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FREE Jamb questions and Answers PDF download for all subjects

by Abbey

FREE Jamb questions and Answers download for all subjects

JAMB isaround the corner once more and it is normal for students to want to find free pdf of past questions. This blog post is meant to give you just that. Our questions cover previous years like for 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and much earlier years. In any case, this pdf file of past questions is not meant to magically make you score 300, neither is it a representation of your next JAMB exams. However, the practice question here will allow you to know your standing with regards to JAMB. You will know your weak points and understand the style of questions that JAMB loves. Keep reading, at explain.com.ng, we have gone even beyond past questions as we have included our free CBT styled test for you.

 Our huge file contains the following subjects:

  • jamb past questions and answers on English from 1983 to 2004

English is one of the core subjects of JAMB and it is understandable that students will be interested in knowing what the real exam will look like. English looks simple but take it from me, English is a lot harder than maths. Leave a comment if you wish to know why I said this. 

  •  jamb past questions and answers on biology from 1983 to 2004

We all know Biology is important especially for people interested in people, plants and animal-related courses and even medicine. The questions in this pdf will help you hone your biology skills. 

  • jamb past questions and answers on mathematics from 2001 to 2012

Well, if you are like me in secondary school, I used to be scared of maths. But the truth is, maths is actually a lot more fun…it is almost like playing a video game. Maths doesn’t try to disturb your brain like other subjects. What is needs is constant practice. 

  • jamb past questions on chemistry 1983 to 2004

Alright, I just hate chemistry. All the hydrocarbon…I will just never understand how to draw them. I hated balancing of chemical equations too. Electrochemistry is another crazy one. But don’t be distressed, chemistry is one of the most lucrative fields especially outside Nigeria. Try and get a second class upper in a chemistry-related field. Chemistry is in my opinion has the most scholarships for masters education in USA. You get paid for doing your masters! I am not messing around. Chemistry graduates have the best chance of getting an assistantship in America. 

  • Past questions on physics, CRK, Economics, and Government

Well we have finally reached the main place where all your 100percent free PDF files are kept. You will need to obtain your file through this link.


FREE JAMB Past questions and answers for 2017, 2018 and 2019

This website has gone a step further to provide you with free CBT styled JAMB past question where you get to solve the questions for 2017 and more live on your phone or PC. We are going to cover all subjects. Later years like 2018 and 2019 is still underway and explain.com.ng will give you all these questions for free.

To take advantage of the free CBT styled past questions today. A lot of work has gone into providing these past questions for you and our CBT will analyze all questions and tell you where you made errors. Visit this link and select the years you are interested in.



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