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All GTBank related codes for transfer, swift & sort codes, BVN, Loans and more.

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The recent trend in technology has led to a large disruption in financial institutions dealings with many operations being set up to improve the ease of banking. One of these operations is the transfer code of banks in Nigeria. Additionally, one of the major banks in terms of customer size and diversity is Guaranty Trust bank. The GTBank transfer code was set up to ensure their customers can transfer varying amounts to different beneficiary at the comfort of their homes.

GTBank transfer code: What do you need to know about this

The GTBank transfer code operates via an Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) which is a communication protocol designed for cellular networks to relay information to the service admin. The GTBank transfer code is *737*, it allows gtb account holders to transfer funds to other gtb and other bank beneficiaries. Notably, the GTBank transfer code does not need the internet to function effectively.

  • To initiate a transfer to a GTBank account using the GTBank transfer code: dial *737*1*amount*NUBAN Account no#, you are requested to confirm this transaction by pressing your 4 digits secret PIN.
  • To Initiate a transfer to another bank asides GTBank using the USSD code: Dial *737*2*amount*NUBAN Account No#, you are required to complete the transaction with your four digits *737* PIN.

It is also important to note that, this service is free, however, there are regulatory policies that cause a little transaction charge to be deducted from your account. This is in line with the directives of the Central Bank of Nigeria. The transfer code supports transactions to all banks in Nigeria.


GTBank swift code

The GTBank swift code is basically used to transfer money from one bank to another, it is majorly utilized when performing an International transaction. It is set up to enhance wire transfers and create originality when sending money to banks internationally. More so, banks use this swift code to exchange messages and other information between them. Notably, the swift code Lagos, the swift code Abuja and other locations remain the same as it is peculiar to banks and not branches. The swift code for GTBank is GTBINLA.

GTBank sort code

A sort code is a code that identifies the bank and branch an account is domiciled. It is a peculiar code that is developed for all banks and branches and no two banks or branches can share one sort code. The sort code is a 9-digit number that has its first 3 digits representing the bank’s code, the last 5 digits tell the branch and the singular digit between them represents the location. Below is a link to the document that contains all the GTBank branches in Nigeria and their respective sort codes. Download your complete and authentic sort codes right here.


GTBank BVN code: how to check

The Bank verification number, popularly called by its acronym “BVN” was implemented by the central bank of Nigeria, to eradicate cases of fraud and bank theft in Nigeria that had been on the rise. It is a peculiar code that is linked to an individual’s fingerprint and a facial photograph. Furthermore, it is important to note that no matter the number of domiciliary account you have, opened in Nigerian banks, only one BVN is linked to all.

  • To check GTBank linked BVN: Dial *737*6*1# on the mobile number that is linked with your GT account and the BVN will pop up on your screen within seconds.

GTBank recharge code

To recharge your mobile on the GTBank USSD service is quite easy and stress-free. All that is needed is for you to dial *737#, choose airtime and decide if you are buying for self or a 3rd party. When buying for self, you are required to only input the amount and your transaction PIN. On the other hand, when buying for a third party, you are required to input the mobile number of that individual, afterwards, press the amount and confirm with your transaction PIN.

GTBank quick loan code

To access a quick loan through USSD with GTBank,  Dial *737*51*51# to request for quick credit. However, you are asked to answer some questions before your loan is granted. You can borrow up to N1million for a non-salary account and N5million for a salary account. This loan has no collateral.


GTBank salary advance

GTBank salary advance is a loan that enables a salary account holder to borrow up to 50% of his expected monthly income upfront through their mobile. This loan comes without collateral and the borrower must have a minimum salary of N25k for the public sector and N50k for the private sector.

  • To access the gtbank salary advance: dial *737*8*2# and you will be asked to choose an amount that is within your eligibility.

GTBank account balance: code to check

To check account balance on gtbank mobile USSD: Dial *737*6*1#


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