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Verified Steps to Clear GoTV error Codes

by Abbey

You may erase Gotv problems with a simple text message when your GOtv decoder is turned on and your subscription is current.

Simply send a message to 4688 in the manner shown below using the phone number you used to purchase your GOtv bundle.

Send the message RESET IUC NUMBER to 4688.

Send RESET 2003029600 to 4688 (where 2003029600 is your IUC Number)

On the red sticker under your GOtv decoder, you’ll see your IUC number.

Another option is to go to http://eazy.gotvafrica.com/wap/. Here you can choose your country, and then click the “clear error code” link.  You’ll be prompted to log in, then choose the specific problem that appears on your screen and click the clear option.

The mistake should be fixed right away.

If your GOtv subscription has not yet been activated after you subscribed/renewed/just paid, please wait at least 2 hours and send the following sms to your cell phone:

RESET UIC to 4688.

Send RESET 123456789 to 4688 if your IUC number is 123456789.

When sending the code, make sure your decoder is switched on. The service would be resumed right away.


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