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Mainone [about, careers, pricing, address, etc]

by Abbey
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Mainone. What they do.

MainOne is a provider of wholesale and enterprise connectivity, and datacenter services. The cable company offers services across West Africa – its currently the leading provider.

The company was launched around 2010. Since its inception, it has created a reputation for providing reliable services to government agencies, ISPs, major telecom operators, educational institutions, and small-to-large enterprises across West Africa.

Read on to learn more about MainOne.

mainone nigeria

Mainone Internship

The company is a top facilator and first-choice provider of great telecom services and network solutions in Nigeria, and across West Africa.

How does MainOne built its success? Its success was built faster because of the proficient and well talented people working behind the business. There are often recruitment of talented interns. The internship program run by MainOne enhances both the interns and the company. The result is – more success.

Also, having a job in the company is different from what you are used to. Here, you will be inspired, proud, and challenged  – because you will soon become a part of a big thing. The success of your career will be highly encouraged.

MainOne Cable Nigeria is always on the lookout for qualified and talented interns to be part of their success.

Are you interested to be an intern at MainOne? Please visit: www.mainone.net/internship.

You can also send an email to:  info@mainone.net.

To make enquiry physically, here is the address of the company: FABAC Centre, 3b Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.

mainone nigeria

Mainone Data Center

As a provider of world-class network, voice, internet solutions, cloud services, and data center in Nigeria, MainOne is always committed to quality.

Here is the FABAC Center: 3b Ligali Ayorinde Street , Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Mainone Pricing

MainOne does not only offer its clients reliable and innovative products and services, the company also make sure that they are affordable. Customers often enjoy cost-effective and affordable pricing packages that suits their needs.

The team at MainOne are competent with the technical aspects of the business. This couples with the great customer support the it’s client always receive.

MainOne CEO

The found and Chief Executive Officer of this communications services company (MainOne) is Funke Opeke, a Nigerian.

She is a an electrical engineer(Check out the top 7 low key firms where electrical engineers can work in Nigeria) and also the founded if Main Street Technologies.

With her leadership skills and knowledge in electrical and electronics, Funke was able to build, through her company, we West Africa’s first open-access submarine cable system – first to be owned by a private individual. In 2010, the submarine cable system was made to interconnect Lagos, Nigeria; Accra, Ghana; and Seixal, Portugal.

mainone nigeria

Mainone Cable Salary

On average, the MainOne Cable salary is N200,760. Although salaries here varies, depending on the position and nature of job. Workers work in a conducive environment that promotes innovation.

Mainone Careers

You can always find a good job at Main one. The company often search for brilliant minds to join its team of workforce. Recruitment is ongoing, especially for Regulatory services, IT service, Desk manager, and others.

You can search and apply for any ongoing job vacancies at MainOne Cable here: https://career.mainone.net.

Mainone Address

The physical address of Main one Cable is FABAC Centre, 3b Ligali Ayorinde Str., Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.

mainone nigeria

Mainone Abuja Office

If you live in Abuja and you would like to pay a visit to the Main one Abuja office, here is the physical address:

Plot 1061, Leadway House Cadastral Avenue, Central Business District, Abuja, Nigeria.

Mainone Cable

The MainOne Cable is a submarine communications cable. It stretches from Portugal to South Africa, with landings along routes in different countries in West Africa.

Sometimes in April 2008, MainOne Cable announced that Main Street Technologies has awarded a turnkey supply contract. This was for the MainOne Cable System to the Tyco Telecommunications.


MainOne offers services in internet solutions, voice, world class network, cloud services, and data center to providers in Nigeria.

As a leading provider of fantastic telecom services and network solutions for businesses across West Africa, the innovative company keep expanding to compete with other world-class telecom service providers.

It keep enhancing its productivity and profitability of its customers.

In Lagos, MainOne Cable is located at: 3b, Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Working hours: Opens at 8am, Monday to Friday.

Phone number::+234 1 342 2000.

Website: https://www.mainone.net.

Mainone Cable Nigeria

MainOne Cable Nigeria is a telecommunication service provider in Lagos, Nigeria.

In West Africa, the company is a leader when it comes to providers of connectivity and datacenter. MainOne’s services are world-class.

Their internet solutions are perfect. Also, the cloud services that comes from this company are reliable.

Mainone Cable Company

The MainOne Cable Company is a provider of quality telecom services in Nigeria and other countries across West Africa. The cable company offers wholesale bandwidth telecom services and also landcable.

MainOne Cable consistently seek innovative ideas to enhance the productivity of its customers.

mainone nigeria

Mainone Recruitment

At MainOne Cable Nigeria, talents are often been hunted for. The company recruits graduates consistently. If you are a smart and young graduate, you can secure a great career path with MainOne.

You can find available job vacancies here: https://career.mainone.net.

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