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GTBank swift code/BIC [Your authentic guide]

by Abbey
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Today, various banks exist around the world. From country to country, different banks are set up in almost all localities. For this reason,  a need for interbank transaction arises every day and even cross border transactions between various banks. These interbank transactions can be a long process depending on the nature of transfer and some other financial policies. Through this, there’s a need to establish a common ground that will help the bank to identify and swiftly send messages between themselves seamlessly. This brought about the development of the swift code.

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GTBank swift code

The GTBank swift/bic code is used to transfer money and pass messages from one bank to another, and it is majorly utilized when performing an International transaction. It is set up to enhance wire transfers and create originality when sending money to banks internationally. More so, banks use this swift code to exchange messages and other information between them. That said, all banks have a unique swift code, and it is essential to note that there is nothing like a gtbank domiciliary account swift code or gtbank swift code Lagos, Ibadan, Abeokuta or any other state or city.

Mores so, if you intend to carry out an international transfer from a bank in Kano or Osogbo, the swift code remains unchanged even with a foreign transaction from any gtbank in Port Harcourt, Kaduna or Ilorin. In essence, gtbank swift/bic code is constant for all state and localities in Nigeria.

The gtbank swift/bic code is GTBINLA. Therefore, this gtbank swift code works if you intend to make any transaction in Akure, Benin city or any part of the nation.

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