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A detailed Guide on how to check the BVN Code for all banks and all telecom companies

by Abbey

1. What is a BVN?

In collaboration with all banks in Nigeria, the Central Bank of Nigeria was successful in launching a centralized biometric identification system. This innovative system was tagged Bank Verification Number. The BVN was developed to protect bank users. It also strengthens the banking system in Nigeria.

Before now, there have been increasing incidents of compromise regarding conventional security systems in Nigeria – that’s is, password and PIN. Demand for more robust security has been high. This is very important for sensitive and personal information in the nation’s banking system.

Today, the BVN exercise is compulsory for all bank account owners in Nigeria.

2. USSD Code checker for BVN

Checking your Bank Verification Number (BVN) has been made easy, thanks to the telecommunication industry. You don’t need to worry about having access to the internet to do this. Using any mobile phone, simply dial *565*0#.

3. Short code to check BVN for all telecom operators

How to get your BVN code on MTN and the charges involved

Check your BVN on your MTN SIM card by dialing *565*0#. Wait for your BVN; it will be sent in less than a minute. You will be charged N20 anytime you use this service, which will be deducted from your balance.

How to get your BVN code on GLO and the charges involved

If you are a GLO user and you need to confirm your BVN code, simply dial *565*0# from your mobile device. Make sure your account balance is not empty, you will be charged N20 for this BVN checking service. After dialing the code (*565*0#), your 11-digit BVN code will be sent to you in seconds.

How to get your bvn code on Airtel and the charges involved

Airtel users are also to use the same code to check their BVN. Just dial *565*0# from your mobile phone and you will get it as soon as possible. Don’t forget, N20 will be deducted from your Airtel account balance. So, have enough credit on your phone.

How to get your bvn code on 9mobile and the charges involved

As 9mobile users, you are also expected to use the same code anytime you want to check your BVN. Simply dial *565*0# and wait for your BVN. Charges still apply, N20 anytime you want to check your BVN.

4. What is the bvn verification code

The BVN has truly helped the banking system in Nigeria improve. It ensu the safety of bank account owners better than before.

With the unique identity given to bank customers in Nigeria, identification and verification becomes easy – during important banking operations. This has been a breakthrough in the security of Nigeria banking industry.

 If you don’t understand what biometrics mean. They are used to identify an individual based on certain physiological attributes. These attributes may include, facial features, fingerprints, voice, and others. These data are critical for banking safety of bank users

To combat the challenges regarding identity management, the CBN collaborated with all banks in Nigeria to launch a centralized biometric identification system. This gave birth to Bank Verification Number (BVN).

5. How to do BVN validation

You can only validate your BVN if you are a Nigerian. After registering for your BVN, you need to verify it. 

A BVN API Cal(s) is needed to validate your BVN, and it costs N50 per call. In order to use this validation service, just fund your quidpay balance – to d this, navigate to ‘tranfers’ on the dashboard, then use the ‘top up balance’ option. If you want to top up, you can use the Access bank account payment option there, then use this test account (0690000031).

6. How to update BVN details

For you to update your BVN details, just copy the 11-digit numbers after dialing *565*0# from your mobile phone – the phone number you registered with. After you are done copying the code, go to any bank branch close to you BVN, date of birth, and other details. All GTBank account owners can simply dial *737*6*1# to check BVN, with your phone.

7. Code to check BVN for all Nigerian Banks

Code to check BVN for First Bank

If you are using First bank, dial *565*0# to check your BVN code.

Code to check BVN on Access Bank

Are you are an Access bank user, dial *565*0# to check you BVN.

Code to check BVN for Zenith bank

As a Zenith bank account owner, you can also use *565*0# to view your BVN with your mobile phone.

Code to check BVN number for GTBank/GTB

Simply dial *565*0# to see your BVN code. You can also use this code to check your BVN: *737*6*1#.

Code to check BVN for Sterling bank

Sterling bank account owners can also use the same code, dial *565*0#.

Code to check BVN for FCMB

To check your BVN code, dial *565*0#. Note, charges are applied whenever you check it. Only N20, though.

 Code to check BVN for UBA

If you use UBA, you can also use *565*0# to check your BVN code.

General Code to check BVN for all other Banks

For all other banks in Nigeria, the same code (*565*0#) is used. 

Click here to see exactly how to change your BVN phone number online.


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