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Water closet toilet price in nigeria

by Dan Hunter
water closet toilet price in nigeria

Having good toilet seats is important in any type of building or company. Although, Water Closets are delicate to carry, installing one in a bathroom, office setting, or any building is still basic. People need to ease themselves, and feel comfortable privately.

It is advisable that people buy original toilet seats that are strong and durable. They will last long compare to the cheaper WCs that can be risky to those seating on it – they are more fragile. While there are various types, designs, colours, and sizes of toilets, interested individual buyers or office owners with a standard bathroom will want a water closet that flushes properly without the need to fill the blush bucket manually.

This article focuses on the prices of Water Closets in Nigeria. Keep reading.

Twyford water closet price in nigeria

twyford wash hand basin price in nigeria

Twyford Water Closets are strong and reliable. The seats are clean and the built is environmental friendly.

The toilet seats and wash hand basins from this brand are what will give more comfort in your rest room. They are sensational and sparkling white. Twyford WCs are very easy to flush – they are built with reliable and strong flow master system. And their seats are designed to help you relax while using them.

What’s more about this brand’s Water Closets? They are very affordable. Price starts from N35,000, depending on the design and size.

Here are few of the prices for WCs and other sanitary wares made by Twyford:

Twyford bathtub – Price starts from N35,000.

England Twyford Water Closet Set 2 – This costs at least N95,000.

A Close Couple Water Closet with only seat goes for N29,000.

Twyford’s Water Closets are one of the best and reliable in Nigeria. If you need affordable as well as quality wares for your toilet and bathroom, you can’t go wrong with a product from Twyford.

Price of toilet sink in nigeria

There are different types of toilet sinks in the market.

They include:

  • Pressure assisted toilets.
  • Up flush toilet.
  • Dual-flush toilet.
  • Gravity-flush toilet.
  • Portable toilets.
  • Composting toilet.
  • Double cyclone flush.
  • Waterless “Dry Sanitation” toilet.

Also below are the prices of toilet seats/sinks (as of March 2020) according to their brands:

  • Nismad WC seats price: N50, 000 to N75, 000.
  • Sweethome WC seats price: N50, 000 to N75, 000.
  • A & S WC seats price: N50, 000 to N60, 000.

Twyford wash hand basin price in nigeria

Twyford has varieties of quality toilet and bathroom products. The brand is currently one of the most reliable sanitary wares and fittings in Nigeria.

Its wash hand basin is sensational, it is sparkling white, and helps you enjoy your rest room(s). It is strong, durable, and reliable. This wash hand basin was designed with good ceramic, white, pedestal stand.

You can find good deals on Jumia, at different affordable prices.

Water closet price jumia

When you visit Jumia’s official website and search for water closet, you will find them in hundreds. Get good deals at affordable prices at Jumia.

Squat toilet price in nigeria

squat toilet price in nigeria

Squat toilets are often found in public toilets. They are easier to clean and it is usually more preferred for public use.

However, this type of toilet is still great as household toilet. Squat toilets also come in variety, yet most still have toilet pans/bowls – usually at floor level.

You can get a squat toilet in Nigeria markets for as low as N8,000.

Twyford nigeria

Twyford bathroom and toilet equipments are great products. They are mostly manufactured with ceramics.

To get quality bathroom wares and fittings by Twyford in Nigeria, contact G.Fairlyne Venture (Nigeria) Limited. Here, you will get quality Twyford bathroom ceramics and other accessories at affordable prices. The distributor is located in Lagos, Nigeria.

Sweet home wc price in nigeria

In Nigeria, the cost of Sweet Home’s Water Closet is quite affordable. Prices begin at N30, 000. For more classic types, it is higher in price.

Price of toilet seat

Seat toilets are available in different shapes, types, and sizes. In most Nigerian sanitary ware markets, price is from N2, 500.


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