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Nigeria movies download. Best sites to find premium movies.

nigeria movies download site

In terms of revenue, the Nollywood is globally rated as third behind USA’s Hollywood and India’s Bollywood respectively.

This article focuses on top websites and apps where you can download latest Nigeria movies. Keep reading.

Nigeria movies download

You can now have easy access to lots of best Nigerian movies from the comfort your home or office.
There are hundreds of new interesting Nollywood movies that you can download on your smart phone or PC.

Nigeria movies download 2020
Africa has been producing good quality entertainment for a long time. Thanks to the Nollywood industry. Lots of dramas, comedies, and other types of movies have been created that made more passionate fans yearly.

Even though year 2020 has been a weird year, there were still few Nollywood movie productions. They are still interesting movies. Here are top Nigeria movies downloaded in 2020: 

This is a religious movie that revolves around a Christian couple. They were well tried and tested.

It waa centred on drug abuse. The movie narrated the life of a teenage boy who is constantly ridiculed by his peers. He was later accepted and was well welcome by a local gang. Interesting movie.

4th Republic
This movie is politically inclined. It was about the life of a campaign manager named Ikechukwu Obiano. Even as a drama, some violence scenes will keep you glued to your device’s screen.

The Bling Lagosians
Here is one of the top Nollywood movies on Netflix. The Bling Lagosians is about one of the most powerful families in Lagos.

Code Wilo
Code Wilo is another political movie. This one involves a female candidate. It is very interesting.

Others top Nigeria movies download in 2020 include:

  • Cold Feet.
  • Living in Bondage: Breaking Free.
  • Love is War.
  • Elevator Baby.
  • The Set Up.

Nigeria movies download site

Nigeria movies download 2020

Have you been searching for where download and watch new Nigeria movies? Look no further.

The following are the some top 5 websites where you can download latest Nigerian Nollywood movies – all for free.

This website offers you both paid and free Nollywood movies. You can download movies here from anywhere in the world. Do you want to watch interesting Nigeria movies? You can’t go wrong with DeloniferaTV. For more details, please visit

Here is another cool website where you can download or watch top-notch Nollywood movies. You will find new and trending Nigeria movies at TheNETNAIJA. Check it out for free at

Another perfect movie platform to watch and download Nigerian movies is the NollyLand. Here there are lots of movies to choose from. You can stream and also download. That’s not all, you also have access to Ghanaian and top African movies.
Here is the website:

This website will also serve your crave. Downloaded latest Nollywood movies for free at RealNollyTv. Visit the website here

IROKO Tv and App
IROKO TV is currently the biggest platform where you you can download most Nigerian movies. You can also use its app to access lots of Nollywood movies – for free. Visit the website today and have fun with your choice of movies.

Nigeria movies download video download

Nollywood movies download

You can also download Nigeria movies through these websites:

Using Ibakka TV also offers you great experience. You would find thousands of Nollywood movies here. The app is also very flexible, suitable for IOS and Android users. With this platform, one can eitjo download or stream movies. Visit the website at

NaijaOnPoint gives you different entertainment and news. To download the latest Nigeria movies from its website today, visit

Nigeria movies download free

You can always download Nigeria movies for free at IROKO TV and other websites.

IROKO Tv is currently the biggest platform where anyone can to download cool Nigerian movies. The app can also be used to access thousands of Nollywood movies.

Visit the official website of the IROKO TV here:

You can also download the IROKO TV app at the Google Play Store to make use of the app.

Nigeria movies download 2019

The following Nigeria movies have been the highest-grossing of all time till 2019. They were downloaded and shown in Nigerian cinemas.

The Wedding Party – 2016.
Chief Daddy – 2018.
A Trip to Jamaica – 2016.
Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons – 2018.
The Wedding Party 2 – 2017.
King of Boys – 2018.
Merry Men 2 – Another Mission – 2019.
Your Excellency – 2019.
Sugar Rush – 2019.
Bling Lagosians – 2019.

Nigeria movies download app

You can download several Nigeria movies by using some of the following apps from the Google Play Store:
Video Moja.
Ibaka Tv.
Tubi TV.

Just search for any of them on Google Play Store and install.

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