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GTBank Salary Advance – Everything You Need to Know

by Abbey
GTBank Salary Advance.

GTBank Salary Advance

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Since the time Gtbank began its activities in February 1991, Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) has developed into a significant force to be reckoned with in the financial sector in Nigeria.

Guaranty Trust Bank or GTBank is perhaps the most conspicuous banks in Nigeria. The bank is one of the leading providers of financial service to general society, offering services, for example, retail banking, investment opportunities, corporate banking, among different services it gives to its vast customer base. One of such additional services is the loan and credit facilities it provides for its clients.

How To Pay Back GTBank Salary Advance

The GTBank salary advance is a type of GTB loan that depends on the payday or cash advance given by Guaranty Trust bank. The salary advance is equivalent to a payday loan.

With the GTBank salary advance loan, you can get up to 50 percent of your salary before month end to get together with your financial and transactional requirements. The loan tenure is as long as 30 days, and you can apply every month.

GTBank Salary Advance.

How Much Salary Advance Can You Get From GTBank?

GTBsnk Salary Advance allows you to borrow at least N 25,000 in case you’re a civil servant or N 50,000 if you work in the private area. Concerning the maximum sum, funds are get capable up to 50 percent of your monthly salary.

How Long Does It Take to Apply and who is Eligible For The GTBank Salary Advance?

The application process only takes within 24 hours, after which they dispense the funds. Anybody who is completely employed and can give verification of employment, and their income statement, is qualified for GTBank Payday loan. Nonetheless, you must be a GT bank customer to access this loan.To learn more about GTBank Salary Advance Eligibility, Click this.

How To Apply For The GTBank Salary Advance

GTBank Loan Application Form.GTBank Advance salary form.

You can apply for the loan by signing into GT Bank’s internet banking platform, or dial *737*8*2#. You can likewise visit any of the bank’s branches.

This is a GTB loan that offers you up to 50% of your monthly salary forthright. It is simply available to private companies and government agency employees who have their salary accounts with GTBank. We have a post that goes inside and out into the GTbank salary advance.

 Instructions to Follow While Applying for A GTBank Salary Advance

There are 3 different ways to apply for a GT Bank salary advance. They include:

  • Use the GTBank internet  banking platform
  • Use the GTB loan code  *737*8*2#
  • Visit any part of GTBank or ATM

Otherwise called the GTBank Student loan, this is a GTB loan service that gives you the chance to pay school fees for your child/ward. One of the significant conditions for accessing this loan is that the institution must be in Nigeria.

This credit office is available to staff of private and public associations who have their salary accounts with GT Bank. You can look at this post for a top to bottom investigate the student loan office. To known more about student schoolfees advance loan. Click this.

How To Apply For A GTBank Student Loan                                                                                              

  • Fill and submit  an application form and an Employer undertaking form
  • Give the school fees bill and credit insurance
  • Make sure that your staff terminal advantage is domiciled in GTB


 GTBank Quick Credit Loan In Nigeria

Quick credit is a GTB loan for both salary workers and the independently employed. The GTB Quick credit loan service gives you the chance to get cash immediately and repay over a time of 6 – a year at a premium of 1.33%.

GTBank Quick Credit Loan.

How To Apply for A GTB Quick Credit Loan

  • Use the quickcredit GTB loan code *737*51*51#
  • Use any of the GTBank on the internet and mobile banking platforms

 GTBank Max Advance Loan


The GTBank Max Advance Loan is a type of GTBank loan that provides loans to select workers of private and public organizations who have their salary accounts with GTbank. Get familiar with the Max Advance loan here. 


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