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How to Become a Freelance Model in Nigeria [9 steps]

by Abbey
How to Become a Freelance Model in Nigeria

A professional model is one who works independently. They do, however, represent themselves, unlike other models. They are responsible for seeking out and securing their own work because they are not under contract with or affiliated with any modeling agency. While this might entail more effort than models who are tied to agencies do, it allows independent models greater creative control over their work and might even increase their income by preventing them from having to deduct agency fees from their earnings.
If you’ve ever considered making money off of your good looks, you should think about becoming a model. Either work for an agency or work independently as a freelance model. Being a freelancer gives you the freedom to work without restrictions and the ability to manage your time and revenue from your assignments. If you think these benefits seem appealing, you might be interested in finding out what it takes to become a freelance model.

Do you even know what kind of model you want to be?

The next step in your modeling career is to choose a direction.
Let’s examine a handful of the various modeling subfields available:

Runway or catwalk

Catwalk modeling typically takes place on a runway. You’ll be posing for pictures as you traverse the length of a runway. Catwalk models frequently appear at fashion shows and other occasions all around the world (again, ideal for travelers). They do this to display clothing created by brilliant or well-known designers.


Fitness modeling typically involves working with sports brands and calls for a lean figure.


Commercial models are those you see in magazines or on TV when viewing advertising for items.

Swimwear or a bikini

Due to its sexual content, bikini modeling is normally reserved for adults only (though exceptions may exist).


Like bikini modeling, lingerie modeling often requires an age of 18 or older. Additionally, lingerie models are occasionally obliged to display some nudity.


Magazines, catalogs, and advertisements all use print models.


Only specific bodily parts, such as the hands, face, or feet, are modeled by part models. One of the quickest methods to start making money modeling is to learn how to sell feeling pictures online, which may sound a little strange.

Fashion (Editorial)

A fashion model is the face of a company that promotes a clothing line or accessory collection. They frequently appear in upscale publications like Vogue, work for renowned designers, and demand more experience.


Promotional models also exclusively represent a brand, but they do it live at events and trade shows rather than behind a camera. They must have a commanding personality and a thorough knowledge of the cause they are advocating.
Nigerian Freelance Modeling: How to Get Started

This is what it takes to become a freelance model in Nigeria

1. Join an  online modeling course

Although having confidence and a good outer look are the main requirements for modeling for work, you would also need to complete some online introduction classes. On websites like Udemy, you can find a ton of courses that can guide you through your career as a freelance model.

You’ll learn from professionals in the field how to comprehend the numerous modeling niches available, the best procedures for photoshoots, and much more. Fundamentals of Modeling and How to Become a Model (Modeling 101), to name a couple, are examples of online courses on Udemy that could help an aspiring freelance model learn more about the industry.

2. Apply what you’ve learned regularly

You must polish your craft if you want to stand out in Nigeria’s very competitive modeling market. And one surefire way to do so is to consistently put what you’ve learned from online classes and seasoned freelancing models into practice.

Strides and stances that highlight your greatest features should be practiced when walking. You improve, gain experience, and hone your skills as you practice more. It’s advised to have a camera at home so you can record your practice sessions and monitor your development.

3. Portfolio

Building a portfolio comes after you’ve completed a crash course in modeling ideas and put your newfound knowledge into practice. Your portfolio needs to include a few images and quick movies that highlight your best qualities. You should recognize your best physical qualities and adopt stances that highlight them.

To develop a strong portfolio early on in your freelance modeling career, you might have to charge less. Applying for jobs is much simpler when you have a portfolio ready.

4. Carefully maintain your outward appearance

You must take care of your appearance because it is your selling point if you want to create a successful career out of modeling. Make sure you always look fantastic, even when you’re just walking around your neighborhood or shopping in a mall. Spend money on skincare products, fashion accessories, and other items that will make you look better.

5. Get  a Website Presence

It doesn’t matter how sophisticated your website or portfolio is if you don’t market yourself.
Maintain an active social media presence, keep your profile up to date, and attend events that are relevant to the kind of modeling you want to do.

Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to approach customers or companies and offer your services as a model.
Persistence is crucial, so don’t give up if no jobs materialize immediately. Simply demonstrate your values to potential clients, and your work will speak for itself.

You are aware that managing the work you receive is your responsibility as a freelance model in Nigeria. Having an online presence might help you stand out from the crowd by increasing your exposure and chances of getting hired. You should invest in a website where potential employers can easily find your whole portfolio, contact information, and the modeling niche you specialize in. Creating a website is a smart move for your freelance modeling business.

Additionally, educate yourself on how to drive traffic to your website, which will inevitably boost the number of prospective leads and conversions. Consider best practices for SEO and other online marketing strategies. You can engage with an online audience in addition to owning a website by using social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. The impact a good web presence offers on your freelance modeling job cannot be overstated.

6. Network

How far you advance in the field is greatly influenced by the networks you build. You must put in a deliberate effort to network with other industry professionals as an aspiring freelance model if you want to establish yourself in the field. There are various ways to establish this link, including participating in modeling workshops led by seasoned professionals, making cold calls to other industry specialists, and teaming up with other freelancers.

Through your website and social media platforms, you may network with individuals online as well, so make sure to update these regularly. Your chances of finding a job increase when you begin to establish a name for yourself in the field through all of your networking efforts.

7. Prepare a contract

With a freelance model contract, you can set your own fees and exercise more control over your work. It’s a contract that is enforceable in court between you and your client, and it’s the strongest defense against fraud.

You can either engage a lawyer to draft one for you or utilize a sample freelance modeling contract.

A contract makes it more likely that freelancers will receive prompt and complete payment for all work completed. They also serve to clear up any ambiguity regarding who owns the rights to the content or photos from a shoot by discouraging or punishing either party for breaking an agreement.

Nevertheless, contracts can be challenging, and you might need to engage in some negotiating on your end. Additionally, they might even scare away some brands, especially if you’re just getting started.

But it’s best to be safe than sorry when it comes to security, especially in the realm of freelancing. Always carefully read the terms before agreeing to anything, and be sure the company is one you can trust.

8. Apply. Apply. Apply

You are responsible for finding jobs if you want to be a freelance model. As a result, you must apply to modeling jobs often. You should make it a habit to email prospective employers on a daily basis. When applying for jobs online, you should make sure to put together a portfolio that highlights your strengths and write a strong résumé.

Additionally, you can send cold emails to other experts like makeup artists, photographers, and other possible customers. Make sure to list your contact information, your abilities, and your area of expertise. Continue sending these cold emails even if you don’t receive many reactions until the offers start flowing in.

9. Get the casting materials ready

Prepare your materials for casting calls. In addition to your portfolio, it’s crucial to make a comp card. It’s generally advantageous to alter your COMP card each time you apply for a job. A comp card summarizes your profile and personal information similarly to a business card. This comprises:

  • Name
  • Your body measurements
  • Your contact details
  • Your choice of four or five different pictures.

A casting photo or video is required by some organizations. You can be given clear direction from a job regarding what they want to see from these materials. For either of these objects, set up your camera on a tripod, and make sure to take the photo while facing a plain wall. Additionally, it’s crucial to wear plain-colored clothing and little to no makeup.


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