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This is EXACTLY how to get more followers on Tiktok

by Abbey
This is EXACTLY how to get more followers on Tiktok

One of the most widely used social networking sites is TikTok. The growth rate that has been observed has surpassed Instagram, which was already fairly difficult to surpass. You’re in the correct place, though, if you’re looking for some helpful advice for yourself. We’ll talk about the top 11 vogue techniques to increase your TikTok following in 2022.

You’ve probably tried different TikTok tactics, but they didn’t quite work for you. Due to this, we are going to provide you with surefire tips. These recommendations have been distilled from years of research, making them incredibly trustworthy as data points.

11 ways guaranteed to get you more following on tiktok

1. Get the hang of the app.

According to a really interesting quotation, people will never find you intriguing if you don’t feel interesting. Here is an explanation if you’re unclear about how that relates to TikTok.

The easiest way to put any fears to rest is to become proficient with TikTok. The majority of TikTok creators are uncertain about the kind of material they should produce. This either occurs because they decide to become a TikTok influencer too quickly or because they are only here to win over followers.

Anyhow, if you do one of those, you’ll get stuck in a TikTok ditch. You must personally investigate the platform in order to steer clear of this scenario. Get out and see what is and is not effective. What you can improve upon and what you find objectionable. You are only prepared to start once you have determined the answers to these questions for yourself.

Find strategies to promote your brand to the public. Examine other brands’ methods to see what originality you may bring to the table. When you have that worked out, you can go on to tip two.

2. Every video uploaded

This statement stands on its own. How will people find your TikTok videos if you don’t provide enough content? You should create a schedule even though you don’t have to post videos every day. An excellent place to start is by posting once every other day or once each week.

People who follow your account anticipate seeing more content. You will lose TikTok followers if you haven’t posted in months.

3. Include modern music that is trending.

TikTok’s foundation is music. Why not utilize the app, which puts a vast music collection at your fingertips? Heavy metal or The Beatles may be your favorite musical genre, but sadly, those kinds of songs rarely get views on TikTok.

Use the most popular music in your videos because TikTok lives on trends. View the For You Page on TikTok to observe the different song genres that individuals have incorporated. To identify a song you like, click the vinyl record icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

4. Make duets

Working together with other TikTok users is a terrific way to increase your following and make your work more accessible to new audiences. With TikTok’s duet feature, you may perform with another user without needing to actually meet them.

It’s preferable to collaborate on duets with other users who have a comparable number of followers. If you have 50 followers, consider working with a user who has a similar number. You can start performing with more well-known users as you earn more followers.

5. Choosing the right audience is important.

The following part, however, is not so simple. “This will take years of hard work and dedication.” You must have a time machine if you want us to say that. No one from this generation would have waited, therefore.

All you need to do to find a genuine solution is to look. You can discover the correct audience by looking in the appropriate places at the appropriate times. We don’t believe we have ever used the word “right” in a phrase that many times before. Let’s examine what the proper audience actually looks like since we’re talking about it since it is the right audience. Does this group of folks communicate in an amusing manner?

Or perhaps it’s a group of individuals dressed similarly! Whatever it is, the appropriate audience most definitely isn’t that. The kind of audience you want your material to attract is the right audience. They are the kind of users on TikTok who will value your storytelling eye.

According to the overall statistics, the majority of TikTok users are under 30, which leaves little opportunity for anything other than kid-friendly entertainment. However, while you’re there, glance at the followers of your favorite creators. The people there are your “possible right audience,” so to speak.

6. Investigate New Trends

You must provide them with substance once you have “eureka-d” your way to the appropriate audience. You’ll almost always find yourself in a situation where you don’t have enough. Where trends come in is here.

Trends are the answer if you want to publish low-effort material without it hurting your engagement statistics. Trends are essentially popular TikToks that have emerged as a result of the dearth of original content. However, you do not want that kind of branding on your work.

Pick out a few trends and skim them if you want filler material. To avoid appearing as though you are inventing the wheel, add a little of your own flavor to the mixture. You’re in the clear if you can follow these unwritten rules of TikTok.

7. Aim to produce original content.

It’s time to start making your own content once you’ve recovered from your layoff slump. To stand out on TikTok, original content must be produced.

Original material requires coming up with an idea, practicing the sequence, and carrying it out flawlessly. If you’re not used to this kind of regimen, it could be exhausting.

However, creating fresh material is crucial if you want your TikTok to expand. Because their audience only expects them to follow trends, those who follow trends lose their creative independence. You wouldn’t want it to be your end, aren’t we certain?

8. Have a sense of style

Keeping an eye on your style is the best approach to increasing your TikTok following. This might be a specific editing style or a theme for your TikTok profile.

These aesthetics are typically visually stimulating style elements that blend in with your personality to support your content. When you’re on a platform with teenagers as your audience, having an aesthetic is helpful.

9. Apply Hashtags

An extremely smart way to increase your discoverability is by using hashtags. By using hashtags, you can increase your visibility to the potential target population we discussed in the second step. In any case, hashtags aid the platform in organizing and categorizing the material. This is how you can be certain to locate readers that enjoy the kind of information you produce.

10. To get more followers, follow other people.

Often, growing your network is as simple as following other people. When you follow someone, it makes them curious to look at your profile. Try looking for profiles that are similar to yours to improve your chances of receiving a follow-up.

You can delve deeper into your own TikTok community by interacting with comparable users and content. You’ll increase your engagement by expanding your TikTok community.

11. Improve Your Photography Skills

Learn the fundamentals of photography and hone your camera abilities (even if you’re simply using your smartphone’s camera) if you want to create films like popular TikTok users. By honing your talents, you may start producing videos that appear more professional.

Make sure to clear the area of any distractions before you begin filming. That entails organizing your space or finding a more tranquil location.


The practical suggestions listed above may be useful if you want to increase your TikTok following. These pointers come from the typical practices of highly compensated TikTok influencers. There is sufficient proof that these suggestions work. This is why we urge you to incorporate them into your TikTok marketing plan. You’ll gain an advantage over other creators in your field thanks to this. Scroll on and spread the news until then.


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