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Catering services in Nigeria [The top 5]

by Abbey

One of the most lucrative business in Nigeria currently is that of catering services. It has developed in a multi-million industry over the years. The word ‘‘catering’’ is derived from ‘‘cater’’ which means to serve. It’s largely associated with the service of food & beverage to the customer & has a deep relation with hotel & tourism. Catering entails the business of providing food and drinks, typically at social events and in a professional capacity either on-site or at a remote location. 

In this article, I would be writing on the catering services industry in Nigeria, its background, tips on how to choose the perfect catering service logo and my top 5 catering services company in Lagos.

Background information on catering services in Nigeria. 

It’s impossible to talk about the catering industry in Nigeria without mentioning Mr Roberts Forth of the Nigerian Railway Caterers. He started the catering services industry on Nigerian railway cabins consisting basically of restaurant and bar.

However, he didn’t run these services for an extended period as the Nigerian railway took over the organisation and registered it as a limited liability company. It was however sold to the Nigerian UAC and subsequently GBOLIVANT Company. In 1946, the name was changed from ‘‘Railway Caterers’’ to ‘‘Nigerian Hotel Limited’’. Ever since the industry has experienced a whole lot of changes as we have seen the rise of so many top-ranked hotels as well as exquisite catering servicing industries. 

How to get the perfect catering services logo

Having an exceptional culinary skills, creativity and poise under pressure is not all that is required in becoming one of the leading catering service company in Nigeria; you also need exceptional branding. 

A beautiful logo is the first requirement. It’s the foundational step in a branding strategy and widely considered as the most critical branding investment a catering service business can make. 

Choose a classy logo, with a style that speaks to the business audience you are targeting. Your logo must talk about your niche; it’s important that your logo speak of your type of cuisine and events you specialize in. This will set you apart from companies who don’t have a brand identity. Also make sure you use the right and harmonious colour combination when outsourcing your logo jobs.

Top 5 catering services companies in Lagos and how to contact them 

Usually getting the best catering service company is actually very hard in Lagos (See the top delivery services you can use to deliver your food in Lagos), so in this section of the article, I will be sharing with you our well-researched list of top 5 catering companies in Nigeria in no order. 

1. Africa Catering Nigeria Ltd

Africa Catering Nigeria is regarded as one of the topmost catering and hospitality services providers in the entire Nigeria. Its office in Lagos is located at Dolphin Estate in Ikoyi, Lagos. 

According to reports, the company has employed over 1820 team members and has a customer base of over 7000 people which they serve daily. 

Africa Catering Nigeria, is well known for their remote site catering services, has offices in 40 different location in Nigeria. 

Contact Number: 08171593084

2. Hamptons Catering Services

Recognized as one of the catering service firms with excellent service delivery, Hamptons easily makes the list as one of the top catering companies in the country. 

Also, they have a high reputation among their customers as their reviews shows their satisfaction of the services rendered to them. 

Hamptons catering services is located in Dolphin Estate, Lagos, and they are known for their top-notch and excellent service. 

Contact Number: 08060493522

3. Grubbix Catering Services

Grubbix Catering Service is regarded as the best culinary service provider with the vision to make corporate catering and events perfect, glamorous for its client. They deal majorly in beverages, confectionery, drinks and in offering cocktails

It’s located at 26, Aje Street, Sabo Yaba, Lagos Mainland, Lagos

Contact Number: 08034041080

4. Astoria Caterers

Astoria caterers was established in 1983 when it started as an outfit which was providing indoor catering services but has grown to be a major stakeholder in the catering services industries in Nigeria. 

Located on Toyin Street in Lagos, Astoria caterers is your plug for any catering related businesses. 

Contact Number: 08034713017

5. Wine & Gold Services

Wine & Gold is Lagos leading catering service company but with high popularity amongst major cities in the country. It can boost of over 150 staffs and make an annual turnover of over 400 million naira.

They provide the following types of services:

  • Barbeque Parties
  • Executive Banquets
  • Specialty Catering
  • Complete Party and
  • Entertainment Packages 

It also has a culinary institute where students from around the world are taught the art of cooking. 

Contact Number: 08033078238


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