder from.

If you can’t pay for installation, you can do it by yourself, following the ” how-to guide” inside the pack.

After installing the decoder, you can enjoy the initial subscription. You only need to subscribe to new package immediately after your subscription expires. There are many ways to purchase your GoTV lite plan. You can select an authorized outlet and pay there. Also, you can make your payments using an online platform.


Full List of GOtv Lite Channels

  • Afro Music Pop
  • Al Jazeera
  • TV
  • Faith
  • Islam channel
  • JimJam
  • AIT
  • LTV
  • MITT
  • ONTV Max
  • TVC Entertainment
  • TVC News Nigeria
  • Channels
  • Tribe TV
  • STV
  • Wazobia TV
  • Galaxy TV
  • NTA
  • RAVE
  • Silverbird
  • SuperSport Blitz
  • TVC Entertainment
  • TVC News
  • WAP

Other GoTV packages include:

GoTV Max – #3,600

GoTV Jinja – #1,640


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