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Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire. An In-depth Review.

Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire For Couples

Nigerian Wedding Traditions

Nigeria is a blend of dialects, religions, cultures, and traditions. Nigeria has an estimated 370 tribes; the main three are Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba. The country is largely dominated with Muslims in the north and Christians in the south. Weddings from all corners are usually hard and fast, multi-day, beautiful undertakings with various cultural intricacies. Frequently, everybody’s invited, your outfit may depend upon which side of the family you’re from, and literally, it rains money.

 The Igbo Traditional Wedding

At the point when an Igbo man wishes to marry a lady, he goes with his father and other male family members to knock on the lady’s family’s door in a process called “ikuaka”. It is normally the man’s father (or uncle, senior sibling, or any older male family member) who declares his goals to marry the lady. The men comes carrying gifts, for example, kola nuts and wines.

The second phase of an Igbo wedding is known as “Ime Ego”, which is the payment of the dowry or bride price. The last traditional function is called “Igba Nkwu” or “wine carrying”. At this enthusiastic occasion, the lady will have to search for her future husband who is hiding among the crowd. She moves cheerfully while checking the space for him. She must correctly recognize her husband to be and afterward offer him a cup of wine, which he should then drink from to signify he is indeed her husband to be. The couple is then pronounced married, there’s another outfit change and jubilant dancing begins.For More Informations or to known more about the igbo traditional wedding, Click this.

2020/2021 Latest Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire For Bride and Groom

Here are the latest Igbo traditional wedding attires (Igba nkwu attire) for 2020:

Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire For BrideIgbo Traditional Wedding Attire For The Bride.Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire For CouplesIgbo Traditional Wedding Attire For Both The Bride And The Groom.

Traditional wedding is one of the most popular marriage types in many tribes in Nigeria which Igbo is among. Bride to be and groom spend most times and energy looking for the best traditional wedding attires and outfits for their day. It is not a bad idea to start considering some colors and styles even before to getting married.

Best Color Combination for the Igbo Traditional Wedding

Your choice of color is one thing that will determine how your party is going to look like; along these lines you must be careful in doing this. But put it in mind that whatever color you are picking should match with that of your partner.

On your wedding day, you are expected to show up in two attires, first traditional wedding outing attire for welcoming your guests, second traditional wedding outing attire for the normal event. To check for the colour combinations for igbo traditional weddings,Click this.

Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire For Both The Bride And The Groom. Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire For Both The Bride And The Groom. Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire For Both The Bride And The Groom.

First Outing Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire

The first attire for the bride, you can decide to sew skirt and blouse, Gown, or tie a wrapper at your chest with either Lace material, George, or different kinds of Wax prints. The bride will need to put beads on her neck, hand and hair, preferably coral beads and hold her fancy tail. The husband to be on his own side can decide to put on a piece of wrapper preferably George or some other material, with his neck and hand beads, a walking stick, a cap and hand fan to coordinate.For more interesting informations,Click this.

First Outing Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire For The Bride.First Outing Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire For The Bride.  First Outing Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire For The Bride.

Second Traditional Wedding Outing Attire

This is the place where you need to search to look perfect. The bride to go for two pieces wrapper George, Lace or Wax prints in uncommon cases, still the decision is yours because it is your day. Pick a color that is sharp and select the right style for it.

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