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Wema bank mobile app. A quick guide.

by Dan Hunter
wema bank mobile app

The mobile app of Wema bank (ALAT) is the first full digital bank in Nigeria. The app was designed to help customers manage their money easily. With it, you can save, and also scheduled several transfers. There are so many things you can do with Wem bank mobile app.

Keep reading to find out more about this innovative banking app.

Wema bank mobile app

As one of the top mobile banking app in Nigeria, the Wema bank mobile app gives you full access to your accounts.

The digital banking app helps you automate the payment of your bills. Saving and transferring funds from your bank to another also becomes so easy. Whats more? You will to receive your bank card in any location. Apply for some no-collateral loans from the comfort of your home. The mobile banking app also gives you access to several saving options – you don’t need to visit the bank before opening an account. Also, there is no hidden charges for using the app.

Wema bank mobile app download

You can download the Wema mobile app on your Android phone from GooglePlay store. For iPhone, download it on iOS App store.

You can simply sign up on ALAT if you already have an account with Wema bank. Then follow the steps provided.

Wema bank mobile app apk download

Would you like to download alat by wema bank apk? You can get and intstall the Wema Mobile App Apk 1.0 via your Android phone. Download either the old or new versions at Wema Bank Mobile App Apk.

Wema bank mobile apk download

You can download Wema bank’s award-winning app (ALAT) at Apple store and Google Play Store.

How to use wema bank mobile app

how to use wema bank mobile app

Here is how to use the Wema bank mobile app.

First dial *945# from the phone number you linked with the mobile banking account. From here, follow the simple instructions that follows – depending on the action you want to perform on it.

If you want to request for loan, ensure that your account is upgraded. Upload photos of your identity cards (national ID card, international passport, or driver’s license). Also, a photograph of an utility bill with your address on it will be needed.

How to register wema bank mobile app

The registration for the Wema bank mobile app is simple.

Follow the steps below:

Download the app (ALAT) and install it on your phone.

Now open it and tap on the ‘Register’ option.

Fill in the necessary fields and submit.

Next, request for your token. Pick up the token at any branch close to you.

Does wema bank have a mobile app

Yes, Wema bank have their own mobile app. In fact, it is one of the best banking apps in Nigeria, and Africa.

With the mobile app, you have easy and exclusive access to your Wema bank account. No need to stress yourself joining the line in the banking all for every transactions.

Just download and install the Wema bank mobile app on your phone. Link it to your bank account and begin enjoying smart banking.

Wema bank internet banking

The internet banking service offered by Wema bank is unique. ALAT (Wema bank’s mobile app) will help you simplify your banking experience. It saves you a lot of time and energy. With it, you can automate your savings. With it, you can schedule the payment of your bills. What’s more, it allows you wwithdraw money through any ATM – without any debit card.

Wema bank transfer code

Would you like to transfer funds from your Wema bank with the USSD code? Here are the codes:

To transfer money from your Wema bank account to other banks, dial *945*AccountNumber*amount# on your phone. Follow the iinstructions.

To transfer airtime to others, dial *945*PhoneNumber*amount#.

For airtime (self), dial *945*amount#.

Wema bank customer care

If you have questions regarding your Wema bank account or other services provided by the bank, you can always get in touch with their customer care on phone. Call 08039003700 or send an email to purpleconnect@wemabank.com.

Wema bank account

To open a Wema bank account, simply walk into any Wema bank branch close to you.

No branch around you? No worries. You can register straight from your phone. Simply dial *945*1#. The instructions that follow are easy to understand. Just complete the registration process.

Wema bank alat

wema bank alat

ALAT is a banking innovation by Wema bank. It saves you time and efford. And also simplify the opening and management of your accounts with the bank. It is a do-it-yourself mobile banking innovation. With ALAT, you can automate your banking, including your savings. Use it to pay your bills on time. You can also schedule the payments. There are many cool stuff you can do with Wema bank ALAT.

Wema bank online chat

You can also chat with Wema bank online. Start a new chat with an agent, use Wema Bank Online Chat.


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