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Watson doors. Things you need to know about quality doors

by Dan Hunter
watson doors

Watson doors

The Watson doors in Nigeria is focuses mostly on stainless steel doors, security steel doors, and indoor steel-wooden doors development, research, production, sales an services as a dynamic enterprise. The New-Watson Door Industry company was erected on an area covering up to 8 hectares. It is well equipped with advanced technology and tools that meet international standards.

The management staff at New-Watson Door Industry are very hard working, innovative, and determined. The same is true of all workers in this company.

IS09001:2000 is the management system of production strictly followed by the New-Watson Door Industry. It’s of international standard. The company’s business philosophy is – developing good quality base, using innovation to expand the market, and winning more customers in good faith.

It keeps improving on its technological content, strengthening its technical input, and committed to exploring the international market. With Watson Doors, a perfect, magnificent, and warm home is assured for you.

With a focus on details, each product in built on quality. Their pproducts are strong and durable. They have good reputation, locally and internationally in the door industry/market.

On principles of cooperation, creating better secured homes, and mutual benefits, the company keeps increasing its customer base.

For New-Watson Door, customer is king. It’s a win-win deal with them and the their customers.

Watson doors mccall

Watson doors are strong, reliable, and durable. It has different kinds of doors and gates well suitable for your homes and offices.

Watson door address

Registered and incorporated on August 2016, New-Watson Doors Industry Ltd. is located in Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. Its Registration Number is 1352376.

Watson doors’ registered office is in Edo State, Nigeria – at Obagie Community, Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area, By-pass Sapele Road, Benin City, Edo State.

Email address: newwatsondoors@gmail.com.

Phone numbers: 08155569999 or 07057366666.

John watson doors

The John Watson Doors is a family-owned business. It was established in 1973 at County Durham, UK.

Since its inception, the door company has been a key national supplier and mmanufacturer of both external and internal timber fire, non-fire and security doors, as well as doorsets.

New watson doors

new watson doors

New Watson Doors is committed to different kinds of doors such as stainless steel doors, indoor steel-wooden doors, and security steel doors. It deals with the research, development, manufacturing, sservicing, and sales of such doors.

For some good quality, Watson-time entrance doors for royal castle, with some maximum security and great designs, New Watson Doors are perfect match.

Watson-time doors price in nigeria

Watson-time doors in Nigeria are strong and reliable. They are among to the best quality doors that are also durable.

The security doors are available across the nation at affordable prices. Prices of doors do vary – from N36,000 and above.

Watson garage doors

Do you need for some special garage doors that are strong and reliable? Watson Garage Doors are perfect for your need.

These garage doors come with different types and materials, you make your choice. They include:

  • Roll-up garage doors.
  • Wood composite garage doors.
  • Wooden garage doors.
  • Steel garage doors.
  • Glass garage doors.
  • Sectional garage doors.
  • Aluminum garage doors.
  • Fiberglass garage doors.

Watson time doors abuja

Among the top-quality products by New-Watson Doors Industry Limited are the Watson-time doors.

The doors are strong and affordable. You can get these high-quality security doors from the company’s Abuja office.

Watson security doors

watson security doors

Today, security doors are in high demand in Nigeria. Many now prefer them to the old-fashioned wooden doors. For new buildings, many now want a more ssecured and strong doors/gates, especially for back and front doors.

Apart from security, some modern security doors like the Watson Security Doors are built with aesthetic finishing surfaces which gives them good appearances perfect for all buildings

While some manufacturers make them in high-quality painted with blended color combo, some make it transparent.

For best quality security doors for your new building, you can’t go wrong choosing the Watson Security Doors.

Prices of watson doors in nigeria

Prices for the Watson Doors in Nigeria are quite affordable considering the values you will get.

In most cases, the features of the doors or gates will determine the price.

Also, the location matters. This is because of the cost of transportation. Prices can vary from state to state.

Finally, the dealers involved can also affect the price of these doors – whether they are retailers or wholesalers.

New watson door industry abuja

New Waton Door Industry also has an office in Abuja.

You can call 07057366666 or 08155569999.

Official website: http://www.new-watson.com/wap/index.asp.


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